It took a staggering amount of paperwork to run a railroad including tons of forms and reports. Here's just a tiny sampling of the paperwork that ran the PRR. Some of these would be great for use in more prototypical model railroad operations. Run your railroad like the Pennsy! They're all blank unless noted.

Transportation Department

Form #Form TitleDateColl. of
CT-84-EStatement of ______6/1961MA
CT-220Report of Cars on Passenger Trains9/1964RS
CT-310Pivoted Machinery Card7/9/1936RS
CT-616Record of Yard Shifting Movements6/1966CR
CT-653Special Express Service Shipments11/29/1943RS
CT-708Local Home Route Card10/19/194xRS
CT-1023Passenger Conductors Car Report - Through Trains2/1960RS
CT-1024-APassenger Conductors Car Report - Local Trains9/1964RS
CT-1246Clearance Message7/18/1955RS
CT-1246Clearance Message (used)7/18/1955RS
CT-1250Message Form - Message to Accompany Train Orders11/29/1955RS
CT-1250Message Form - Message to Accompany Train Orders (used)11/29/1955RS
CT-1400-CForm C - Clearance Card5/31/1955RS
CT-1870Daily Efficiency Report8/1966RS
C-149Record of Pass or Other Free Transportation-RS

Accounting Department

Form #Form TitleDateColl. of
AD-1334Freight Bill-For Charges On Articles Transported (filled out on 6/25/1943)11/20/1941RS
AD-1334Freight Bill-For Charges On Articles Transported (filled out on 10/26/1943)02/25/1942RS
AD-1601List of Interline Waybills Forwarded03/01/1929RS
AD-4396Conductors Report of Troops Carried03/26/1945RS
AD-5317Waybill (Car Card)-RS
AD-5319Waybill (Car Card)5/1961RS
AD-5536Local Freight Waybill195?RS
AD-5758LCL Freight Waybill11/13/1946RS
AD-6009Report of Fare Not Paid12/29/1944RS
AD-6293Pass Exchange Check8/1962RS
AD-8001-R2Time Return and Delay Report of Yard Engine Employees-RS
AD-8003-R2Time and Details of Service Report04/1969RS

General Forms

Form #Form TitleDateColl. of
Form 7Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Telegraph18xxRS
G-8-AR.R.S. Envelope12/13/1952RS
G-32Notice of Discipline for Offense Occurring1/10/1952RS
G-2101-R2Change in Name and/or Address12/1960RS
PL-83Application for Employment (filled out for J. J. Walsh on 10/21/1919)9/1918RS

Passenger Department

Form #Form TitleDateColl. of
PD-389>New York and Philadephia Stock Exchanges - Quotations 9/26/1932RS
PD-3121Diagram 178, 28 Seats & Drawing Room (Seating chart for 28-1 pullman)>-RS

Motive Power

Form #Form TitleDateColl. of
MP-147 Pay Stub (filled out on 9/1941 for J. W. Seidel)12/31/1940RS
MP-197-A Defect Card6/1959RS
MP-261-C Inspectors Report On Condition Of Air Brakes 4/20/1951 RS
MP-273-SG Steam Heat Generator Inspection Cleaning And Test Record - RS
MP-278-DE Diesel Electric Locomotives Inspection Cleaning And Test Record - RS
MP-278-F Locomotives Other Than Steam Inspection Cleaning And Test Record 10/1966 RS
MP-279Diesel Electric Road Loco Fire Extinguisher Operating Instructions8/15/1951 RS
MP-310 Changes Made To Equipment 8/1/1951 RS
MP-327 Conductors Trainphone Report 1/7/1947 RS
MP-400-R2 Tool Scrapping Record 196x RS
MP-411 Lube Oil And Retightening Record 10/1964 RS
MP-435 Inspection Of Fire Damage Diesel Or Electric Locomotives 10/31/1952RS
MP-510 Locomotive Parts Renewal Record 10/1960 RS
MP-511 Locomotive Bearing Renewal Record 12/11/1953RS
MP-514 Diesel Electric Loco Material Shipped To Outside Firms 8/23/1954 RS
Original documents from the collections of: RS=Rob Schoenberg (me!) CR=Charles Ring MA=Martin Asdorian Jr.

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