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PRR Freight Roster: I'm working on an on-line roster of Pennsylvania Railroad freight equipment. It includes most of the usual roster stuff, numbers, classes, stats, some scanned freight car pictures, and scanned PRR equipment diagrams for most classes of cars. Additionally I am including modeling info and references to pictures, plans, and articles published in magazines etc...

The Complete Roster of Pennsylvania Railroad owned Pullman Heavyweight Parlor and Sleeping Cars: A section created by D. Garrett Spear listing the Pullman Heavyweight cars purchased by the Pennsy. He also covers Pullmans converted to coaches, and the PRR's scenery and horse express cars.

Other Passenger Equipment related material: A small section with various passenger related documents.

PRR Equipment Diagrams: Over 1000 classification diagrams covering nearly every class of PRR equipment- freight, passenger and maintance of way. Steam, diesel, and electric locomotives are here too!

PRR Photo Gallery (beta): A photo gallery of photos of PRR equipment and related subjects taken by myself or by site visitors.

PRR Rubber Tired Switchers: A gallery of photos and information about the Pennsy's rubber tired switchers.

Virtual PRR Library: A collection of several PRR booklets and documents reproduced in their entirety. Included are: "Modern Power For Today's Trains", "The Biggest Freight Car Order in History", "A pictorial review of progress on the Pennsylvania", issues of The Pennsy, The History of the Johnstown Flood and many copies of the PRR publication Information.

PRR Standard MOW Plans: A list and archive of PRR standard MW plans.

PRR Standard Signal Plans: A list and archive of PRR standard Signaling plans.

PRR Electric Traction Plans: A list and archive of PRR electrification plans.

Scenes of Altoona: A series of photos taken around Altoona by Roy Orr of the Pennsy's shops and yards during the steam to diesel transition era.

PRR railroadiana: A gallery of photos of various PRR railroadiana items. Includes a selection of photos of PRR ticket dater dies, station signs and stock certificates.

List of PRR freight connections: A listing of all of the railroads that the PRR interchanged freight with along with interchange locations. Circa 1944.

Listing of PRR Track Scales: A listing of track scales on the PRR including capacity and abbreviations. Circa 1923.

Surviving PRR Steamers: A list of the surviving PRR steamers that I am aware of.

PRR Today: A look at PRR equipment and structures that survive to the present day. Includes information and photos of surviving (restored or not) PRR locomotives, rolling stock and structures.

PRR Decal info:  A listing of the available HO scale PRR decals from various manufacturers.

PRR Bibliography: A list of books about the PRR and predecessors.

PRR Videotapes: A list of commercially available videotapes about the PRR.

Images A page with links to vintage PRR ads, other PRR artwork, a PRR station sign maker (now with Keystone shaped signs too!) and more!

Links A collection of links to other PRR sites on the web. Not very up to date!

Guestbook. Every website seems to have a guestbook so here's mine! Check out comments from visitors to the site and add your own!

Coming Attractions. A list of projects I'm working on for the site.
What's new. A list of the last few additions to the site.

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If you're a fan of the Pennsylvania Railroad you should definitely join the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society! They publish an amazing quarterly newsletter, The Keystone and a monthly online modeling magazine The Keystone Modeler. Help preserve the legacy and history of the PRR. Join today! For information visit the society's website:

Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society (PRRT&HS)

For those with local PRR interests there are also several active chapters: Local chapter information

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