The Pennsylvania Railroad
Passenger Cars, Trucks, Classification

Tracing B437742-B
superceeding tracing B417536

Issued, Philadelphia, 5-15-1947
Revised as of 7-9-1949

From the collection of Bob Johnson

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Interpretation of Classification
SymbolRefers to
FirstNumber of axles per truck
SecondA.A.R. Class letter for journal diameter only
ThirdDash-for standard A.A.R. axle
number-for numerical deviation from A.A.R. standard
FourthService of truck. F=Freight, P=Passenger, T=Tender
FifthConsecutive design of truck for class
A.A.R. Class"A""B""C""D""E""F" 
Journal size3-3/4" x 7"4-1/4" x 8"5" x 9"5-1/2" x 10"6" x 11"6-1/2" x 12" 
Capy. per axle, 85 M.P.H.125002050027000340004250051000Max.

CommentsOld ClassNew ClassP.R.R. Axle Classifi-cationA.A.R. Classifi-cationSize of AxleWheel BaseClass of CarsWeightsSpecial RemarksTruck Arrangement Tracing No.
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2A1P12A13-3/4" x 7"7'-0"PF, PG Wood frameC30825
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2A2P12AA23-3/4" x 7"7'-0"PF, PG Wood frameA9243
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2A3P12BA33-3/4" x 7"7'-0"PF, PG Wood frame 
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B-P13A 4" x 8"7'-0"BP, PG, PK Wood frameC13464
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B-P13B 4" x 8"7'-0"PG, PK Wood frameC13464
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B-P13C 4" x 8"7'-0"PG, PK Wood frameC13464
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B-P24BB-4-1/4" x 8"7'-0"MP1, MP2, MO1, MB1, MBM1 (Built 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909 Trailer) W.J.&S.R.R.C65964
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B-P33A 4" x 8"8'-0"PG, PK Wood frameC21852
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B-P33B 4" x 8"8'-0"PG, PK Wood frameC21852
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B-P33C 4" x 8"8'-0"PG, PK Wood frameC21852
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B-P34BB-4-1/4" x 8"8'-0"PG, PK Wood frameC21852
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2B1P14AB14-1/4" x 8"7'-0"PF, PG Wood frameC9206
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2C-P46AC-5" x 9"8'-0"PK Wood frameC19179
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 2C-P56AC-5" x 9"7'-0"PK Wood frameNo Trac.
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 3A1P12A13-3/4" x 7"10'-0"BA Wood frameC3901
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 3A2P22AA23-3/4" x 7"10'-6"BB, OF, OG Wood frameA8754
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 3B-P14BB-4-1/4" x 8"10'-6"BE, BL, BN, MH, MI, OK, OL, PL Wood frameC30586
Wooden Cars-Truck Obsolete 3C-P36AC-5" x 9"10'-9"MM Wood frameC22103
Out of Service UNIT TRAIN   8'-0"MP54 (No 303) Experimental Timken inboard roller bearingsC406707
 2B2C-P16AC-5" x 9"7'-0"MP54, MPB5413000 C76061
 52C-P26AC-5" x 9"8'-0"MP54, MP54c, MPB54, MPBM54, MBM6212500 C67161
 52C-P2HYATT 5" x 9"8'-0"MP54 (Cars No 79, 202, 390, 417, 428, 686)12500Hyatt roller bearingC67161, C83703
 5TR2C-P26AC-5" x 9"8'-0"MP54d, MPB54d (W.J.&S.R.R)12500Pilot on truckC67161
 5A2C-P36AC-5" x 9"8'-0"MP54E, MP54E1, MP54E2, MPB54E, MPB54bE2, MB62E1, MB62E2, MBM62E, MBM62E2, MP54d14300Pilot on truckC437713
 5A2C-P36AC-5" x 9"8'-0"MPB54b, MPB54c, T62 (Double deck, Long Island)14300Steam serviceC437713
 5A2C-P36AC-5" x 9"8'-0"MP54a1 (Special brake connection to body)14300Long IslandC99500
None Built10, 10M 6AC5" x 9"7'-0"Trailer and motor trucks, P.R.R. Design, 1916  C55044
 4M2C2P16C, 6CMC1, C25" x 9"7'-0"MP38 (H.&.M.R.R.)17200One motor on truckC71452
  2C1P26C, 6CMC1, C25" x 9"7'-0"MP38a (H.&M.R.R.)18680One motor on truckD73676
  2C3P16MC35" x 9"7'-0"MP1, MP2 (W.J.&S.R.R., built 1906) Motor truckC65965
  2C3P26MC35" x 9"7'-0"MP2, MO1 (W.J.&S.R.R, built 1907, 1909) Motor truckC65966
     5-1/2" x 10" MP54E2, MP54E3 (7 cars motor and trailer trucks, S.K.F., Timken Roller Bearing) Birdsboro-Taylor design 
 62D-P17D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70, P70d14000 C41242
 6A2D-P27D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70, P70d, B60, B60a16000C. Steel TransomC437712
  2D-P37D-5-1/2" x 10"6'-3"B60b12000CantileverD76837
1st Quad 2D-P47D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70 (Cars No. 1505, 1506, 1509, 1535, 1637, 1840) Commonwealth, original designC62343
  2D-P5 D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"B60b, R50b, P70, BM60, PC7018000Commonwealth, friction bearingC83368
  2D-P5S.K.F. 5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70, PC70, PC70b, P70d18000Commonwealth, S.K.F. bearingsC83368
  2D-P5Timken 5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70, P70d18000Commonwealth, Timken bearingsC83368
  2D-P5Hyatt 5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70, PC70, P70d (P70 Alma Draft)18000Commonwealth, Hyatt bearingC83368
  2D-P5Hydraulic Tool 5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70 (Car No. 1660 Bearings Changed to P70-3665)18000Commonwealth, Hydraulic Tool bearingsD86383
  2D-P57D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"R50b (With bifurcated pedestal)18000Commonwealth, friction bearingsC83368
Roller Bearings 2D-P6 D-5-1/2" x 10"9'-0"D82R (Budd Dining Cars, Nos. 4500, 4501)17350Cast steel frame, S.K.F. bearingsA422405, A422443
Roller Bearings 2D-P7 D-5-1/2" x 10"9'-0"P82R (Budd Coaches, Nos. 4000, 4001)16850Cast Steel Frame, Timken bearingsA422098, A429488
Roller Bearings 2D-P8 D-5-1/2" x 10"9'-0"P82aR, P85aR (Pullman) S.C. frame, Roller bearings 
Roller Bearings 2D-P8 D-5-1/2" x 10"9'-0"D82cR (A.C.&F.) S.C. frame, Roller bearingsA420429, A429488
Roller Bearings 2D-P8 D-5-1/2" x 10"9'-0"D82bR, D85R, P85R (Budd)17220Cast steel frame, Timken bearings 
Roller Bearings 2D-P9 D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70 (2 Trucks Built) S.C. frame, Roller bearingsC422592, D78374
Roller Bearings 2D-P10A D-5-1/2" x 10"9'-0"Experimental (2 Trucks Built)18000S.C. frame, Roller bearingsResearch drawings
Roller Bearings 2D-P12 D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-0"P70 (30 Cars)19000S.C. frame, Roller bearingsA425904, D78374
Roller Bearings 2D-P13 D-5-1/2" x 10"7'-0"Chrysler, 10 Trucks Built, Scrapped, Timken Quad Bearings used for Bus. cars)16130All H springsChrysler drawings
Roller Bearings 2D-P14 D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-8"T70a (Trailer Truck, Double deck, Long Island) C.S. frame, Roller bearingsA437011
Roller Bearings 2D-P15 D-5-1/2" x 10"8'-6"P85b, D85cR (13-3/8" Pedestal Opening)18090C.S. frame, Roller bearingsA435501
None built3M2D2P17MD25-1/2" x 10"8'-6"Designed for Long Island 2 motorsC36609
 22D3P16BD35-1/2" x 9"7'-0"P70, P70d, B60, R6013000 C76061
Out of service2A2D3P26BD35-1/2" x 9"7'-0"None GeneratorC76061
  2D3P36BD35-1/2" x 9"7'-0"P70 (Car No. 1679), R60 (Car No. 5721) EqualizerC40780
 5M2D4P16BMD45-1/2" x 9"8'-0"MP54d, MPB54d (W.J.&S.R.R.)28000Motor truckC58530
 2C2D5P17BD55-1/2" x 11"7'-0"P70, P70c, P70d, P53, P58, B60, R60, Z62 (Track Inspection)14450 C45220
1st. Application of R.B. (New wide pedestal)2C2D5P1S.K.F. 5-1/2" x 11"7'-0"P70 (Cars No. 1731, 1785, 1409, 4925, 3478; blt 1913)14700S.K.F. roller bearingsC45220
Out of service 2D5P1  5-1/2" x 11"7'-0"Std., Experimental out of service, blt 1913 Roller bearingsD45306
Out of service 2D5P1  5-1/2" x 11"7'-0"2-RO Hess-Bright, Experimental out of service, blt 1913 Ball bearingsD45555, C49654
Out of service 2D5P1  5-1/2" x 11"7'-0"Criss Cross Bearings, Experimental out of service, blt 1916  C55199
Out of service 2D5P1  5-1/2" x 11"7'-0"N.K.A., Experimental out of service, blt 1920 Roller bearingsC66094
 72D5P27BD55-1/2" x 11"8'-0"P70, P70d, B60, B60a, Z6215640 C67596
 92D5P37BD55-1/2" x 11"5'-10"B50, R50, R50a (6 trucks built)12000 D62087
  2D5P47BD55-1/2" x 11"8'-0"P70 (Cars No. 1644, 1596)  D74628
Narrow or wide box 2D5P57BD55-1/2" x 11"8'-0"P7017645Commonwealth, friction bearingsC78370
None built 2D5P67BD55-1/2" x 11"8'-0"Designed for MP54E2 Trailer, friction bearingsD79077
 8M2D6P17BMD65-1/2" x 11"8'-8"MP54E, MP54E1, MP54E2, MPB54E, MPB54bE2, MB62E, MP62E2, MBM62E, MBM62E231500Motor truckC61117
 8M2D6P17BMD65-1/2" x 11"8'-8"MP54 (None in steam service)17500 C61117
 8MA2D6P27BMD65-1/2" x 11"8'-8"MP54d (2 cars, W.J.&S.R.R.)32000Motor truckC64851
None built 2D6P37BMD65-1/2" x 11"8'-8"Designed for MP54E2 Motor truck, Friction bearingsC79017
None built7B2D7P17BMD75-1/2" x 11"8'-0"Designed for heavy type cars P.R.R. Design, Roller bearingsD74628
2D5P5 with R.B.-Wide box 2D7P27BMD75-1/2" x 11"8'-0"P70, PC70, POC70R (observation end)18700Commonwealth, Roller bearingsC78370
  2D7P37BMD75-1/2" x 11"8'-8"MP54E215800Trailer, Roller bearingsD79077
  2D8P17BMD85-1/2" x 11"8'-8"MP54E2, MP54a32000Motor truck, Roller bearingsC79017
  2D7P17BMD85-1/2" x 11"8'-8"MP54a1, MP54d1 (Long Island)32000Motor and trailer 
  2D8P27BMD85-1/2" x 11"8'-8"MP70, T70 (Double deck, Long Island) Motor and trailer, Roller bearingsC412405
Just for record should have been 2D7P2A 2D9P17BD95-1/2" x 11"8'-0"POC70R (Kitchen End, 6" x 11" tender axle with bearing turned to 5-1/2" x 11, 2D7P2 Truck) S.C. Frame, Roller bearingsC78370
  2D10P1 D105-1/2" x 11"9'-0"P85cR (No. 4045, P.S.C. Co.) Roller bearings in wheel hubC431066
Roller bearings 2D11P1 D115-1/2" x 10"8'-8"MP70a (Motor Truck, Double deck, Long Island) C.S. Frame, Roller bearingsA437011
Roller bearings 2D12P1  5-1/2" x 10"8'-10"MP54E6 (4 motor equipment) C.S. Frame, Roller bearings 
None built 2E-P1 E6" x 11"6'-3"Designed for baggage cars  C82358
 2C, 72E-P2 E-6" x 11"7'-0", 8'-0"Converted 2D5P1 (Car 5731), 2D5P2 (Car 5730)  See S.K. 389
None built 2E-P3 E-6" x 11"7'-4"Chrysler  Chrysler drawings
Out of service 2E-P4 E-6" x 11"8'-0"MP54E3 (Gibbs & Hill motor truck, car No. 459)   
  2E-P5 E-6" x 11"8'-6"PLB85R, POC85aR, D85dR Flat bar & I beam drop-forged equalizerC436850
Roller bearings 2F-P1 F-6-1/2" x 12"9'-0"D78dR C.S. frame, Nickle steel equalizer 
 13C-P16AC-5" x 9"11'-0"PB70, B70, BM70, BM70a, BM70c, BM70d, BM70e, BM70f, B74a, M70, M70a21000 C75046
Out of service1A3C-P26AC-5" x 9"11'-0"  GeneratorC75046
None built 3C-P46AC-5" x 9"11'-0"Clasp brake (proposed modification of 3C-P1)  C75046
Application of roller bearings will not change class 3D-P1 D-5-1/2" x 10"11'-3"Z74d, D70, D78, D78a, D78b, B74b25800Commonwealth, Friction bearingsC83346
Application of roller bearings will not change class 3D-P1S.K.F. 5-1/2" x 10"11'-3"D70, D78, D78a, D78c25800Commonwealth, S.K.F. bearingsC83346
Application of roller bearings will not change class 3D-P1Timken 5-1/2" x 10"11'-3"D70, D78, D78a25800Commonwealth, Timken bearingsC83346
Application of roller bearings will not change class 3D-P1Hyatt 5-1/2" x 10"11'-3"PB70, D70, D78, D78a, D78b25800Commonwealth, Hyatt bearingsC83346
Application of roller bearings will not change class 3D-P1Fafnir 5-1/2" x 10"11'-3"D78 (No. 4479)25800Commonwealth, Fafnir bearingsD99324
  3D-P2 D-5-1/2" x 10"11'-3"  S.C. frame, roller bearingsA425320, C78253
 1B3D5P17BD55-1/2" x 11"11'-0"PB70, BM70e, BM70f  C46092
 1C3D5P27BD55-1/2" x 11"11'-0"PC70a, B70a, PB70, PBM70, BM70d, BM70e, BM70g, B74a, B74b, B70a, M7023200 C437714
 1C3D5P2S.K.F. 5-1/2" x 11"11'-0"PB70 (Car No. 4925)25000S.K.F. roller bearingsC437714
 1D3D5P37BD55-1/2" x 11"11'-0"PB70, B70a, BM70k, Z68, PB70dr (7506-7516, 7515-7517)22685 C69394
None built 3D5P47BD55-1/2" x 11"11'-0"  P.R.R. designC75004
Plain bearings 3D5P57BD55-1/2" x 11"11'-3"D78, D78b, PB70, PBM70a, BM70l, D70, Z74b, Z74c, Z74e26400CommonwealthC78252
None built 3D5P67B 5-1/2" x 11"11'-0"PB70 (Clasp brake, proposed modification of 3D5P1)  C46092
Out of Service 3D7P17BD75-1/2" x 11"11'-0"PB7025000P.R.R. Design, S.K.F. roller bearingsC75004
3D5P5 with R.B.-wide box 3D7P27BD75-1/2" x 11"11'-3"D78, D78b, PB7026550Commonwealth, S.K.F. roller bearingsC78252

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