Pennsylvania Railroad Decals - HO Scale (dry transfers too!) 

CDS, Champ, Clover House, George Drake, Greg Komar, Herald King, John Hall
Microscale, Middle Division, Northeast, Odballs, Portland Car&Foundry,
 Raritan Bay Hobbies, Walthers, Westerfield
CDS dry transfers - Available in both HO and N scales
Sets Nos. 240 281 282 290 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 658 665 707 708 730 747 are also avaliable in G scale
240  PRR GLCca 2-bay 1927 or 1942 Coal to War (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
281PRR Duplex T-1CM
282  PRR H25 4-bay hopper 1927 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
290  PRR GLA 2-bay hopper 1927 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
307  PRR 40' K7a 1917 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
308 PRR 40' X3 single sheathed boxcar 1929 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
309 PRR 40' X25a DD steel boxcar 1925 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
310  PRR 40' X26 USRA SS boxcar 1920 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
311  PRR 40' X28 DD steel boxcar 1925 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
312  PRR 40' X29 steel boxcar 1924 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
313 PRR 40' X31 DD steel boxcar 1930 (Ball Keystone) TO,JB
586 PRR 70t airslide 1961 (Shadow Keystone) TO,JB
658PRR X-35 1932 40' box (only one car #36989. 1935-1960) CM
665PRR H31a/H31b (twin hopper-1943 to 1949/1952)CM
666 PRR G-22 46' GON (1947)CM
706PRR H-30 covered hopperCM
708H 39 triple hopper 1960CM
730PRR N5/N5a/N5b/N5c (Cabin-Shadow Keystone 1954-)CM
747PRR ND wood cabin (1940)CM
CHAMP decals  
Note that Champ has stopped printing decals and is winding down operations. Some of these decals may no longer be available.
Mail: PO Box 1178, Minot, ND 58702 
Phone: 701-852-4938 -- 9 to 5 PM CST 
FAX: 701-852-9429 -- 24 hrs, 7 days a week 
Web - Homepage: 
Web - Online Catalog, PRR:
BRH-8 PRR E44 Locomotive RS
BRH-18 PRR GG1 Locomotive 5 stripe gold RS
BRH-150 PRR Congressional passenger car ? TO
BRH-152 PRR Senator/Congressional passenger cars TO
HB-30  PRR X41 automobile boxcar  TO
HB-30N  PRR X41 automobile boxcar (revised) TO
HB-40  PRR outside brace '24-'54  TO
HB-155  PRR X41B Merchandise Service  TO
HB-155A  PRR X29B Merchandise Service  TO
HB-162 PRR GAEX lease DF boxcar  TO
HB-303 PRR X29 express boxcar 1927-1954 TO
HB-303N PRR X29 express boxcar 1927-1954 (revised) TO
HB-307 PRR X31/X48 Shadow Keystone TO
HB-357 PRR X32 50' DD Shadow Keystone  TO
HB-377 PRR X58A plugdoor insulated boxcar  TO
HB-380 PRR 86' hicube boxcar  TO
HC-47  PRR 50t H31 hoppers  TO
HC-47N PRR 50t H31 hoppers  TO
HC-70  PRR 50t 3b H30 small keystone  TO
HC-70N  PRR 50t 3b H30/H30a/H32 red cars  TO
HC-79  PRR H21a 4b shadow keystone  TO
HC-97 PRR F30 etc flatcar  TO
HC-97r PRR F30 etc flatcar  TO
HC-115 PRR stockcar w/ keystone  TO
HC-121 PRR cupola caboose large roadname  TO
HC-179 PRR 70t H25 quad hoppers  TO
HC-179r PRR 70t H25 quad hoppers  TO
HC-180 PRR 70t H39 triple hoppers  TO
HC-180N PRR 70t H39 triple hoppers (revised?)  TO
HC-210 PRR N8 caboose w/ circle Keystone  TO
HC-221 PRR cupola cabooses old style N5/N6b  TO
HC-280 PRR wrecking crane  TO
HC-290 PRR 200t 4 truck flatcar  TO
HC-294 PRR 53' piggyback flatcar  TO
HC-321 PRR cupola cabooses white Keystone  TO
HC-420 PRR 70t 2b PS2 shadow Keystone TO
HC-444 PRR 50t GL hoppers  TO
HC-653 PRR ETTX open autorack  TO
HC-657 PRR ACF center flow  TO
HG-108 PRR mill gondola G-28 shadow keystone  TO
HG-148r PRR mill gondola circle Keystone  TO
HG-150 PRR GSh etc. short gondolas  TO
HN-80r PRR white roadname TO
HN-80N PRR white roadname TO
HN-90 PRR black roadname TO
HN-90N PRR all new artwork black roadname TO
HN-180r PRR new style white roadname TO
HN-180N PRR new style white roadname TO
HT-58 PRR petroleum  TO
HX-5 PRR express reefer Bronze Gold  TO
HX-24 PRR express reefer  TO
PH-4 PRR bronze 1929-1938  TO
PH-4D PRR dulux 1950's-1960's  TO
PH-46 PRR aluminum letters  TO
PH-66 PRR red UP style Gothic (also SP/UP)  TO
PH-82 PRR bronze Broadway pre-1952  TO
PH-82D PRR dulux Broadway pre-1952  TO
PH-99 PRR black letters  TO
PH-124 PRR 4 r/w heralds, dulux numbers  TO
PH-145 PRR bronze Broadway Limited 1929-38  TO
PH-147 PRR bronze 1929-1938  TO
PH-151 PRR bronze pre-1952 miscellaneous  TO
PH-153 PRR dulux post-1952  TO
PH-156 PRR dulux, same style as PH-4  TO
S-87 PRR 1" single and 1" double bronze  TO
S-88 PRR 1" single and 1" double dulux  TO
CLOVER HOUSE dry transfers
7784-19 PRR hwt passenger cars 1942-1952 TO
7784-21 PRR hwt RPO 1942-1952 TO
GEORGE DRAKE/MARK VAUGHAN decals (printed by Rail Graphics)
PRR airslides (2) TO
mix 60 ft autoparts boxcars C&EI/ DTS/ PRR/ WAB TO
GREG KOMAR dry transfers
Mail: Greg Komar Dry Transfers, 13704 Country Court Drive, Tampa, FL 33625
Available in HO ($4.95) and O ($7.95) scales. (prices as of 6/2002)
193  PRR 40' X43c boxcar small keystone 1951 TO
PRR-194  PRR 50' X47 boxcar small keystone 1953 TO
PRR-195  PRR 40' X48 boxcar shadow keystone 1954 TO
PRR-196  PRR 50' X44 boxcar shadow keystone 1954 TO
PRR-197  PRR 40' X43c boxcar shadow keystone 1957 TO
PRR-198  PRR 50' X55a boxcar shadow keystone 1960 TO
PRR-199 PRR 40' X43c boxcar late scheme 1960's  TO
PRR-200  PRR X56 DD boxcar built 1963  TO
PRR-252  PRR H32 5-bay covered hopper Shadow, built 1949  TO
PRR-326  Class G-30 52'6" War Emergency Gondola  GK
PRR-341  ND, N6, N5 Cabin Cars, 1926-55 scheme  GK
PRR-347  N8 Cabin Car, as built GK
PRR-348  N6, N5, N8 Cabin Cars, 1955-61 scheme  GK
PRR-390  H21a/H25, Circle Keystone, -1954  GK
PRR-391  H21a/H25, Shadow Keystone, 1954-  GK
PRR-392  GLa, Circle Keystone, -1954  GK
PRR-393  GLa, Shadow Keystone, 1954-  GK
Mail: The Middle Division, PO Box 332, New Cumberland, PA 17070
HBX-1  PRR X37 X43 Shadow keystone  TO
HBX-2  PRR X29, X31 Shadow keystone  TO
HBX-3  PRR X42, X48, X54 Shadow keystone TO
HBX-4  PRR X29 Shadow Keystone Merchandise Service RS
HBX-5  PRR X37 X43 X46 Ball keystone  TO
HBX-6  PRR X25 X26 X28 X29 X31 Ball keystone TO
HBX-7  Ball Keystone X31, X31a, X31b, X31c,X31d RS
HBX-8  PRR Shadow Keystone X31, X31a, X31b, X31c,X31d RS
HBX-10 PRR X32 X45 Shadow keystone  TO
HCA-1 Cabin Cars-classes N5, N5c, N6, N8 - Shadow Keystone RS
HCA-2 Cabin Cars-NC, ND, N5, N5b, N5c, N5e, N6a, N6b, N8 - Ball Keystone RS
HCH-1 PRR H34 PS-2 Shadow keystone  TO
HCH-2 H30, H32 Covered Hoppers, Shadow Keystone RS
HCH-3 Covered Hoppers, Circle Keystone RS
HFL-1 Flat Cars Post 1955 TrucTrain-F39, F39a, F39b, F39c RS
HGN-1  PRR G22/G25 Shadow keystone  TO
HGN-2  PRR G31E Shadow or Ball keystone TO
HGN-3  PRR 26' Ore Jennies G38, G39-'Pennsylvania' & 'PRR' TO
HHP-1 34' twin Steel Hoppers-H31, GLCA- Shadow Keystone RS
HHP-2 40' quad Steel Hoppers-H21, H25- Ball Keystone RS
HHP-3 H35 / 36 / 37 / 39 Steel Hoppers - Shadow / Plain Keystone RS
HKY-1 Freight & Passenger Post 1954 11 pairs asstd. keystones RS
HNM-3 1954-1961 'PENNSYLVANIA" & 'CALENDAR' and 'TRANSITION" number assortments RS
HNM-5 pre 1954 Ball keystone names, numbers & Ball keystones RS
HPS-5 Passenger Cars pre 1952 "Pennsylvania", "Pullman" and striping, bronze gold RS
HPS-6 Post War Light Weight Pass Car Names RS
HPS-8 Pre War Light Weight Pass Car Names RS
HSG-1 PRR Crossing, Building & Bridge Signs & Bridge Lettering RS
HST-1 Steam Locos Passenger Service-Futura Lettering classes K4, E6, G5 etc.. RS
HSY-1  PRR boxcar symbols TO
PRR-01 Miscellaneous freight cars (ball keystone) JB
PRR-02 Miscellaneous freight cars (black roman lettering) JB
PRR-03 Hoppers and Gondolas (ball keystone) JB
PRR-04 Hoppers and Gondolas (black lettering) JB
PRR-05 Boxcars (ball keystone) JB
PRR-06 Boxcars and Hoppers (ball keystone) JB
PRR-07 Hoppers (Black keystone) JB
PRR-?? Boxcars (Shadow Keystone) JB
Mail: Tom Stolte-Oddballs Decals, 26550 227th St. McLouth, Kansas 66054
Decals available in both HO & N scales
160-XXX is N scale part #, 187-XXX is HO scale part #
202 PRR 40' outside brace (X26) Circle Keystone (1934-1950) TO
203 PRR 50' boxcar X32 Shadow Keystone (1958)  TO
204 PRR 40' boxcar X48 Shadow Keystone (1955)  TO
205 PRR 40' boxcar X29 Merchandise Service (1952) TO
206 PRR 70t 4-bay hopper H21 Circle Keystone (1932-1956) TO
207 PRR 100t PS2CD cov hopper H46 Plain Keystone(1965) TO
208 PRR 40' steel boxcar X29 Circle Keystone (1930)  TO
80-9509 PRR MofW TO
Mail: PO Box 4231, Metuchen, NJ 08840 
Phone: (908) 494-2932
PRR-1 PRR Radio Equipped Emblem (4/set) RS
NOTE: As a reult of several e-mail comments & complaints I'm including this disclaimer about their decal offerings. "Buyer Beware." Many of their decals are of lower quality than those of other companies listed here.
77001 Combination Freight-Steam Era-White RS
77060 Caboose-Keystone Herald-White RS
77100  PRR 40' PRR railway express boxcar TO
77110 60' Box "Merchandise Service- silver,red RS
77120 40' Box Shadow Keystone herald RS
77130  PRR 40' GAEX lease boxcar TO
77140  PRR 40' large late herald boxcar TO
77150 PRR X26 USRA boxcar RS
77170  PRR 50' single door Cushioned Car TO
77171 PRR 86' boxcar Plain Keystone RS
7717A PRR 86' boxcar red 4-door car TO
7717B  PRR 86' boxcar red 8-door car TO
77331 Open Hopper, Circle Keystone RS
77400  PRR 70t 1-bay airslide w/ GACX herald TO
77401 Covered Hopper Center Flow- Black RS
77600 Passenger Car Steam Era- gold RS
77610 Passenger Car Modern- dulux RS
77700 Steam Loco-gold RS
77710 Steam Loco-dulux RS
77730 Streamline Steam Loco-gold RS
77750 Diesel Switchers & Geeps-gold RS
77760 EMD Yard switcher-dulux RS
77770 GP30/35 modern scheme RS
77800 Streamline cars "Broadway"-gold RS
77810 Streamline cars "Trail Blazer"-gold RS
77860 Streamline "Congressional Limited"-gold RS
77870 Streamlined "Broadway"-gold RS
77880  PRR early piggyback 1954 TO
77881  PRR early piggyback Truck Train TO
77900 EMD #9200 series single stripe RS
77910 EMD Freight Diesel 5 stripe???-dulux RS
77920 EMD #5150 series also Baldwin Sharks-gold RS
77925 Alco Passenger Diesel-dulux RS
77940 GG1-5 stripe 1934-gold RS
77944 GG1-Single Stripe-Dulux RS
WESTERFIELD (decals that are available seperately) 
Mail: 53 River Lane, Crossville, TN 38555 
Phone: 615-484-7233, Fax: 615-456-4122 
D1201 G22 reblt/G22A/G22B gondola, PRR RS
D1290 HB1a LCL container (enough for a carload) RS
D1300 XL Box Car, Pennsylvania RS
D1301 XL Box Car PRR Empire Line, 1902-1915 RS
D1302 XL Box Car PRR Union Line, 1902-1915 RS
D1351 XL Box Car PRR modernized, Pennsylvania, PL RS
D1305 XL Box Car PRR American Railway (Adams) Express RS
D2301 GL hopper car, Pennsylvania RS
D2351 GLc hopper car, Pennsylvania RS
D2751 RF Reefer, modernized, Pennsylvania RS
D2752 RF Reefer, modernized, PRR Am. Rwy (Adams) Express RS
D2754 XM ventilated box car, PRR RS
D3201Rs H21A hopper car, orig, PRR RS
D3251 H21A hopper car, modernized, PRR RS
D3306 USRA SS box car, Pennsylvania RS
D5701 GLa hopper car, PRR RS
D6101 X25 box car, Pennsylvania RS
I received an e-mail that John no longer has any PRR decals available.
Mail: John W. Hall, 2711 Pecksniff Road North, Wilmington, DE 19808-2177
221 PRR Gondola/Flat Car 1930-1954; G22B, GSd, GL, GR, FM, FN, F30 RS
223 PRR Hopper/Cvd Hopper 1930-1954; GLa, H31b/c, H21, H30/a, H32, H33 RS
224 PRR Hopper Car 1954-1961; Gla, H21, H31, H25, H39 RS
225 PRR Cvd Hopper Car 1954-1961; H30, H32, H33, H34 RS
227 PRR 50' Box car 1954-1960; X41, X44, X45, X47, X50, X51 RS
228 PRR 40' Box car 1954-1960; X29, X37, X43, X48 RS
Note: Herald King has gone out of business!
Mail: Miller Advertising, PO Box 1133, Bettendorf, IA 52722 
Phone: (319) 355-8860
B1800 PRR 50' boxcar 1965  RS
G1800 PRR bcr gondola '67  RS
H1800 PRR blk open hop'66  RS
R1800  PRR 40' reefer 1960  RS
H1801 PRR tus open hop'58  RS
Mail: Microscale Industries, 1570 Sunland Lane, Costa Mesa, California 92626 
Phone: (714) 434-9607 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday PST 
Note: Change prefix to 60- for N scale (some similar sets in O, S & G scales also available, see their web site.)
87-21  PRR diesel, hoods w/ keystones, 1937-1968  TO
87-38  mix PRR/D&H/SSW/L&N/CP boxcars TO
87-66  PRR steam locomotives, Gold lettering, 1910-1948  TO
87-1166  PRR steam locomotives, Dulux lettering, 1948-1960  TO
87-39  PRR diesel/electrics, cabs/hoods, 5 stripe, Dulux lettering, 1947-1955 TO
87-67  PRR diesel/electrics, cab units, single stripe, Dulux, 1955-1968  TO
87-677  PRR diesel/electrics, cab units, 5 stripe, Gold Leaf, 1939-1955 TO
87-810  PRR diesels, E units, single stripe, Dulux, 1953-1968  TO
87-108  PRR Passenger cars, California Zepher, 1949-1970 RS
87-891  PRR passenger cars, Tuscan red, 1947-1968  TO
87-892  PRR tuscan red pass stripes 1947+  TO
87-893  PRR passenger cars, Lightweight, Tuscan red, car names, 1949-1968  TO
87-894  PRR passenger cars, Heavyweight, Tuscan red, car names, 1945-1968  TO
87-1141  PRR passenger cars, Heavyweight, Tuscan Red, 1912-1945  RS
87-1142  PRR passenger cars, Heavyweight, Tuscan red, stripes, 1912-35  RS
87-1143  PRR passenger cars, Heavyweight, Tuscan Red, car names, 1912-1945  RS
87-972  PRR Box Cars Merchandise Service, 1939-1968 RS
87-1200 PRR Box cars, 40’, X26a, X26c, X28a, X29, X29a, X29b, SK, 1954-1960 RS
87-1201 PRR Box cars, 40’, X29d, X31a, X37, X37a, X37b, X43a, SK, 1954-1960 RS
87-1210 PRR Cabin cars, CK, SK, PK, 1927-1968 RS

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Contributors: (initials in right hand column) TO=Tim O'Conner, GK=Greg Komar, JB=Judd Barton, CM=Chris Moren, RS=Rob Schoenberg-(me)

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