PRR Freight Car Trucks
The Pennsy used over 70 different type of trucks under their freight cars. Trying to identify the various classes and determining which trucks to place under freight car models can be challenging. Hopefully these pages will help make this task easier.

To keep track of the various types, the PRR devised a classification system for them. The following table explains the classification system:

Interpretation of Classification
SymbolRefers to
FirstNumber of axles per truck
SecondA.A.R. Class letter for journal dia. only (see below)
ThirdDash-for standard A.A.R. axle
number-for numerical deviation from A.A.R. standard
FourthService of truck. F=Freight, P=Passenger, T=Tender
FifthConsecutive design of truck for class
SixthModification to truck design
Journal size (in.)3-3/4x74-1/4x85x95-1/2x106x116-1/2x12
Capy. per axle150002400032000400005000060000

Note: AAR Class C, D, and E trucks were generally used under 40, 50, and 70 ton cars respectively.

Truck lists:
Thanks to Ian Clasper, Tom Olsen and Bob Johnson, here are several PRR documents ranging from the 20's to the 50's that list many of the truck types, and which classes of PRR cars they were used under. They are similar, and each contain a summary of the PRR truck classification system, and listing of truck classes with a summary of their features and the car classes they were used on. Early tracings cover freight, passenger and tender trucks, but they were split out into separate tracings later on. All of the files are in .pdf format and some have also been converted to html tables.

PRR Tracing D70003-B, Passenger Cars, Freight Cars and Tenders, Trucks, Classification. Superceedes tracing F67685. Initially issued 6/5/1922, this is revision B dated 1/8/1923. From the collection of Bob Johnson. (pdf file)
PRR Tracing D74604-F, Passenger Cars, Freight Cars, & Tenders, Trucks, Classification. Superceedes tracing D70003. Initially issued 2/13/1924, this is revision F dated 2/6/1929. Also available is revision H dated 3/17/1932. Revision H has the freight cars crossed off as they were moved to tracing E-98401. Both are from the collection of Bob Johnson. (pdf file)
PRR Tracing #E-98401-A, Freight Cars, Trucks, Classification. Supersedes D-74604 (for freight cars only). Initially issued 3/30/1932. This is revision A. Note that passenger and tender trucks remained on tracing D74604. (pdf file, 147K) Also available is Revision D, issued 6/27/1939. Revision D is from the collection of Bob Johnson (pdf file)
PRR Tracing #C422800-D, Freight Cars, Trucks, Classification. Superceedes tracing E98401. Initially issued 11/11/1940. This is version D dated 3/10/1947. Note, I have proofread this, but you can view the pdf file (300K) to be sure. Collection of Tom Olsen, scan by Ian Clasper. Also available is revision E issued 2/6/1950. Note that the quality of the original was very poor on this one! Rev E is from the collection of Bob Johnson.
A Typewritten truck list - This is a later truck list, it's undated but the highest listed drawing number is 462008 (2F-F2L) which was drawn on 3/28/1962 which dates it to sometime shortly after March of 1962. I have no information about the source of this list... Thanks to Bob Johnson for help in dating this! (843K pdf file)
A.C.S. Sketch 482 - contains a listing of various truck types, with tracing numbers, and part numbers for various components. Also has a listing of which trucks were used under a small subset of freight car classes, including car number information. (A.C.S most likely stands for Altoona Car Shops.) The cover sheet which would have had the issue date is missing but is appears to be circa 1949. Thanks to Bob Johnson for helping to date this! (Note that this has not been proofread yet!) (570 K pdf file)

PRR Tracing #B417536-A, Passenger Cars, Trucks, Classification. Revision A, issued 7/8/1939. This has passenger cars only. Collection of Bob Johnson. (1Mb pdf file)
PRR Tracing #B437742-B, Passenger Cars, Trucks, Classification. Originally issued 5/15/1947, this is revision B issued 7/9/1949. This has passenger cars only. Collection of Bob Johnson. (1Mb pdf file)

I'm looking for other truck listings to add here. If you have one that you're able to share, please e-mail me!

Diagrams: Please contact me if you know where I can find more of these!
2D-F1Diamond Arch Bar
2D-F10P.R.R Type
2E-F2Crown - general arrangement drawing, collection of Gene Deimling (.pdf file)
More diagrams are here!

Modeling: HO scale so far
Help! If you can correlate any model trucks with PRR classes, please let me know!
PRR Truck ClassDescriptionManufacturerPart #Notes
2A-F5Caboose trucksBowser74013-
2D-F1Arch BarBowser74326shipped w/ early H21/H22 kits
2D-F3Andrews/USRAIntermountain?shipped w/ USRA gon, kit #41608
2D-F8PRR Type w/ coil springBowser74277Shipped w/ F30, GS, GLa kits
2D-F8PRR Type w/ coil springRed Caboose5009-
2D-F8PRR Type w/ coil springKadee517-
2D-F8PRR Type w/ coil springSunshine ModelsTM7-
2D-F12PRR Type w/ coil/elliptical springsBowser74190Shipped w/ X31 kits
2D-F12PRR Type w/ coil/elliptical springsSunshine ModelsTM6-
2E-F2Crown CastBowser74091Shipped w/ later H21/H22 kits
2F-??100 Ton truckBowser74256Shipped w/ X43 kit
?ASF A-3 "Ride Control"Kato31-601-
?Barber S-2 Roller BearingKato31-602-

More Coming soon

Other sources of truck information:

  • Martin Loftin did an article on PRR freight car trucks in the 6/93 Model Railroading. It's focuses on the development and usage of the 2D-F8, 2D-F12, and 2D-F19 trucks that his Sunshine Models makes HO scale models of.
  • Richard Hendrickson wrote an article in Volume 4 of The Railroad Prototype Cyclopedia. about freight car trucks in general. He briefly goes through freight car development and describes the major types.
  • U.S. Freight Car Trucks and Related Details, 1900-1999 John Bruce's overview of freight car trucks and available models in HO scale.
  • Standard Car Truck Company web site - Manufacturer of freight car trucks. Manufacturer of Barber-S2 trucks. Check out their maintanence manual for info on today's trucks.
  • A.S.F. (American Steel Foundaries) web site - Manufacturer of A.S.F. Ride control trucks. Another good source of info on modern trucks.

    If you have any information of PRR freight car trucks that isn't found here, please share! I'm looking for PRR freight truck tracings, photos of various clases of trucks, and other PRR truck listings. E-mail me at!

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