Scenes of Altoona with Roy Orr
I have some B&W photographs of the Altoona Shops area, given to me by Roy Orr. Roy was a friend from Lubbock TX whom I met while stationed at Reese AFB through the Lubbock MRR Club. In the mid '80's while living in Lubbock Roy was well up in years. His pictures are of the shops in the steam to diesel transition era. Roy died a few years back and I would like to preserve his pictures. -- Pat Pritchett

I1 pulled freight drifting down the West side of Horseshoe Curve.

Here we are looking eastward past Slope tower from the 23rd Street bridge. (MP237.14) Can anyone make a guess as to the class of locomotive facing us on upper right of center?

Here's a view of the Altoona passenger shed from across the parking lot. Can any car experts help date this photo?

Here we see a Westbound freight and an Eastbound passenger train taken from the 12th Street bridge. looking eastward. (at MP 236.29)

Here's another shot of the freight train with the snapper approaching.

A view across the 4th street footbridge. The passenger car erecting shop #2 is on the left. On the right near the camera is the boiler house. Roy called it the power plant

Roy's wife Clara Nell Orr seen on the approach steps to the 4th street footbridge.

View from the 4th Street footbridge looking across the Eastbound yards. MP 235.68

Here we see PRR 9456 and two other Fairbanks-Morse Erie Builts (PRR class FF20) passing near the 4th bridge. Note that the last few cars of the train in the previous photo can be seen behind the units. A shifter (probably a B6sb) can also be seen in the background.

Another view from the 4th Street Bridge. The Eastbound and Westbound mains are in the foreground with an ERS15 (GP7) in the yard.

From the left, part of Passenger Shop #1, Passenger Shop #2, the roundhouse is the Locomotive Finishing Shop, the Steel Shop has the peaked roofs. I think the buildings with the white gable is the Dried Lumber Shed and beside it to the left is Freight Car Door Repair Shop and in the distance we see the upper parts of the massive Erecting & Machine Shop (still in use today).

View from the 4th St Bridge of N8 cabins under construction at the Trimming & Buffing & Upholstering Shop.

The Plumbing Shop was on the second floor of the Trimming & Buffing & Upholstering Shop. In this scene we see stored wheels and wheel cars but the same old box cars, including X23s, against the Machine & Sheet Metal Shop (1st floor)/ Tin Shop (2nd floor).

View across the Eastbound Yards.

View looking at the Juniata Shops. The light colored building on the left is the Boiler Shop. and the large building on the right is the E&M shop. The building inbetween them appears to be the X29 shop.

View from the East Altoona bridge near the East Altoona roundhouse MP 233.41 From the top we see two J1's, another unit (an H?) with a hopper car in front, and finally possibly an M1.

Here's another view of the East Altoona roundhouse from a different angle.

View of the East Altoona Roundhouse, note how dirty the snow is!

View of Altoona from across the yards

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