This is a copy of the itenerary of an inspection trip that the Board of Directors of the PRR took in October 1957. In addition to the schedule and list of railroad officers and guests aboard the train, it includes descriptions and histories of the major towns and cities along the route. It also includes aerial photos of major railroad freight yards and shops and of major shippers' plants along the PRR.
Page cover -CoverGIF (760x1194 - 43K)
Page i -Title PageGIF (760x1191 - 20K)
Page iii -Table of ContentsGIF (760x1180 - 47K)
Page 1 -Schedule of Inspection TripGIF (760x1183 - 66K)
Page 2 -Schedule of Inspection Trip (cont)GIF (760x1209 - 59K)
Page 3 -Board of DirectorsGIF (760x1187 - 30K)
Page 4 -Guests of Board of Directors and PresidentGIF (760x1183 - 27K)
Page 5 -Officers Making the Entire TripGIF (760x1193 - 40K)
Page 6 -Officers Making the Entire TripGIF (760x1194 - 46K)
Page 7 -Officers Making the Entire TripGIF (760x1174 - 52K)
Page 8 -Conway, Pennsylvania (Conway Yard)GIF (760x1190 - 94K)
Page 9 -Conway, Pennsylvania (Conway Yard) - photoGIF (760x1183 - 817K)
Page 10 -Conway, Pennsylvania (Conway Yard) - sketch of LayoutGIF (980x1522 - 245K)
Page 11 -Conway, Pennsylvania (Conway Yard and Coal Dock) - photoGIF (980x1527 - 912K)
Page 12 -Rochester, Pa, Beaver Falls Pa, Homewood Junction, Pa, East Pallestine, OhioGIF (980x1540 - 165K)
Page 13 -Columbiana, Ohio, Salem, Ohio, Alliance, Ohio, Ravenna, OhioGIF (980x1535 - 169K)
Page 14 -Ravenna, Ohio (cont), Hudson, Ohio, Bedford, OhioGIF (980x1522 - 161K)
Page 15 -Cleveland, OhioGIF (980x1541 - 192K)
Page 16 -Cleveland, Ohio - photo of cityGIF (980x1528 - 1152K)
Page 17 -Cleveland, Ohio - photo of ore dockGIF (980x1537 - 1077K)
Page 18 -Cleveland to Akron, Ohio Location PlanGIF (980x1556 - 235K)
Page 19 -Walton Hills (Bedford), Ohio - photo of Ford plantGIF (980x1540 - 937K)
Page 20 -Twinsburg, Ohio - photo of Chrystler plantGIF (980x1559 - 919K)
Page 21-22 -Route of InspectionGIF (955x729 - 62K)
Page 23 -Hudson, Ohio - General Motors, Euclid division plant photoGIF (759x652 - 481K)
Page 24 -Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Akron, OhioGIF (760x1208 - 102K)
Page 25 -Akron, Ohio - Firestone Plant photoGIF (760x1202 - 466K)
Page 26 -Akron, Ohio - Skyline photoGIF (760x1189 - 617K)
Page 27 -Gallitzin, Pa., Hollidaysburg, Pa., Samuel Rea ShopGIF (760x1191 - 79K)
Page 28 -Samuel Rea Shop (cont), Petersburg, Pa.GIF (760x1200 - 75K)
Page 29 -Samuel Rea Shop aerial photoGIF (760x1189 - 805K)
Page 30 -Samuel Rea Shop, sketch of layoutGIF (760x1188 - 96K)
Page 31 -Huntingdon, Pa., Mt. Union, Pa., Lewistown, Pa., Harrisburg, Pa.GIF (760x1181 - 84K)
Page 32 -Harrisburg, Pa. (cont)GIF (760x1195 - 103K)
Page 33 -Harrisburg, Pa. skyline photoGIF (760x1194 - 667K)
Page 34 -Harrisburg, Pa. (cont)GIF (760x1198 - 98K)
Page 35 -Enola Yard and Shop Facilities photoGIF (760x1193 - 579K)
Page 36 -Lenoyne, Pa. aerial photoGIF (760x1189 - 734K)
Page 37 -Harrisburg, Pa. - Phoenix Iron & Steel Co. photoGIF (760x1178 - 788K)
Page 38 -Steelton, Pa., - Bethlehem Steel photoGIF (760x1172 - 612K)
Page 39 -Steelton, Pa., Middletown, Pa., Lancaster, Pa.GIF (760x1180 - 110K)
Page 40 -Steelton, Pa. (cont)GIF (760x1195 - 97K)
Page 41 -Coatesville, Pa., Downington, Pa., Paoli, Pa.GIF (760x1185 - 89K)
Page 42 -Officers making only part of the tripGIF (760x1184 - 64K)
Page 43 -Officers making only part of the trip (cont)GIF (760x1195 - 62K)
Page 44 -Personal NotesGIF (760x1180 - 16K)

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