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PRR Passenger Truck diagrams

Class:Description:Tracing #:View:
2A-P1Old Passenger Truck (Single Brake)12760side/end
2A-P2Std Passenger Truck (Double Brake, Westinghouse beam)12760side/end
2A-P3Std Passenger Truck (Double Brake, National Hollow Beam)12760side/end
2B-P1Std Passenger Truck (Single Brake, National hollow brake beam)12795side/end
2B-P3Std Passenger Truck23275side/end
2B-P4Std Passenger Truck (Double Brake, National Hollow Beam)12762side/end
2C?P?4-wheel steel passenger truck (class unknown 2C...?)-side/end
2C1P1Four Wheel Steel Pass Truck24826side/end
2C-P24-wheel steel passenger truck (No 5)-side/end
2C-P24-wheel steel passenger truck (No 5)40134side/end
2C-P3Four Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 5a)40134side/end
2C-P4Std Passenger Truck23275side/end
2D3P1Four Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 2)24826side/end
2D4P1Four Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 5M)40134side/end
2D5P1Four Wheel Steel Truck (No 2C)44846side/end
2D6P1Four Wheel Steel Motor Truck (No 8M)45544side/end
2D-P14-wheel steel passenger truck (No 6)-side/end
2D-P1Four Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 6)44846side/end
2D5P2Four Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 7)45544side/end
2D-P2Four Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 6a)52086side/end
3A-P16 Wheel Passenger Truck (Triple Brake, Westinghouse Beam)12761side/end
3A-P26 Wheel Passenger Truck (Triple Brake, Nat. Hollow Brake Beam)12761side/end
3B-P26 Wheel Passenger Truck (Triple Brake, Nat. Hollow Brake Beam)12761side/end
3C-P16 Wheel Steel Passenger Truck-side/end
3C-P1Six Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 1)24826side/end
3C-P36 Wheel Passenger Truck23275side/end
3D5P1Six Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 1b)45544side/end
3D5P2Six Wheel Steel Pass Truck (No 1c)44846side/end
LIRR_2CT5LIRR Electric Trailer TruckE-80597-Bside/end
LIRR_2DM5LIRR Electric Motor TruckE-80597-Bside/end
LIRR_MotorLIRR Motor TruckE-85097side/end

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