PRR Class H39 hoppers

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Some stats:

Capacity box2,6032,603
Capacity Heap325325
# Panels1414
Side Typegirdergirdergirder
# bays33
Inside Length39' 10"39' 10"
Length Over Sills40' 11-1/2"40' 11-1/2"
Truck Centers31' 0"31' 0"
Inside Width9' 9-1/2"9' 9-1/2"
Extreme Width10' 6-5/8"10' 6-5/8"
Height11' 0"11' 0"

Types of trucks used

ClassCarNumbersTruck ClassTruck NameQty cars:
H39  2E-F22fA.S.F. Ride control type A-3  
Truck data is from PRR documents circa 1940's. Other truck classes may also have been used.

Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

ClassCarNumberAAR ClassPRR Oct 44PRR Oct 48PRR Apr 52PRR Oct 53PRR Oct 58PRR Oct 63PRR Apr 68
Roster data compiled by Rich Orr

Modeling Information:

H39N3276190 ton hopper - pennsylvaniaRTR plastic w/ molded grabs-
H39HO1020070T 12P Hopper Undecoratedplastic w/ molded on details-
H39HO1022370T 12P Hopper Pennsylvania #671632plastic w/ molded on details-
H39HO1027570T 12P Hopper Peaked Undecoratedplastic w/ molded on details-
H39HO1027670T 12P Hopper Peaked PRR #274001plastic w/ molded on details-

Photos online:

Report MarkClassDescriptionLocationDatePhotographer
PRR 671813H393 bay hopperAberdeen, MD6/78Dick Leonhardt (from George Elwood's site)
PRR 668581H393 bay hopperKenton, OH1987©Ray Thibaut
PRR 674880H39Train was westboundConway, PA.6/21/1977Ed Martin (Kodachrome 64)
PRR 474320H39-Leesport, PA5/1988John Caples

Photos in print:

ClassPublicationPageCar NoSchemeLocationDateComments
H39Cars of the Pennsy53PRR 667200SK2a--2243-C
H39Keystone Vol 7, #37PRR 667200PK-1960-
H39PC Color Guide70PC 445129PCReading, PA5/23/94nee PRR 6?????
H39PRR Color Guide Vol 161PRR 673467SK2a-6/70-
H39PRR Color Guide Vol 162PRR 274001SK2a-10/77-
H39PRR Color Guide Vol 269PRR 666362SK2b-4/67-
H39PRR Color Guide Vol 269PRR 668070SK2a-3/83-
H39PRR Color Guide Vol 269PRR 671772SK2a-11/74-
H39PRR Color Guide Vol 375PRR 674531SK2Philadelphia, PA8/19/1959End view
H39PRR Steel Open Hoppers104PRR 671331SK2Columbus, OH11/11/59-
H39PRR Steel Open Hoppers105PRR 667181SK2}9/77-Ypsilanti, MI-
H39PRR Steel Open Hoppers105PRR 672740SK2NY--
H39PRR Steel Open Hoppers106CR 442168CRBaltimore, MD5/89-
H39PRR Steel Open Hoppers106PRR 665532PKPaulsboro, NJ12/78freight car color
H39PRR Steel Open Hoppers107PRR 670654-Altoona, PA5/81interior view
H39PRR Steel Open Hoppers107PRR 6727?4SK2Little Creek, VA8/92poor paint
H39aPRR Color Guide Vol 162PRR 274002PK-12/72-
H39aPRR Color Guide Vol 162PRR 278410PK-3/63-
H39aPRR Color Guide Vol 270PRR 276061SK2b-2/62-
H39aPRR Color Guide Vol 270PRR 277299---INSULATED
H39aPRR Color Guide Vol 375PRR 276423SK2---
H39aPRR Color Guide Vol 376PRR 277172PK---
H39aPRR Steel Open Hoppers108PRR 277790PKFrankfort, IN4/26/76-
H39bPC Color Guide71PC 452610PCYoungwood, PA7/10/81nee PRR 2?????

Equipment Diagrams online:

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Plans and diagrams in print:

Applicable ClassesTypePublicationPageDescriptionTracing Number
H39PlanRail Model Craftsman-7/8665No 667200
H39,H39aArrangement of LetteringPRR Compendium Vol 185Plain key w/ "Pennsylvania" - H39 shown
H39,H39aArrangement of LetteringPRR Compendium Vol 189Plain Key - H39a shown

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