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PR-1The Pennsy - and More! - Comments from the back of the box: The "Standard Railroad of the World"! The Pennsylvania Railroad grew to be the largest American railroad through sound, practical engineering and operating policies. But they were also willing to try something new to enhance their... John's description got cut offJRS

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RA-1Pennsylvania Steam & Electric Years 1936 - 1952RS
RA-2Pennsy In New Jersey - New York & Long Branch and PRSL RS
RA-3 Philadelphia Terminal Division RS
OBP-1 Pennsylvania Steam & Electric Years 1955 - 1964 Volume II - 50 min. Color. Films of Richard Lane. Steam coverage of Phila. Terminal Division and South Jersey PSRL. Electric coverage of Trenton Cut-Off, P&T Branch, mainline to Thorndale and Coatesville, PA. RS
MRO-2 Model Railroad Videos: Volume 2 - Helpers - Ken McCorry's Pennsylvania Railroad, North Central Region  RS
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53043 The Pennsylvania Railroad- Click here for a description and reviews of this video PSH
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All titles are now offered on DVD.
012-D Pennsylvania Glory, Vol 1- Film of Benjamin T Young, Jr. -  Long Island, NY&LB, Atlantic City, Elizabeth, Harrisburg, Enola Yard, Steam, Electric, Diesel - 46 minutes RS
013-D Pennsylvania Glory, Vol 2 - Film of B. Young & J. Collins - Rockville Bridge, Middle Division, Altoona, Horseshoe Curve, Columbus, Sandusky Line, Steam, Diesel - 43 Minutes RS
014-D Pennsylvania Glory, Vol 3 - Buffalo Area, Chicago, Northern IN, Elmira Branch, Galltizin, Northumberland, Elizabeth. Includes the 16mm film of John Prophet and others. Mr. Prophet started filming in the mid-1930's and began using color film in 1937. - 57 minutes RS
032-DSteam & Diesel on PRR Vol. 1 - Covers late steam and diesels on PRR, PC and a little CR in the area between Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, and points east. - All from 16mm film by Donald J. Krofta - Over 50 mins. Narrated with audioJH
033-DSteam & Diesel on PRR Vol. 2 - Covers late steam and diesels on PRR, PC and a little CR Columbus, Oh to Sandusky plus other northern Ohio locations. Includes PRR J1 and ATSF 2-10-4 class locos plus later diesels. - All from 16mm film by Donald J. Krofta - Over 50 mins. Narrated with audioJH
037-DPennsy's Racetrack - Covers Washington to New York 1940 - 1980 with great action of GG1's, P5's, MP54's, and more in passenger and freight service. Also has a brief segment of 1920's operations at NY and Philadelphia Broad Street. Major segments include 1940's-'50s JH
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Memories of Pennsy Steam - 30 minutes RS

K4-The restoration of 1361 - 60 minutes RS

The Pride of Altoona - 1361 fantrips etc.. - 60 minutes RS

The Magnificent GG-1 - Complete history of the world's most famous electric locomotive. Action scenes from Penn Station, New York to Philadelphia ... 60 Minutes

Action Under the Wires - Total action program features many classes of electrics on New York - Baltimore Main Line, Columbia & Port Deposit line, Enola Yard, Harrisburg, Lancaster, South Amboy, restored GG1s. ... 60 Minutes.

Memories of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Vol. 1 - PRR steam on LIRR, Philadelphia Hi-Line, GG1s at Army-Navy game, South Amboy and NY&LB scenes. 30 Minutes.

Memories of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Vol. 2 - steam and diesel action on the Middle Division, Horseshoe Curve, and Altoona. Many types of steam and diesel power. 30 Minutes.

Doubleheader! - Restored PRR 4-4-0 1223 and 4-4-2 7002 in action. Includes Strasburg - Harrisburg and Strasburg - Philadelphia excursions. 60 Minutes.

The New York & Long Branch - complete history of the famous line with steam, diesel,and electric locomotives in action. Full tour of the line and engine change at South Amboy. 60 Minutes.
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Vol 1 The Ore Train - 40 min. RS
Vol 2 The S&L Story - 42 min. RS
Vol 3 Railfan Excursion to Northumberland, PA - 35 min. RS
Vol 4 The Middle Division, Rockville to Horseshoe Curve - 40 min. RS
Vol 5 The Susquehanna Division - 45 min. RS
Vol 6 Under the Catenary - 45 min. RS
Vol 7Steam in the 30's & 40's -- Comments from back cover of video box: This vintage black and white video is created from 16 mm film shot in the 1930's and 40's by the late Clarence Weaver, with additional Pennsylvania Railroad archive film from Clarence's collection. The video opens with action on the Williamsport Division in the Sunbury area,...JRS
Vol 8The Transition Years in the 50's & 60's -- Comments from the back cover of the box: This mostly color, mostly PRR, video is from film shot in north central and central Pennsylvania in the 1950's and 1960's. See steam's last stand on the PRR's Susquehanna Division at Sunbury, at the Northumberland enginehouse, and on the Mt. Carmel Bra....JRS
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2 PRR Power - 1 hour RS
7 Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 - 1 hour RS
16 PRR Doubleheaded Steam - 1 hour RS
16-B PRR Main Line Steam-1986 Philadelphia Trip - 1 hour RS
28 Pennsylvania Railroad Vintage Movies  - 1 hour RS
29 A Look Back In Time  - 1 hour - First 30 min. PRR steam diesel & many P.R..S.L. Second 30 min. Reading steam diesel & elect WB
32 PRR E-8 Diesels in Action - 1 hour RS
34 PRR Power Volume 2 - 1 hour RS
64 PRR Power Volume 3 - 1 hour RS
90 PRR Power Volume 4 - 1 hour RS
115 PRR Power Volume 5 - 1 hour - Includes PRR produced movie "Trains, Tracks and Safety Facts" and continues with run by action at Bayhead Jct., Point Pleasant, Manasquan, Matawan, Cliffwood Beach, South Amboy, Bellwood, Enola, Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, Holidaysburg, Lewistown, Duncannon, Sunbury WB
131 PRR GG-1 4882 cab ride - 1 hour (black & white) - A "Head-End" ride on the fireman's side from Penn Sta. N.Y.C. to South Amboy, N.J. Highlights of the return trip. WB
132 PRR GG-1 4882 cab ride - 1 hour (color, sound) - Trackside and in-cab action of P.R.R. from Sunnyside Yard, N.Y. to Princeton Jct., N.J. and a few minutes at 30th Sta. Phila upper level. Also featuring Long Island Rail Road and Hudson & Manhattan Railroad (both owned by the Pennsy). WB
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