PRR Signal Standard Plans

Here is a partial list of PRR standard plans relating to signaling. Plans that I have copies of have the revision code for the revision that is online. Plans that I don't have copies of have "needed" as the revision. If you have a copy of any needed plans or better quality copies of plans I have online, please let me know!

Plans numbered from 100-599 describe physical parts of the signaling system.
Plans in the 600 series plans are keys to reading other plans and interlocking diagrams
Plans in the 800 series plans document the electrical operation of the signaling system.

Thank you to Pat McKinney for loaning me his standards book to scan! Also thank you to Robert Fredland for photocopying his 8xx series plan book and C.E. 234!

A related documents is: C.E. 234-b, "Specifications for Signal and Interlocking Systems" which refers to and has links to many of these plans.

Note that some of these plan files are fairly large and may take a while to download.

Note that these files require Adobe's Acrobat Reader. It's free, just go to to download it.

Sorted ascending by Title

Plan #RevisionTitleRev dateRailroadC of

S-811_110 Volt A.C. Power Supply for Interlockings3/22/1937PRRRF
263-S424 hole one end insulated rail joint type "w" for P.S. rail section 1/30/1913PRRRS
250-S104 lb. Gravity battery zinc 8/30/1910PRRRS
263-S216 hole one end insulated rail joint type "w" for P.S. rail section- (drilled 4, 5 &6in. per plans 59464 & 59468) 1/31/1913PRRRS
263-S316 hole one end insulated rail joint type "w" for P.S. rail section- (drilled 5, 4-1/2 &6in. per plans 59472 & 59476) 1/31/1913PRRRS
S-550AAnchor and Boxes for Air Line2/7/1923PRRSPM
S-816_Application of Centrifugal Track Relays on Double Rail Track Circuit5/18/1950PRRRF
S-865_Approach Lighting Circuits5/11/1937PRRRF
SK-1082-Approach Sign indicating Railroad Ahead7/21/1919PRRRS
S-805_Arrangement for Lighting Position Light Signals when Normal Power Fails7/14/1952PRRRF
S-229CArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover 12/30/1932PRRPM
S-230CArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover Protected by Signal12/30/1932PRRPM
S-234AArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover Protected by Signal9/11/1924PRRSPM
S-231CArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover Protected by Signal12/30/1932PRRPM
S-235AArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover Protected by Signal9/11/1924PRRSPM
S-231BArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover Protected by Signal 11/26/1926PRRRS
S-229BArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover Protected by Signal 10/9/1926PRRRS
S-230BArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover Protected by Signal 11/26/1926PRRRS
S-228AArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Crossover Protected by Signal 2/20/1922PSRS
S-232BArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Turnout Protected by Signal 11/9/1926PRRRS
S-233BArrangement for Locking Non-Interlocked Turnout Protected By Signal10/9/1925PRRPM
S-433AArrangement of Decking Railing and Conduit on Signal Bridges5/22/1928PRRPM
S-858_Arrangement of Terminals in Terminal Box of Position Light Signals1/26/1959PRRRF
S-432AArrangement of decking, railing and conduit on signal bridges5/22/1928PRRRS
S-431AArrangement of decking, railing and conduit on signal cantilevers12/15/1927PRRRS
310-S22Arrangement of mechanical ground slots4/11/1917PRRRS
310-S11Arrangement of mechanical ground slots4/12/1917PRRRS
253-S24Arrangement of non-interlocked crossover protected by switch target 4/13/1917PRRRS
253-S14Arrangement of non-interlocked crossover protected by switch target 4/13/1917PRRRS
253-S35Arrangement of non-interlocked crossover protected by switch target 4/13/1917PRRRS
254-S12Arrangement of non-interlocked crossover protected by switch target- details 6/7/1917PRRRS
241-S31Aspects of signals outside automatic signal limits 2/24/1914PRRRS
241-S41Aspects of signals within automatic signal limits 2/24/1914PRRRS
S-555DAtmospheric Aftercooler and Drip Feed9/15/1937PRRPM
S-555BAtmospheric Aftercooler and Drip Feed6/20/1927PRRPM
300-S3-Automatic block signal6/28/1918PRRRS
300-S2-Automatic block signal6/28/1918PRRRS
S-510BBattery Box6/10/1936PRRPM
266-S11Battery Chutes2/26/1918PRRRS
S-509BBattery Well6/12/1936PSPM
S-508ABattery Well3/6/1922PSPM
S-511ABattery boxes6/23/1924PRRSPM
S-510ABattery boxes3/6/1922PSRS
S-509ABattery well and box9/2/1921PSPM
S-500BBattery, caustic soda primary8/31/1927PSRS
S-153ABearings and parts- Rocker Shaft 9/2/1921PSPM
S-485ABlade Grip Parts for semaphore signals9/29/1920PSRS
S-484CBlades for Semaphore Signals6/2/1924PRRSPM
S-484DBlades for Semaphore Signals5/9/1949PRRPM
S-464CBlock-Limit Signal and Approach Block-Limit Sign6/18/1943PRRPM
S-464GBlock-Limit Signal and Approach Block-Limit Signal4/23/1948PRRPM
S-522BBlocking Devices for Interlocking Machine Levers9/22/1922PSPM
S-522FBlocking Devices for Interlocking Machine Levers1/10/1935PRRPM
S-522CBlocking Devices for Interlocking Machine Levers7/6/1928PRRPM
S-803_Bonding and Insulation of Switches12/29/1948PRRRF
303-S1-Bracket post12/29/1915PRRRS
S-546CCable Marker for Underground Cables4/14/1948PRRPM
S-534DCable Post and Instrument Cases3/14/1928PRRRS
249-S12Caustic soda primary battery 1/5/1914PRRRS
S-175AChannel Pins 4/26/1921PSRS
S-845_Circuits for Absolute Permissive Block Signal System8/10/1931PRRRF
S-835_Circuits for Automatic Gauntlet Signals10/1/1935PRRRF
S-860_Circuits for Automatic Highway Crossing Signals and Gates7/14/1952PRRRF
S-844_Circuits for Automatic Interlocking at Railroad Grade Crossings11/4/1948PRRRF
S-873_Circuits for Check Locking Between Adjacent Interlocking Stations with Panel Type Blocking Device1/24/1947PRRRF
S-831_Circuits for Color Light Scale Signals, Flag Station Signal & Distant Switch Indicator7/14/1952PRRRF
S-879_Circuits for Dragging Equipment Detectors6/10/1959PRRRF
S-823_Circuits for Electric Switches3/1/1937PRRRF
S-821_Circuits for Electro-Mechanical Switches5/7/1924PRRRF
S-822_Circuits for Electro-Pneumatic Switches5/24/1950PRRRF
S-859_Circuits for Interlocking Operated Part Time11/30/1935PRRRF
S-820_Circuits for Lever Repeating Relays5/12/1931PRRRF
S-857_Circuits for Position Light Automatic Signals10/10/1932PRRRF
S-826_Circuits for Remote Control of Outlaying Switch5/23/1932PRRRF
S-889_Code Change Point Approaching Home Interlocking Sig's.5/18/1950PRRRF
S-888_Coded Crcuits Superimposed on D.C.Track Circuits4/26/1928PRRRF
S-883_Coded Track Circuits Approaching Distant Interlocking Signals3/26/2027PRRRF
S-893_Coded Track Circuits Approaching Distant Interlocking Signals - Universal Code3/6/1937PRRRF
S-897_Coded Track Circuits Approaching Home Interlocking Signal - Universal Code6/30/1935PRRRF
S-881_Coded Track Circuits for Interlockings7/31/1943PRRRF
S-884_Coded Track Circuits in Automatic Territory9/2/1936PRRRF
S-894_Coded Track Circuits in Automatic Territory - Universal Code3/6/1937PRRRF
S-887_Coded Track Citcuits Approaching Home Interlocking Signal1/17/1944PRRRF
205-S2_Compensation Tables, With Typical Layouts7/10/1917PRRRS
S-806_Contact Arrangement of Alternating Current Relays6/7/1926PRRRF
S-847_Control Circuits for 110 V.A.C. "T2" Motor Signals12/14/1926PRRRF
S-853_Control Circuits for Clear Control of Distant Signals2/21/1933PRRRF
S-871_Control Circuits for Controlled Manual Block12/30/1926PRRRF
S-812_Control Circuits for D.C. Slow Acting Relays8/3/1928PRRRF
S-872_Control Circuits for Electric Switch Locks on Non-Interlocked Switches11/3/1942PRRRF
S-830_Control Circuits for Flashing Light Train Order Signal4/25/1950PRRRF
S-862_Control Circuits for Interlocking Signals8/27/1953PRRRF
SK-862AControl Circuits for Interlocking Signals5/6/1954PRRRF
S-867_Control Circuits for Position Light Dwarf Signals9/30/1927PRRRF
S-827_Control Circuits for Remote Control of Manual Block Signal12/21/1933PRRRF
S-841_Control Circuits for Torpedo Placing Machine1/28/1936PRRRF
S-861_Control Circuits for Track Indicating Relays2/25/1953PRRRF
S-486BCover Glasses and Lenses for Position and other Light Signals3/6/1924PSPM
S-486CCover Glasses and Lenses for Position and other Light Signals2/27/1929PRRPM
S-486DCover Glasses and Lenses for Position and other Light Signals2/5/1934PRRPM
S-107ACrank and Stands, One and Two Way Vertical6/8/1920PSPM
S-100BCranks and Stand, One Way Horizontal1/19/1928PRRPM
S-101BCranks and Stand, Two Way Horizontal1/19/1928PRRPM
S-804_D.C. Neutral Track Circuits USing Style DN-22BH Relays2/9/1959PRRRF
309-S1-Decking and Hand Railings for Signal Bridges5/29/1919PRRRS
S-160ADeflecting Bars and Stand-Horizontal adjustable 6/4/1920PSPM
207-S40Deflector bar Driving Piece 1/5/1910PRRRS
S-802_Designation of Instruments and Apparatus Indicated on Signal Circuit Plans10/3/1949PRRRF
210-S31Details of front & Lock Rods 9/14/1909PRRRS
210-S62Details of front & Lock Rods 11/10/1917PRRRS
210-S52Details of front & Lock Rods 10/26/1917PRRRS
266-S2-Details of battery chutes1/8/1917PRRRS
301-S32Details of signal masts and parts7/1/1918PRRRS
301-S41Details of signal masts and parts5/10/1915PRRRS
301-S50Details of signal masts and parts6/22/1915PRRRS
301-S60Details of signal masts and parts4/14/1915PRRRS
301-S7-Details of signal masts and parts4/14/1915PRRRS
301-S92Details of signal masts and parts12/28/1918PRRRS
301-S13Details of signal masts and parts5/10/1915PRRRS
301-S21Details of signal masts and parts5/10/1915PRRRS
2-S-Diagrams showing standard methods of signaling at interlockings10/28/1903PRRRS

S-800neededDimensions of Signal Circuit Plans1/1/1900--
10-S-Distant Switch Signal Layout Operated by No. 11 Switch & Lock Movement1/25/1905PRRRS
S-470ADistant switch indicator2/25/1929PRRPM
S-150BDown Rod for Electro-Mechanical Interlocking Machines 3/15/1926PRRPM
S-241JDragging Equipment Detector6/5/1942PRRPM
S-241FDragging Equipment Detector3/4/1939PRRPM
S-241KDragging Equipment Detector, Parts and Details8/20/1947PRRPM
S-840_Draw Bridge Circuits3/8/1928PRRRF
S-372DDrawbridge Locking for Center Pivot Draw12/30/1948PRRPM
S-371ADrawbridge Locking for Center Pivot Draw5/23/1932PRRPM
S-375ADrawbridge Locking for Lift Draw11/28/1927PRRRS
S-375BDrawbridge Locking for Lift Draw5/6/1935PRRPM
S-265ADuplex switch lock 8/2/1920PSPM
S-481AElectric Lamp Parts9/7/1926PRRPM
S-478CElectric Lamp for semaphore signals9/7/1926PRRPM
S-250AElectric Switch Heaters, Active Element 24 feet or less in Length, A.C. Operation12/19/1950PRRPM
S-131AExpansion Joint Parts 6/30/1921PSRS
S-130BExpansion Joint and Flange Union 8/2/1922PSPM
S-528CEyelets and tags3/14/1927PRRRS
S-528KEyelets, Tags & Connectors7/31/1952PRRPM
S-528JEyelets, Tags & Connectors5/17/1950PRRPM
248-S12Fibre Tags for wire numbering 11/13/1919PRRRS
230-S2-Flag station and permissive Signal lamp 2/11/1918PRRRS
279-S1-Flag station light signal2/6/1920PRRRS
244-S12Flag station signal 2/6/1920PRRRS
244-S23Flag station signal 2/6/1920PRRRS
242-S11Flange Union10/13/1910PRRRS
S-116CFoundation for Compensators and Cranks 11/23/1927PRRRS
S-110CFoundation, Cast Iron for Instrument Cases4/11/1951PRRPM
S-110BFoundation, Cast Iron for Instrument Cases4/10/1947PRRPM
S-109AFoundation, Precast Concrete for Instrument Cases4/30/1947PRRPM
S-109BFoundation, Precast Concrete for Instrument Cases4/10/1951PRRPM
1-S-Foundations and Formers for Compensators, Pipe-Carriers, Cranks and Wheels 1/15/19041/15/1904PRRRS
S-116DFoundations for Compensators and Cranks7/11/1934PRRPM
311-S1-Foundations for Ground Signal Masts4/7/1916PRRRS
S-115BFoundations for Pipe Carriers and Instrument Cases 7/27/1927PRRRS
S-114DFoundations, Air Line4/24/1943PRRPM
S-111CFoundations, Angle Iron for Instrument Cases4/9/1951PRRPM
S-111BFoundations, Angle Iron for Instrument Cases2/24/1947PRRPM
S-115CFoundations, Pipe Carriers and Instrument Cases7/11/1934PRRPM
S-498AFoundations, Precast Concrete9/14/1948PRRPM
S-498BFoundations, Precast Concrete3/9/1953PRRPM
S-496CFoundations, Precast Concrete, for Position Light Signals4/29/1943PRRPM
S-496DFoundations, Precast Concrete, for Position Light Signals6/26/1944PRRPM
S-497CFoundations, for Position Light Signals and Instrument Cases1/26/1927PRRPM
S-497EFoundations, for Position Light Signals and Instrument Cases7/20/1934PRRPM
208-S71Four hole insulating Rail Joint, Type "k" for P.S. Rail Section (drilled 5-1/2 & 7-1/4 & 6 in. per plan 59480) 6/29/1909PRRRS
274-S1-Four hole "Continuous" insulating rail joint-for 125 lbs. and 130 lbs. P.S. rails9/24/1917PRRRS
265-S2-Four hole "Troy" insulating rail joint-for 100 lbs., 125 lbs. and 130 lbs. P. S. rails9/28/1917PRRRS
218-S8-Four hole insulating Rail Joint type W1 for 85 lb. P.S. Rails 3/1/1918PRRRS
208-S42Four hole insulating Rail Joint, Type "k" for P. R.. R. Rail Section 9/28/1913PRRRS
208-S51Four hole insulating Rail Joint, Type "k" for P.S. Rail Section (drilled 4,5 & 6 in. per plan 59464 & 59468 6/29/1909PRRRS
208-S61Four hole insulating Rail Joint, Type "k" for P.S. Rail Section (drilled 5, 4-1/2 & 6 in. per plan 59472 & 59476) 6/29/1909PRRRS
275-S1-Four hole insulating rail joint type "B"-for 100 lbs., 125 lbs. and 130 lbs. P. S. rails3/11/1918PRRRS
210-S43Front & Lock Rods 2/19/1920PRRRS
S-321HFront Rod Parts3/6/1936PRRPM
S-325CFront Rod Parts for Movable Point Switches2/20/1935PRRPM
S-323HFront Rod Parts for Slip Switches 100LB. P.S. and 130 LB. P.S. Rail8/27/1935PRRPM
S-324AFront Rod Parts for Slip Switches 131LB. R.E. and 152LB. P.S. Rail7/10/1935PRRPM
S-308AFront and Lock Rods7/11/1923PRRSRS
210-S13Front and Lock Rods 9/28/1918PRRRS
210-S2_Front and Lock Rods 9/28/1918PRRRS
S-309BFront and Lock Rods for M. P. Frogs4/3/1924PRRSRS
S-309CFront and Lock Rods for Movable Point Frogs 100 LB. P.S. and 130 LB. P.S. Rail3/23/1935PRRPM
S-310AFront and Lock Rods for Movable Point Frogs 131 LB. R.E. and 152 LB. P.S. Rail3/30/1935PRRPM
S-305GFront and Lock Rods for Single Switches10/11/1932PRRPM
S-308BFront and Lock Rods for Slip Switches 100 LB. P.S. and 130 LB. P.S. Rail8/17/1935PRRPM
S-307AFront and Lock Rods for Slip Switches 131 LB. R.E. and 152 LB. P.S. Rail8/12/1935PRRPM
S-305FFront and lock rods for single switches3/30/1929PRRRS
S-305EFront and lock rods for single switches6/27/1927PRRRS
S-321FFront lock rods3/23/1929PRRRS
S-321EFront rod parts8/6/1925PRRRS
S-325BFront rod parts for M. P. frogs4/3/1924PRRSRS
S-323CFront rod parts for slip switches9/18/1925PRRSRS
217-S11Gauge of distance between magnet Core & armature of electro- pneumatic switch and signal magnets 7/29/1909PRRRS
7-S-General Arrangement of Route Signal for Ground Post10/3/1903PRRRS
S-810_Ground Detector Wiring Diagram5/8/1948PRRRF
S-851_Home Signal Control Circuits Between Machine and Signals8/10/1932PRRRF
S-483EIncandescent Electric Lamps12/4/1945PRRPM
S-483CIncandescent Electric Lamps11/8/1926PRRPM
S-483XBIncandescent Electric Lamps Not shown on Standard Plan S-483 Temporarily Approved for use in Signal Service 7/9/1923PRRRS
S-483XAIncandescent Electric Lamps Not shown on Standard Plan S-483 Temporarily Approved for use in Signal Service 4/12/1923PRRRS
IDX_Index, Standard Signal Material Plans and Specifications10/1/1923PRRRS
RightLine_Instructions and Specifications for right-line Signal Plans 1/1/1915PRRRS
S-535AInstrument Case3/14/1928PRRRS
S-530FInstrument Case1/23/1933PRRPM

S-117neededInstrument Case1/1/1900--
S-533EInstrument Case3/14/1928PRRRS
S-531EInstrument Case1/10/1928PRRRS
S-530EInstrument Case1/10/1928PRRPM
S-531CInstrument Case4/12/1924PSPM
S-532EInstrument Cases1/10/1928PRRRS
S-532FInstrument Cases4/16/1929PRRRS
S-532GInstrument Cases7/6/1934PRRPM
S-530HInstrument Cases3/4/1946PRRPM
S-408BInstrument Cases and Bases for Signal Masts9/21/1927PRRPM
S-538EInstrument Houses, Steel Insulated4/28/1948PRRPM
S-540CInstrument Racks for Interlocking Stations1/13/1938PRRPM
208-S8_Insulating Rail Joint- Type "k" for 100 lbs., 125lbs. & 130lbs. P.S. Rail 9/1/1918PRRRS
265-S1-Insulating Rail Joint-Type "W. D. A." for 100 lbs., 125 lbs. & 130 lbs. Rails5/15/1916PRRRS
S-118AJaw Parts 6/4/1920PSRS
S-121AJaws and Lugs 8/2/1920PSRS
206-S1_Jaws, Adjusting Screws and Links 4/26/1917PRRRS
S-121BJaws, Lugs, and Links12/30/1948PRRPM
S-121CJaws, Lugs, and Links4/17/1951PRRPM
S-403BLadder Parts for Position Light Signals2/17/1927PRRPM
S-407ALadder and Masts for Position Light Signals12/6/1926PRRPM
S-404BLadders for Position Light Signals2/17/1927PRRPM
S-482BLamp Details for Oil Lighted Switch and Signal Lamps1/7/1926PRRPM
S-482CLamp Details for Oil Lighted Switch and Signal Lamps6/23/1937PRRPM
S-480CLamp for Flag Station and Unattended Block Station Signals7/25/1924PRRSPM
S-477BLamp, Oil Lighted Signal10/12/1923PRRSPM
S-462ALayout for Automatic Highway Crossing Gates9/30/1947PRRPM
S-176BLayout for Type AZ Impedance Bonds5/31/1938PRRPM
S-176CLayout for Type AZ Impedance Bonds4/25/1942PRRPM
S-177BLayout for Type AZ Impedance Bonds (for Trial Installations)8/10/1942PRRPM
305-S1-Layout of facing point switch controlling mechanical distant switch4/11/1917PRRRS
S-222ALayout, 45 ft. Split Switch, Electo-Pneumatic or Mechanical Operation9/30/1946PRRPM
S-202BLayout, Double Slip Switch Type "Q" Mechanism12/3/1926PRRSPM
S-203ALayout, M.P. Frogs Type "G" Mechanism5/12/1924PRRSPM
S-213ALayout, M.P. Frogs, Type "A1" Mechanism11/22/1927PRRPM
S-210BLayout, Single Switch Type, "A-1" Mechanism 10/28/1926PRRRS
S-217ALayout, Single Switch, Style "M" Mechanism7/5/1927PRRPM
S-216BLayout, Single Switch, Style "M-2" & "M-20" Mechanisms5/7/1929PRRPM
S-210FLayout, Single Switch, Type "A-5" Mechanism7/20/1934PRRPM
S-200CLayout, Single Switch, Type "G" Mechanism2/16/1926PRRPM
S-201CLayout, Single Switch, Type "G" Mechanism4/16/1926PRRPM
S-201BLayout, Single Switch, Type "G" Mechanism10/18/1922PSRS
S-211BLayout, Single Switch,Type "A-1" Mechanism10/28/1926PRRPM
S-214ALayout, Slip Switch, "A1" Mechanism with Cylinder11/22/1927PRRPM
S-212ALayout, Slip Switch,"A1" Mechanism without Cylinder11/22/1927PRRPM
S-207ALayouts for Derails, Type "A1" Mechanism6/8/1923PRRSPM
S-206ALayouts for Derails, Type "G" Mechanism5/31/1922PSPM
3-S-Lead out Shafts, Bearings & Up & Down Rods for S. & F. Interlocking Machine 3/30/19059/11/1907PRRRS
S-170ALeadout Foundation parts- for Rocker Shaft Leadout 4/29/1921PSPM
S-167ALeadout foundation Rocker Shaft 4/29/1921PSPM
S-237CLever and Stand10/25/1946PRRPM
S-236CLever and Stand 12/15/1926PRRPM
S-866_Lighting Circuits for Lamps on Crossing Gates4/10/1944PRRRF
S-856_Lighting Circuits for Position Light Distant Signals3/12/1933PRRRF
S-855_Lighting Circuits for Position Light Home Interlocking and Block Signals1/12/1959PRRRF
S-813_Lightning Protection for Signal Circuits in Steam Territory8/7/1947PRRRF
S-864_Local Circuits for Motor Distant Signals5/19/1927PRRRF
S-863_Local Circuits for Motor Interlocking & Block Signals5/19/1927PRRRF
S-311ELock Rods7/5/1927PRRRS
S-311FLock Rods3/20/1929PRRPM
S-311GLock Rods5/10/1945PRRPM
S-311DLock Rods2/23/1926PRRRS
SK-12BLocking and Sealing Device for Electric Lock11/17/1924PRRSPM
S-548ALocking and Sealing Devices6/20/1927PRRPM
S-232CLocking for Non-Interlocked Turnouts Equipped with Derail1/25/1950PRRPM
S-545EMarker for Grade Signal8/23/1927PRRRS
S-545GMarkers for Grade Signal and Spring Switch7/8/1942PRRPM
S-545FMarkers for Switches and Signals7/31/1935PRRPM
200-S11Mechanical Interlocking Machine 8/21/1917PRRRS
200-S30Mechanical Interlocking Machine 8/17/1909PRRRS
200-S40Mechanical Interlocking Machine 8/17/1909PRRRS
200-S20Mechanical Interlocking Machine 8/17/1909PRRRS
271-S1-Mechanical dwarf signal6/17/1915PRRRS
228-S1-Mechanical switch layout application to two Single switches 5 ft. to 10 ft. between points 8/26/1917PRRRS
228-S2-Mechanical switch layout application to two single switches 9/18/1917PRRRS
233-S1-Mechanical switch layout- application to M. P. frogs 1/28/1918PRRRS
243-S30Mechanical switch layout- application of type "G" S. & L. movement 3/18/1919PRRRS
231-S1-Mechanical switch layout- application to Single slips and M. P. frogs 1/22/1919PRRRS
232-S1-Mechanical switch layout- application to Single slips and M. P. frogs 2/27/1919PRRRS
224-S1-Mechanical switch layout- application to single switch 3/7/1917PRRRS
224-S2-Mechanical switch layout- application to single switch 3/26/1917PRRRS
225-S1-Mechanical switch layout- application to single switch 5/9/1917PRRRS
226-S10Mechanical switch layout- application to two single switches 7/10/1917PRRRS
207-S31Mechanically operated deflector Bar 1/3/1910PRRRS
305-S2-Mechanism for operating mechanical distant switch signal4/11/1917PRRRS
257-S20Method of Locking Hand Operated Switch1/28/1913PRRRS
S-817_Method of Measuring Resistance of Made Ground7/17/1937PRRRF
S-547AMonogram for marking tools, lanterns, tinware etc.3/3/1924PRRSRS
S-224AMounting of T-20 H.O. Mechanism and SL-26 Electric Switch Lock2/21/1949PRRPM
269-S1-Multiple unit bolt lock3/28/1916PRRRS
S-490BNumerals & Letters, Cast Iron, for Signal Numbering11/27/1942PRRPM
S-490ANumerals and Letters for Signal Numbering5/2/1927PRRPM
S-489DNumerals and Letters for signal numbering6/3/1927PRRSRS
S-489GNumerals and Letters, Enameled, for Signal Numbering1/23/1944PRRPM
S-490CNumerals and Letters, Enameled, for Signal Numbering4/25/1947PRRPM
8-S-One Arm Iron Post Mechanical and Pneumatic Semaphore Signal10/11/1903PRRRS
304-S11One Arm Power Interlocked Signal7/5/1917PRRRS
304-S31One Arm Power Operated Automatic Block Signal7/5/1917PRRRS
304-S51One Arm Power Operated Distant Signal5/10/1915PRRRS
304-S71One Arm Power Operated Interlocking Signal5/10/1915PRRRS
206-S2_One Inch pipe line Insulation 2/16/1917PRRRS
S-333COperating Rods for Double Slip Switches12/6/1937PRRPM
S-335COperating Rods for M.P. Frogs12/6/1937PRRPM
S-331IOperating Rods for Single Switches9/5/1946PRRPM
S-335AOperating rods for M. P. frogs5/12/1924PRRSRS
S-333AOperating rods for double slip switches5/12/1924PRRSRS
S-331DOperating rods for single switches2/16/1928PRRRS
S-331EOperating rods for single switches3/30/1929PRRRS
S-429CParts for Decking, Railing and Conduit for signal bridges and cantilevers5/11/1928PRRRS
301-S8-Permissive signal spectacles9/17/1918PRRRS
S-138DPipe Carrier Parts5/22/1930PRRPM
S-138CPipe Carrier Parts 11/26/1926PRRRS
S-139APipe Carrier Parts 5/24/1920PSPM
S-142BPipe Carrier Supports 5/28/1928PRRRS
S-140CPipe Carriers5/22/1930PRRPM
S-140BPipe Carriers 11/26/1926PRRRS
S-112BPipe Compensator, One-Way Horizontal2/9/1923PRRPM
S-124APipe Line Insulation, One Inch Signal Pipe5/20/1940PRRPM
S-122APipe adjusting Screw 8/4/1920PSPM
S-136BPipe for Signals and Interlocking10/18/1926PRRPM
216-S2-Plan of Manard Rail plugged for signal bonding (drilled as per plan 61200 7/27/1915PRRRS
S-108APlatforms for Instrument Cases6/7/1951PRRPM
S-256APlunger Lock12/14/1921PSPM
S-256BPlunger Lock 4/22/1925PSRS
S-255APlunger Lock and Circuit Controller2/11/1922PSPM
227-S20Plunger lock for mechanically operated Switches 1/5/1910PRRRS
S-400FPosition Light Signal2/12/1952PRRPM
S-401DPosition Light Signal Parts6/15/1928PRRRS
S-401FPosition Light Signal Parts2/12/1952PRRPM
S-401EPosition Light Signal Parts3/29/1939PRRPM
S-400GPosition Light Signals6/18/1953PRRPM
241-S50Position light signal aspects [old style 4 bulb]2/14/1916PRRRS
312-S1-Position light signal units and masts [old style 4 light]1/5/1920PRRRS
304-S32Power operated automatic block signal7/30/1918PRRRS
304-S42Power operated automatic block signal7/30/1918PRRRS
304-S52Power operated distant signal7/30/1918PRRRS
304-S62Power operated distant signal7/30/1918PRRRS
300-S6-Power operated distant signal6/28/1918PRRRS
300-S7-Power operated distant signal6/28/1918PRRRS
304-S22Power operated interlocked signal7/30/1918PRRRS
300-S4-Power operated interlocked signal6/28/1918PRRRS
300-S1-Power operated manual block signal6/28/1918PRRRS
304-S12Power operated manual block signal7/30/1918PRRRS
S-814_Protection of Fueling Locations from Electric Sparks3/12/1958PRRRF
S-807_Protection of Oil Sidings from Electric Sparks6/22/1945PRRRF
S-178ARail Bond Clips2/17/1947PRRPM
S-180CRail Bond, Rail Head Type8/25/1942PRRPM
S-179MRail Bonds and Connectors12/28/1948PRRPM
S-179LRail Bonds and Connectors (Sheet 1/2)11/12/1946PRRPM
S-179KRail Bonds and Connectors (Sheet 2/2)11/4/1937PRRPM
S-179HRail Bonds and clips (Sheet 1/1)2/1/1929PRRRS
S-179GRail Bonds and clips (Sheet 1/1)11/7/1927PRRRS
207-S23Rail Clips for 3/8" Mechanically operated detector bars P.S. Rail Section 2/14/1910PRRRS
207-S12Rail Clips for 3/8" Mechanically operated detector bars, P. R. R. Rail Section 2/14/1910PRRRS
RevNot1_Revision notice-S-179C, S-477-B, S-528-B, 489-B6/17/1924PRRRS
RevNot2_Revision notice-S-528-C, S-400-C, S-401-B, S-482-A, S-483-B11/20/1923PRRRS
S-154ARocker Shaft and arms 9/2/1921PSPM
3-S1Rocker Shafts, Bearings and Up & Down Rods1/9/1908PRRRS
S-487ERoundels & Lenses7/24/1937PRRPM
S-487CRoundels & Lenses, for semaphore signals2/8/1927PRRPM
S-487BRoundels & Lenses, for semaphore signals10/18/1922PSRS
S-825_Route Locking Circuits9/20/1927PRRRF
S-852_SS Protection2/25/1953PRRRF
S-118BScrew and Solid Jaws5/20/1940PRRPM
S-537ASectionalizing Case and Foundation6/14/1922PSPM
S-524AShields for dwarf signals6/24/1920PSRS
278-S1-Sign for unattended block station3/25/1919PRRRS
S-464BSign, for unattended block station7/31/1924PSRS
S-602ESignal Aspects8/19/1925PRRRS
S-602NSignal Aspects8/30/1950PRRRS

S-425neededSignal Supports for Bridge1/1/1900--

S-427neededSignal Supports for Catenary Poles1/1/1900--
S-459BSignal parts, one and two-way flag stations2/23/1927PRRRS
S-460ASignal parts, one and two-way flag stations4/8/1921PSRS
S-457CSignal, Color Light Flag Station2/23/1927PRRSPM
S-473ASignal, Color Light Scale1/5/1921PSPM
S-463ESignal, Flashing Light Highway Crossing2/26/1952PRRPM
S-463DSignal, Highway Crossing4/8/1931PRRPM
S-410BSignal, Position Light Dwarf11/9/1926PRRRS
S-463CSignal, color light highway crossing3/22/1928PRRRS
S-400BSignals, Position Light5/10/1922PRRRS
S-405ASignals, Position Light8/31/1925PRRSPM
S-410DSignals, Position Light2/13/1934PRRPM
S-406ASignals, Position Light5/14/1926PRRPM
S-400ESignals, Position Light11/10/1927PRRPM
S-400CSignals, Position Light6/16/1921PRRRS
S-458BSignals, one and two-way flag station2/23/1927PRRRS
S-466ASigns, Details of Reflector Signs for Highway Crossings10/31/1933PRRPM
S-472ASigns, End of Block and Fouling Point9/27/1949PRRPM
S-469BSigns, Illuminated8/9/1949PRRPM
S-465BSigns, Illuminated and Reflecting for Highway Crossings10/31/1933PRRPM
218-S11Six hole insulating Rail Joint type "W" for P. R.. R. Rail Section 2/13/1914PRRRS
218-S22Six hole insulating Rail Joint type "W" for P.S. Rail Section (drilled 4,5&6 in. per plan 59464 & 59468) 2/13/1914PRRRS
218-S32Six hole insulating Rail Joint type "W" for P.S. Rail Section (drilled 5,4-1/2&6 in. per plan 59472 & 59476) 2/13/1914PRRRS
218-S41Six hole insulating Rail Joint type "W" for P.S. Rail Section (drilled 5- 1/2 &7-1/4 in. per plan 59480 & 59854) 2/20/1914PRRRS
218-S7-Six hole insulating Rail Joint type W1 for 85 lb. P. R. R.. Rails 2/15/1917PRRRS
218-S6-Six hole insulating Rail Joint type W1 for 85 lb. P.S. Rails 2/14/1917PRRRS
218-S5-Six hole insulating Rail Joint type W1 for 85 lb. P.S. Rails 1/14/1917PRRRS
208-S12Six hole insulating Rail Joint, Type "k" for P. R.. R. Rail Section 9/28/1914PRRRS
208-S22Six hole insulating Rail Joint, Type "k" for P.S. Rail Section (drilled 4,5 & 6 in. per plan 59464 & 59468 9/28/1914PRRRS
208-S32Six hole insulating Rail Joint, Type "k" for P.S. Rail Section (drilled 5, 4-1/2 & 6 in. per plan 59472 & 59476) 10/7/1914PRRRS
206-S3_Solid and Adjustable Links 3/9/1917PRRRS
EMW150 -Specifications for Installation of Automatic Signals and Electric Circuits 1/12/1909PRRRS
SigPipe_Specifications for One-Inch Signal pipe and Couplings 4/1/1909RS
S-467ASpecifications for Reflector Signs and Reflector Units10/31/1933PRRPM
EMW50 -Specifications for Rubber Insulated Signal Wires and Cables 5/1/1910PRRRS
223-S2Standard Arrangement for Locking Shear-Pole Drawbridges with Signals and Smashboards Operated from Draw3/20/1919PRRRS
223-S11Standard Arrangement for Locking Shear-Pole Drawbridges with Signals and Smashboards Operated from Draw3/20/1919PRRRS
9-S-Standard Four Arm Electro pneumatic Bracket Post10/27/1904PRRRS
246-S11Stop Board1/31/1912PRRRS
S-125CStuffing Box for 1" pipe 2/9/1928PRRPM
272-S1-Suspended signal4/11/1917PRRRS
272-S2-Suspended signal details7/19/1915PRRRS
215-S2-Switch operating Rods 3/18/1919PRRRS
S-221CSwitch Circuit Controller9/17/1935PRRPM
S-221ASwitch Circuit Controller 3/4/1925PRRSRS
S-220DSwitch Circuit Controller Connection2/21/1927PRRPM
S-260ASwitch Mechanism, Hand Operated10/26/1926PRRPM
S-258DSwitch Mechanism, Type "G"12/23/1926PRRPM
S-195ASwitch Ties for Interlocking Single Switches12/4/1947PRRPM
S-195BSwitch Ties for Interlocking Single Switches5/26/1948PRRPM
S-521ASwitch Wedges7/10/1935PRRPM
S-529ATags, Printed Plastic7/31/1952PRRPM
S-452ATake Siding Indicator for Placing on Block Stations11/18/1927PRRPM
S-513FTerminal Blocks5/14/1940PRRPM
S-513BTerminal Blocks10/21/1924PSPM
300-S50Three arm power operated interlocked signal5/10/1915PRRRS
237-S1-Tie straps 3/22/1917PRRRS
S-870_Time Locking and Approach Locking Circuits8/27/1953PRRRF
S-580ATools and Gauge4/27/1923PRRSPM
S-183BTrack Circuit Connection 11/10/1927PRRRS
S-182FTrack Circuit Connections 2/16/1927PRRRS
S-184JTrack Circuit Connections, Parkway Cable12/27/1951PRRPM
S-801_Track Circuit Designations4/15/1947PRRRF
S-809_Track Circuit Polarity4/30/1929PRRRF
S-818_Track Insulation Tests1/12/1938PRRRF
SK-184BTrade Circuit Connector- Parkway Cable 9/16/1929PRRRS
SK-184ATrade Circuit Connector- Parkway Cable 2/8/1929PRRRS
S-454BTrain Order Signals2/18/1924PSPM
S-819_Trap Circuits3/23/1937PRRRF
S-186CTrunking and Capping 9/6/1929PRRSRS
S-186BTrunking and Capping 3/6/1923PRRSRS
221-S1-Trunking and conduit 6/5/1918PRRRS
6-S-Two Arm Iron Mechanical and Pneumatic Bridge Semaphore Signal.10/27/1904PRRRS
304-S21Two Arm Power Interlocked Signal7/5/1917PRRRS
304-S41Two Arm Power Operated Automatic Block Signal7/5/1917PRRRS
304-S61Two Arm Power Operated Distant Signal5/10/1915PRRRS
S-854_Typical Control Circuits for Block Signals4/22/1944PRRRF
202-S1_Up and down Rods for mechanical Interlocking Machines 6/6/1917PRRRS
204-S4_Vertical Cranks10/15/1914PRRRS
268-S1-Vertical deflecting stand5/12/1915PRRRS
S-503AZinc for gravity battery11/25/1924PRRSRS
227-S1-plungers & base plates- for mechanically operated switches 4/25/1919PRRRS

C of = Collection of. PM = Pat McKinney, RF = Robert Fredland, RS = Rob Schoenberg (me!)

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