Lectures for Supervisory Forces
Pennsylvania Railroad System, Eastern Region, 1923-1924

Discipline and Morale.
by Sherman Rogers, Industrial Correspondent, The Outlook.

Development of the Port of New York
by Majoe Elihu Church, Engineer of Transportation of The Port Authority of New York.

Man Building
by Rev. Dr. J. E. Skillington, Altoona, Pa.

"Playing the Game"
by Dr. A. B. Van Ormer, Professor of Philosophy, Juniata College.

Industry and its Relation to Railroads.
by Major W. A. Garrett, Transportation Manager, Baldwin Locomotive Works.

Adequate Transportation.
by J. W. Roberts, General Superintendent Transportation, Eastern Region, Pennsylvania Railroad System.

New Wine in New Bottles.
by Dr. Samuel W. Grafflin, Industrial Secretary, West Side Y. M. C. A., New York City.

The Supply Department of the Railroad
by C. D. Young, General Supervisor of Stores.

The Railroad Supervisor and the Public
by Dr. Frank Aydelotte, President of Swarthmore College.

Where the Railroad Dollars Come and Go
by A. J. County, Vice-President, in charge of Accounting, Pennsylvania Railroad System, December 18th, 1923.

Sincerity as a Polict
by General W. W. Atterbury, Vice-President, in charge of Operation, Pennsylvania Railroad System.

Modern Signalling, Chief Signal Engineer, Pennsylvania Railroad System.
by A. H. Rudd

by W. M. Wardrop, General Superintendent, Southern Division.

Railroad Operating Ratio
by Wm. Elmer, Superintendent, Middle Division.

Service to the Public
by George D. Odgen, Traffic Manager, Eastern Region.

Sincerity as a Policy
by H. A. Enochs, Superintendant, Wage Bureau, Eastern Region

The Part of Personality in Supervision
by Charles Woodward, President, Woodward & Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

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