PRR Class G31 gondolas

General information:

The 2900 G31 gondolas (with no suffix) were originally built in Altoona during 1948 through 1951. The G31s were welded, steel-floored, drop-end gons of 52'6" inside length. Additional subclasses spun off from the G31 subclass, identified as G31a through G31e, were also 52'6" inside length mill gondolas, but had wood floors (identifiable by the small "w" in a circle to the left of the keystone). The G31 series was a substantial class on the PRR. Later added sub-classes G31f through G31m were rebuilds of the above classes G31 through G31e. They were all originally 70 ton cars (140000 CAPY, about 155000 LDLMT, and about 55000 CAPY). The G35s were the same externally as the welded drop-end G31a's and b's, but had a different underframe, which won't make any difference if you don't model the underframe!

Some stats:

ClassG31G31aG31bG31cG31dG31d covG31d cov w/ bulkheadsG31d skidG31e skidG31eG31hG31kG31lG31m
Commentsstanray roofstanray roofskidsskids
Qty Built2,9002,0001,200400
Built1948-1950 (Altoona)1951 (ACF)1951-1952 (ACF)1959 (rebuilt)1967-1968 (rebuilt from G31a)1967-1968 (rebuilt from G31b)1967-1968 (rebuilt from G31c)
Capcy box1,7451,6461,6461,6461,6462,1712,504--1,646
Capcy heap405415415415415----415
Sidessteelsteelsteelsteelsteelsteelsteelsteelsteelsteelsteel corrugated horizsteelsteelsteel
Sillfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish bellyfish belly
I.L.52' 6"52' 6"52' 6"52' 6"52' 6"52' 3"52' 6"52' 6"52' 6"52' 6"
I.W.9' 6"9' 6"9' 6"9' 6"9' 6"8' 8"9' 6"9' 6"9' 6"9' 6"
I.H3' 6"3' 3-5/8"3' 3-5/8"3' 3-5/8"3' 3-5/8"4' 4-1/2"5' 0-1/4"3' 3-5/8"3' 3-5/8"3' 3-5/8"
Truck center43' 8"43' 8"43' 8"43' 8"43' 8"43' 8"43' 8"43' 8"43' 8"42' 11-1/2"
length over strikers54' 8"54' 8"54' 8"54' 8"54' 8"54' 8"54' 8"54' 8"54' 8"53' 11-1/2"
coupled length57' 2"57' 2"57' 2"57' 2"57' 2"57' 2"57' 2"57' 2"57' 2"56' 5-1/2"
height6' 11-11/16"6' 11-11/16"6' 11-11/16"6' 11-15/16"6' 11-15/16"9' 1-19/32"8' 9-11/32"12' 8-7/8"12' 8-7/8"6' 11-15/16"
width extreme10' 6-15/16"10' 6-15/16"10' 6-15/16"10' 7-3/8"10' 7-3/8"10' 8"10' 8"10' 7"10' 7"10' 7-3/8"

Types of trucks used

ClassCarNumbersTruck ClassTruck NameQty cars:
G3134432 2E-F27 1
G313634003638822E-F22BA.S.F. Ride control483
G313638833638842E-F27 2
G313638853638902E-F22BA.S.F. Ride control6
G31363891 2E-F27 1
G313638923638992E-F22BA.S.F. Ride control8
G313639003639012E-F27 2
G313639023639652E-F22BA.S.F. Ride control64
G313639663639692E-F27 4
G313639703639752E-F22BA.S.F. Ride control6
G31363976 2E-F27 1
G313639773640082E-F22BA.S.F. Ride control32
G31364009 2E-F24 1
G31364010 2E-F22BA.S.F. Ride control1
G313640113640162E-F27 6
G31364017 2E-F24 1
G313640183640212E-F27 4
G31364022 2E-F24 1
G313640233640292E-F27 7
G313640303640312E-F24 2
G313640323640352E-F27 4
G31364036 2E-F24 1
G313640373640432E-F27 7
G31364044 2E-F24 1
G313640453640472E-F27 3
G313640483640492E-F24 2
G313640503640542E-F27 5
G313640553640962E-F24 42
G31364097 2E-F27 1
G313640983641482E-F24 51
G31364149 2E-F27 1
G31364150 2E-F24 1
G313641513641532E-F27 3
G313641543641962E-F24 43
G313641973643932E-F27 197
G313643943644312E-F24 38
G313644333644422E-F24 10
G31364443 2E-F27 1
G313644443644472E-F24 4
G31364448 2E-F27 1
G313644493645152E-F24 67
G313645163645172E-F27 2
G31364518 2E-F24 1
G313645193647532E-F27 235
G313647543647582E-F24 5
G313647593647602E-F27 2
G31364761 2E-F24 1
G313647623647692E-F27 8
G313647703647942E-F24 25
G31364795 2E-F27 1
G313647963647982E-F24 3
G31364799 2E-F27 1
Truck data is from PRR documents circa 1940's. Other truck classes may also have been used.

Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

ClassCarNumberAAR ClassPRR Oct 44PRR Oct 48PRR Apr 52PRR Oct 53PRR Oct 58PRR Oct 63PRR Apr 68
G31a373950375749GB GBS--10491799179617931389
G31a612000614999GB GBS--30003000299729932480
G31b371950373949GB GBS--20002000199419891575
G31c371200371949GB GBS--750750750747596
G31d375750376949GB GBR GBS GBSR--12001200119611951183
G31e376950377449GB GBS--416500500499495
Roster data compiled by Rich Orr

Modeling Information:

G31N-G31 gondolaRTR plastic w/ molded grabs-
G31cHO900354' Mill Gondola PRRplasticremove rivets, side sill 12" too deep, end sills absent, car rides too high.
Tangent Scale Models
G31bHO10710-01ACF 70-ton welded Drop-end Gondola, PRR G31bRTR plastic w/ seperate grabs24 #'s available

Model Photos online:

(Photos of models submitted by visitors. Accompanied by descriptions)

Report MarkClassDescriptionManufacturerScaleModeler
PRR 374913G31G31 gondolaAtlas1/4"Eugene Deimling
Modeling G31 Series (G31, G31a through G31m?) and G35 Gondolas by Elden Gatwood

Photos online:

Report MarkClassDescriptionLocationDatePhotographer
PRR 364291G31w/ corrugated sidesConway, PA6/21/1977Ed Martin (Kodachrome 64)
PRR 614463G31aplain keystoneunknown-Greg Dickinson (from George Elwood's site)
PRR 375892G31d-Altoona, PA5/16/1974Greg Martin
PRR 377243G31e--1963PRR photo (B&W) from The Pennsy, Mar-Apr 1963

Photos in print:

ClassPublicationPageCar NoSchemeLocationDateComments
G31PRR Color Guide Vol 146PRR 376373CK-10/60Leased to WAB, Auto Frames
G31aPC Color Guide74PC 511171PCColumbus, OH7/68nee PRR 373963
G31aPRR Color Guide Vol 146PRR 612909PK-4/74-
G31aPRR Color Guide Vol 381PRR 374256PK--Anaconda Cable reel load
G31aPRR Color Guide Vol 381PRR 614361SK1b--cable reel load
G31bPC Color Guide76PC 516728PCSan Luis Obispo, CA3/27/77nee PRR 37????
G31bPennsy Power 3404PRR 371950---PRR
G31bPRR Color Guide Vol 148PRR 373070PK-4/74-
G31bPRR Color Guide Vol 278PRR 372968PK---
G31bPRR Color Guide Vol 278PRR 373719SK2b---
G31dPRR Color Guide Vol 147PRR 375852PK-7/69w/ MW Test Dept truck
G31dPRR Color Guide Vol 147PRR 376611SK-10/60Leased to WAB, Auto Frames
G31dPRR Color Guide Vol 148PRR 375937SK1a-8/67-
G31dPRR Color Guide Vol 279PRR 376422CK---
G31dPRR Color Guide Vol 279PRR 376901PK---
G31dPRR Color Guide Vol 382PRR 376813SK2Altoona, PA5/1967Used truck load
G31hPRR Color Guide Vol 280PRR 366048PK---
G31kPC Color Guide76PC 515321PCCicero, IL2/14/81nee PRR 614852
G31kPRR Color Guide Vol 280PRR 374019PK---

Equipment Diagrams online:

Class(es)tracing #View
G31d,G31e-skid carsE-461648-Aelevation

Plans and diagrams in print:

Applicable ClassesTypePublicationPageDescriptionTracing Number
G31,G31a,G31b,G31c,G31d,G31e,G31f,G35Arrangement of LetteringPRR Compendium Vol 160Plain Key - G31a shown
G31,G31a,G31b,G31d,G32,G32a,G34,G35Arrangement of LetteringPRR Compendium Vol 147Shadow Key - G31, G32 shown
G31cClass DiagramPennsy Car Plans84
G31c,G31eArrangement of LetteringPRR Compendium Vol 148Shadow Key - G31e shown

Thanks to Andy Miller, Rich Orr, and Elden Gatwood for providing information for this page!

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