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PRR Motor Passenger diagrams

Class:Description:Tracing #:View:
MP1,MP2Electric Car (W.J.&S.R.R.)25179side/end
MP1,MP2Electric Car (W.J.&S.R.R.)25179floorplan
MP38MU Coach (H.&.M.R.R.)37798side/end
MP38MU Coach (H.&.M.R.R.)37799floorplan
MP38aMU Coach (H.&.M.R.R.)E-96839side/end
MP38aMU Coach (H.&.M.R.R.)E-96839floorplan
MP51, MP51a, MP51bMU Coach (H.&.M.R.R.)E-458914-Aside/end
MP51MU Coach (H.&.M.R.R.)E-458914-B,Afloorplan
MP51a, MP51bMU Coach (H.&.M.R.R.)E-458914-Afloorplan
MP54a1MU CoachE-96867side/end
MP54a1MU CoachE-96867floorplan
MP54, MP54E2Coach & MU Coach34548side/end
MP54t, MP54, MP54cCoach & MU trailerE-95310-A,Dside/end
MP54dMU Coach (Trolley Poles)E-95310side/end
MP54E1, MP54E2, MP54E3MU CoachE-95310-F,E,C,B,Aside/end
MP54cMU CoachE-95309floorplan
MP54, MP54d, MP54t, MP54E1, MP54E2, MP54E3Coach, MU Coach & MU trailerE-34549-D,C,B,Afloorplan
MP54, MP54d, MP54t, MP54E1, MP54E2, MP54E3Coach, MU Coach & MU trailerE-442993-C,B,Afloorplan
MP54E5MU CoachE-454275-Aside/end
MP54E5MU CoachE-454275-Afloorplan
MP54E6MU CoachE-450475-Aside/end
MP54E6MU CoachE-450475-Afloorplan
MP70, T70MU trailerE-413813-Afloorplan
MP70, T70MU trailerE-413813-Aside/end
MP85aeMU CoachE-458891-B,AAC Unit side
MP85aeMU CoachE-458891-AElectric Locker side/end
MP85aeMU CoachE-458891-B,AElectric Locker side/end
MP85aeMU CoachE-458891-Afloorplan
MP85eMU CoachE-458892-B,AGeneral Toilet side/end
MP85eMU CoachE-458892-AAC Unit side
MP85eMU CoachE-458892-B,AAC Unit side
MP85eMU CoachE-458892-Afloorplan

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