The Complete Roster of Pennsylvania Railroad owned Pullman Heavyweight Parlor and Sleeping Cars

PRR Heavyweight Sleeper Cars
Car #CapacityName AirPlanLot Dia.TruckPaint
850012Rmt 2Sbr 3Dbr Keystone Banks:
from Oaks 8/49
M4158ARbld 293242APRR
85311Cmp 1Dr Barber Shop Bf Sr Andrew W. Mellon:
7/39 from Broadway Limited:
3/33 from Texas Route
I3975G6076 29
85321Cmp 1Dr Barber Shop Bf Sr Richard Beatty Mellon:
7/39 from The Broadway:
3/33 from Texas City
I3975G6076 29
85331Dr 1Cmp Bf Sr CostillaI3975
6047 522410APRR
85341Dr 1Cmp Bf Sr DenverI3975
6047 522410APRR
85351Dr 1Cmp Bf Sr Kit CarsonI3975
85361Dr 1Cmp Bf Sr RIO BLANCOI3975
85371Cmp 1Dr Barber Shop Bf Sr Texas PlainsI3975G 6076292410APRR
85383Cmp 1Dr Bf Sr Afton CanyonI3975F 6337602411PRR
85393Cmp 1Dr Bf Sr Bryce CanyonI3975F 6337602411PRR
85403Cmp 1Dr Bf SrDIXIE BAY I3975C6217602411PRR
85413Cmp 1Dr Bf SrDIXIE HOME I3975C6217 602411PRR
85423Cmp 1Dr Bf SrDixie Land I3975C6217 602411PRR
85433Cmp 1Dr Bf SrDixie Trail I3975C6217 602411PRR
85443Cmp 1Dr Bf Sr Echo CanyonI3975C 6262602411PRR
85453Cmp 1Dr Bf Sr Ogden CanyonI3975C6262 602411PRR
85463Cmp 1Dr Bf Sr PALM FROVEI3975C 621760I2411PRR
85473Cmp 1Dr Bf Sr PALM VILLAI3975C 6217602411PRR
85483Cmp 1Dr Bf Sr Rainbow CanyonI3975C 6262602411PRR
85493Cmp 1Dr Bf Sr Zion CanyonI3975C 6262602411PRR
85503Cmp 2Dr OlJoel Chandler Harris MB3959
4886 453242APull
8551 4Dr 4CmpGlacier Park MB3962
Rbld 70242APull
85524Dr 4Cmp Yellowstone Park MB3962A4895 702410APull
8553 7DrWILLOW RIVER M3583A6214 73242APull
85547Dr WILLOW VALLEY M3583A6214 732411Pull
8555 5CmpBfRICHELIEU I2505BRbld 381910APRR
85566Cmp 3Dr HERALD SQUARE I3523C6290 532411PRR
8557 6Cmp 3DrMadison Square I3523C6290 532411PRR
8558 3Dr 6CmpMonument Square I3523A4970 802410APull
8559 6Cmp 3DrPershing Square I3523C6290 532411PRR
8560 6Cmp 3Dr Rittenhouse Square I3523C 6290 53 2411PRR
8561 3Dr 6Cmp Times Square I3523A 4887 802410APull
8562 6Sbr Dl Breed's Hill I3994G 6291 39 2411PRR
8563 6Sbr Dl Summit Grove I3994F 6291 392411PRR
8564 6Sbr Dl Summit Lake I3994F 6291 392411PRR
8565 14Sbr Night Beam I3980D 6304 362411PRR
8566 14Sbr Night Cloud I3980D 6304 36 2411PRR
8567 14Sbr Night Glow I3980D 6304 362411PRR
8568 14Sbr Nightmuse I3980 6056 362410APRR
8569 14SbrNight Route I3980D 6304 362411PRR
8570 14Sbr Nightrun I3980 6056 362410APRR
8571 16Dup Eventide M 4029 Rbld 89 2411PRR
8572 16Dup Nocturne F 4029 Rbld 89 2411PRR
85736Dbr L Marsh Run I4015 Rbld 162410APRR
85746Dbr L West Willow I4015 Rbld 162410APRR
857513Dbr Craigie HouseI3997A 6314342411PRR
8576 13Dbr Emlen House I3997A 6314 34 2411PRR
8577 13Dbr Octagon House I3997A 6314 34 2411PRR
8578 13Dbr Royall House I3997A 6314 34 2411PRR
85796Sec 6DbrPOPLAR GLEN MB4060
Rbld 952410APRR
85806Sec 6DbrPOPLAR HEIGHTS MB4060Rbld 952410APRR
85816Sec 6DbrPoplar Hill MB4060Rbld 952410APRR
85826Sec 6Dbr Poplar KnollMB4060
85836Sec 6DbrPoplar Lake MB4060
85846Sec 6DbrPoplar Leaf MB4060
85856Sec 6DbrPoplar Pike MB4060
85866Sec 6DbrPoplar Point MB4060Rbld 95242PRR
85876Sec 6DbrPoplar Ridge MB4060Rbld 952410APRR
85886Sec 6DbrPoplar View MB4060
Rbld 95242PRR
85896Sec 6DbrPoplar Arbor I4084Rbld 18242PRR
85906Sec 6DbrPoplar Country I4084Rbld 18242PRR
85916Sec 6DbrPoplar Gorge I4084Rbld 18242PRR
85926Sec 6DbrPoplar Isle I4084Rbld 18242PRR
85936Sec 6DbrPoplar Range I4084 Rbld 18242PRR
85946Sec 6Dbr Poplar Realm I4084 Rbld 18242PRR
85956Sec 6Dbr Poplar Slope I4084 Rbld 181910APRR
85966Sec 6Dbr Poplar Square I4084 Rbld 182410APRR
85976Sec 6Dbr Poplar Vale I4084 Rbld 18242PRR
85986Sec 6Dbr Poplar Villa I4084Rbld 181910APRR
85998Sec 1Dr 2Cmp ARTHUR BRISBANE:
4/40 from ANDREW W. MELLON:
4/38 from PELHAM OAK
I3979A6353 252411PRR
86008Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Bartram Oak I3979A 6353 252411PRR
86018Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Bear Oak I3979A 6377 252411PRR
86028Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Black Oak I3979A 6377 252411PRR
86038Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Centfaun I3979A6205 252411PRR
86048Sec 1Dr 2Cmp CENTHILL I3979A6205 252411PRR
86058Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Centwood E3979A6205 252411PRR
86068Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Council Oaks I3979A6353 252411PRR
86078Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Fox Oaks I3979A6353 252411PRR
86088Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Willow Oak:
2/36 to Richard Beatty Mellon:
5/40 to George Westinghouse:
6/57 to Wadsworth Oak
I3979A6377 252411Pull
8609 8Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Gray Oak I3979A 6377 252411PRR
86108Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Royal Oak I3979A 6353 252411PRR
86118Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Salem Oak I3979A6353 252411PRR
86128Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Spanish Oak I3979A 6377 252411PRR
86138Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Treaty Oak I3979A 6359 252411PRR
8614 8Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Wadsworth Oak; 4/56 WFL I3979A 6353 252411PRR
86158Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Water Oak I3979A6377 252411PRR
86168Sec 1Dr 2Cmp White Oak I3979A6377 252411PRR
86178Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Yellow Oak I3979A6377 252411PRR
86188Sec Buf 14Ol Buffalo ClubI3989B6362 3722411PRR
86198Sec Buf 14Ol Chicago ClubI3989B
6362 3722411PRR
5/40 from COUNTRY CLUB
6274 562411PRR
8621 8Sec Bf SrAthletic ClubI3989A
6274 562411PRR
86228Sec Bf Sr Bankers' Club I3989A
6274 562411PRR
86238Sec Bf Sr COLUMBIA CLUBI3989A
6274 562411PRR
86248Sec Bf Sr Manufacturers' Club I3989A
6274 562411PRR
86258Sec Bf Sr National Press Club:
from Press Club 2/40
I3989A6274 562411PRR
86268Sec Bf Sr Racquet ClubI3989A
8627 8Sec Bf Sr Traffic Club I3989A 6274 562411PRR
86288Sec Bf Sr Union League ClubI3989A6274 562411PRR
8629 8Sec Bf SrUniversity ClubI3989A 6274562411PRR
86308Sec 1Dr 3Dbr Bell TowerMB4090Rbld 11242APull
86318Sec 1Dr 3Dbr Eiffel Tower MB4090Rbld 11242APull
86328Sec 1Dr 3Dbr Strasbourg Tower I4090Rbld 11242APull
86338Sec 1Dr 3Dbr Wimbley Tower MB4090Rbld 112410APull
86348Sec 4Dbr Emerald Lawn I4022BRbld 922410APRR
86358Sec 4Dbr Emerald Lodge I4022BRbld 922410APRR
86368Sec 5Dbr Clover Cape I4036CRbld 962410APull
86378Sec 5Dbr Clover Isle I4036BRbld 962410APRR
86388Sec 5Dbr Clover Lake I4036CRbld 962410APull
86398Sec 5Dbr Clover Lawn I4036BRbld 962410APRR
86408Sec 5Dbr Clover Manor I4036BRbld 962410APRR
86418Sec 5Dbr CLOVER PORT E4036ARbld 962410APull
86428Sec 5Dbr Clover Prairie I4036BRbld 962410APRR
86438Sec 5Dbr Clover Road I4036ARbld 962410APRR
86448Sec 5Dbr Clover Terrace I4036ARbld 962410APRR
86458Sec 5Dbr Clover View I4036ARbld 962410APRR
864610Sec Ol Mt. Watkins E3521A4998 3882410APull
864710Sec Ol MOUNTAIN BURG I2521D
4690 46242PRR
864810Sec Ol MOUNTAIN CAVE I2521D
4690 462410APRR
864910Sec Ol MOUNTAIN GROVE I2521D
4690 46242PRR
865010Sec Ol MOUNTAIN PARK I2521D
4690 462410APRR
865110Sec 1Dr 1Cmp La Reine E3973A6300 632411Pull
865210Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Cape Sable MB2585D
4648 792410APull
865310Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Cape San Blas MB2585D
4648 792410APull
865410Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Cedar Ledge I2585D
4707 79242PRR
865510Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Cedar Springs I2585D
4707 79242PRR
865610Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Fort WardMB2585D
865710Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Lake ArthurMB3585 472579242Pull
865810Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Lake AuburnMB3585 477079242Pull
865910Sec 1Dr 2CmpLake Bennett I3585 472879242Pull
866010Sec 1Dr 2CmpLake Charm I3585 472579242PRR
866110Sec 1Dr 2CmpLake Constance MB3585A 4996792410APull
866210Sec 1Dr 2CmpLake Felicity I3585 4725 79242PRR
866310Sec 1Dr 2CmpLake Girard MB 3585 4770 79242Pull
866410Sec 1Dr 2CmpLake Laura MB3585A4817 79242APull
866510Sec 1Dr 2CmpLake Maitland MB 3585 4725 79242Pull
866610Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Lake Merritt MB 3585 4725 79242Pull
866710Sec 1Dr 2CmpLake Mitchell I35854770 79242Pull
866810Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Lake Stearns MB3585 477079242Pull
866910Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Lake Tapps MB3585A4996 792410APull
867010Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Lemay I2528
3942 191910APRR
867110Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Lenape I2528
3942 191910APRR
867210Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Long Cliff I2585D
4707 79242PRR
867310Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Macatawa I2585D
4527 192410APRR
867410Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Marlowe I2585D
867510Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Newton Falls I2585D
4707 79242PRR
867610Sec 1Dr 2Cmp North Grove I2585D
4707 79242PRR
867710Sec 1Dr 2Cmp NORTH JUDSON I2585D
4707 79242PRR
867810Sec 1Dr 2Cmp North Vineland I2585D
4707 79242PRR
867910Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Robeson I2585D
4443 191910APRR
868010Sec 1Dr 2Cmp Wiseburn E2528A
4201 191910APull
868110Sec 2Dr Francis Marion MB3584B6284 132411Pull
868210Sec 2DrPoint Lookout I35844843 13242APRR
868310Sec 2DrPoint Murdoch I35844843 13242APRR
868410Sec 2DrPoint Ronald I35844843 13242APRR
868510Sec 2Dr Point Trinidad E 3584A 4932 13 242APull
868610Sec 2Dr W.W.Finley:
from Francois Xavier Martin 10/29
MB 3584A 4899 132410APRR
868710Sec 2Dr Zebulon B. Vance MB 3584B 6284 132411Pull
868810Sec 2Dbr 1Cmp Brenau College:
from Gulf Park College 6/40
MB4042Rbld 982410APull
868910Sec 2Dbr 1Cmp Washington College E 4042 Rbld 982410APull
869010Sec 3Dbr Villa Artistic I3411 Rbld 332410APRR
869110Sec 3Dbr Villa Beautiful I3411A
Rbld 332410APRR
869210Sec 3Dbr Villa Charming I3411 Rbld 332410APRR
869310Sec 3Dbr Villa Colonial I3411A
Rbld 332410APRR
869410Sec 3Dbr Villa Ideal I3411A Rbld 332410APRR
869510Sec 3Dbr Villa Imperial I3411ARbld 331910APRR
869610Sec 3Dbr Villa Majestic I3411ARbld 331910APRR
869710Sec 3Dbr Villa Palatial I3411A
Rbld 332410APRR
869810Sec 3Dbr Villa Regal I3411ARbld 331910APRR
869910Sec 3Dbr Villa Royal I3411ARbld 331910APRR
870010Sec 3Dbr Villa Serena I3411 Rbld 332410APRR
870110Sec 4Dup Voyager I2412L Rbld 152410APRR
870210Sec 4Dup Wanderer I2412L Rbld 152410APRR
870310Sec 4Secpv Dalehurst I2412H 4304 22 1910A PRR
870410Sec 4Secpv Dale Summit I2412H4037 221910APRR
870512Sec 1Dr 1Cmp Diogenes I2411C 4624 82410APRR
870612Sec 1Dr 1Cmp Eupolis I2411C 4624 82410APRR
870712Sec 4Esec Kennard I2412K Rbld 17 1910A PRR
870812Sec 4Esec Thasos I2412KRbld 171910A PRR
870912Sec 1Dr AdamsdaleMB3410
4845 5242APRR
871012Sec 1Dr Admiral Dewey I3410B 6220 52411PRR
871112Sec 1Dr Akeley MB2410
3893 51910APull
871212Sec 1Dr Alanson I34104762 5242PRR
871312Sec 1Dr Alexandria I3410A4943 52410APRR
871412Sec 1Dr Albert Gallatin I3410A 4894 52410APRR
871512Sec 1Dr Alfarata I2410H 4699 5242 PRR
871612Sec 1Dr ALLEGRIPPUS I24103814 51910APRR
871712Sec 1Dr Almaden: 8/50 WFL I3410A4969 52410APRR
871812Sec 1Dr Althom I3410A4969 52410APRR
871912Sec 1Dr Ambluco I34104762 5242PRR
872012Sec 1Dr Middletown:
6/51 from William Penn:
9/50 from Amon G. Carter:
2/33 from Henry W. Longfellow
I3410B 6220 52411PRR
872112Sec 1Dr Andrew JacksonI3410A 494352410APRR
872212Sec 1Dr Anthony WayneI3410A 486852410APRR
872312Sec 1Dr ApolloI3410A 496952410APRR
872412Sec 1Dr Arlington I3410A 4943 52410APRR
872512Sec 1Dr Arona I34104845 52410APRR
872612Sec 1Dr Ashcom I34104845 5242APRR
872712Sec 1Dr August A. Busch:
from John Barry 6/34:
to Jerseytown 12/56
I3410A 4894 52410APRR
872812Sec 1Dr Aylesworth I34104845 52410APRR
872912Sec 1Dr BarbertonI34104762 5242PRR
873012Sec 1Dr BarnsleyI3410A4969 52411PRR
873112Sec 1Dr BROWNFIELD:
from BARON DEKALB 7/51
I3410A4943 52410APRR
873212Sec 1Dr BeallsvilleI3410A4969 52410APRR
873312Sec 1Dr BeaverI3410A4969 52410APRR
873412Sec 1Dr Beaver FallsI24103813 51910APRR
873512Sec 1Dr BedingtonI34104762 5242PRR
873612Sec 1Dr BelfastMB3410
4762 5242PRR
873712Sec 1Dr BentleyvilleI3410A 496952410APRR
873812Sec 1Dr BentonvilleI2410H4647 5242PRR
873912Sec 1Dr BethevanI3410A4969 52410APRR
874012Sec 1Dr ALMADEN;
from BETSY ROSS 7/51
I3410A4894 52410APRR
874112Sec 1Dr Bettsville I3410A 4969 52410APRR
874212Sec 1Dr Blairsville I2410H 4647 5242PRR
874212Sec 1Dr Bremen I3410A 4969 52410APRR
874412Sec 1Dr Bret Harte I3410B 6220 5242PRR
874512Sec 1Dr Broadacre I3410A 4969 52410APRR
874612Sec 1Dr Brownfield; 8/50 WFL I2410A4240 51910APRR
874712Sec 1Dr Bruceville I24103769 51910APRR
874812Sec 1Dr Buckhorn I3410A4969 52410APRR
874912Sec 1Dr Burkhart I3410A4969 52410APRR
875012Sec 1Dr Butler I24103794 51910APRR
I3410B6220 52411PRR
875212Sec 1Dr Canonsburg I24103813 52410APRR
875312Sec 1Dr Canton I2410H4699 5242PRR
875412Sec 1Dr Carville MB3410
4762 5242PRR
875512Sec 1Dr Cecil I2410H4699 5242PRR
875612Sec 1Dr Cessna I2410H4699 5242PRR
875712Sec 1Dr Chambersburg I2410H4699 5242PRR
875812Sec 1Dr Charles Pinckney I3410A4868 52410APRR
875912Sec 1Dr Chattolanee I34104762 5242PRR
876012Sec 1Dr Chevy Chase I3410A4943 52410APRR
876112Sec 1Dr Cheyney I3410A4969 52410APRR
876212Sec 1Dr Christopher Columbus I3410A4894 52410APRR
876312Sec 1Dr Christopher Gadsden I3410A4894 52410APRR
876412Sec 1Dr Clearbrook I34104762 5242PRR
876512Sec 1Dr Corcoran I3410A4943 52410APRR
876612Sec 1Dr Cove I34104762 5242PRR
876712Sec 1Dr Crooksville I34104762 5242PRR
876812Sec 1Dr Crossley I34104762 5242PRR
876912Sec 1Dr Curwensville I34104762 5242PRR
877012Sec 1Dr Daniel Boone I3410B 6220 52411PRR
877112Sec 1Dr Daniel Webster I3410A4868 52410APRR
877212Sec 1Dr Darby I34104845 5242APRR
877312Sec 1Dr Dewart I24103864 51910APRR
877412Sec 1Dr Dola I34104845 52410APRR
877512Sec 1Dr Dresden I34104762 5242PRR
877612Sec 1Dr Dundale I34104845 52410APRR
877712Sec 1Dr Dunning I34104845 5242APRR
877812Sec 1Dr EAGLEVILLE I24103813 51910APRR
877912Sec 1Dr Earlville I3410A4969 52410APRR
878012Sec 1Dr East Alleghany I34104868 5242APull
878112Sec 1Dr Economy I24103814 51910APRR
878212Sec 1Dr Edgar Allen Poe I3410B6220 52411PRR
878312Sec 1Dr Edisonville I3410A4969 52410APRR
878412Sec 1Dr Ellendale I34104845 5242APRR
878512Sec 1Dr EMSWORTH I2410
3813 51910APRR
878612Sec 1Dr Espyville I3410A4969 52410APRR
878712Sec 1Dr Ethan Allen I3410A4868 52410APRR
878812Sec 1Dr Eyersgrove I3410A4969 52410APRR
878912Sec 1Dr Farrington I24103770 51910APRR
879012Sec 1Dr Fayetteville I34104762 5242PRR
879112Sec 1Dr Figart I3410A4969 52410APRR
879212Sec 1Dr Filson I3410A4969 52410APRR
879312Sec 1Dr Finley I34104845 52410APRR
879412Sec 1Dr Flagdale I3410A4969 52410APRR
879512Sec 1Dr Francis Hopkinson I3410A4943 52410APRR
879612Sec 1Dr Francis Scott Key:
from Francis Key 3/48:
to Parlor Car 7160
I3410A4894 52410APRR
879712Sec 1Dr FRANKFORD I2410E
4367 51910APRR
879812Sec 1Dr Fredericktown I34104762 5242PRR
879912Sec 1Dr Friendship I34104762 5242PRR
880012Sec 1Dr Piqua:
from General Lafayette 9/51
I3410A4894 52410APRR
880112Sec 1Dr George Armistead I3410A4943 52411PRR
880212Sec 1Dr Gibsonburg I3410A4969 52410APRR
880312Sec 1Dr Glenover I3410A4969 52410APRR
880412Sec 1Dr Grapeville; WFL 12/49 I2410F 4497 52410APRR
880512Sec 1Dr Gratztown I34104762 5242PRR
880612Sec 1Dr Graybill I34104762 5242PRR
880712Sec 1Dr Hagerstown I24103770 5242PRR
880812Sec 1Dr Hawkins I34104845 5242APRR
880912Sec 1Dr Haysville I34104762 5242PRR
881012Sec 1Dr HEBRON I2410A4240 5242PRR
881112Sec 1Dr Henry Clay I3410A4894 52410APRR
881212Sec 1Dr Queensville:
from Henry Knox 1/52
I3410A4943 52410APRR
881312Sec 1Dr Henry Laurens I3410A4943 52410APRR
881412Sec 1Dr Henryville I3410A4969 52410APRR
881512Sec 1Dr Hepler I34104762 5242PRR
881612Sec 1Dr Hess I34104762 5242PRR
881712Sec 1Dr Heverly I34104845 5242APRR
881812Sec 1Dr Hightstown I2410H 4699 5242PRR
881912Sec 1Dr Hiramsburg I3410A4969 52410APRR
882012Sec 1Dr Horatio I34104845 5242APRR
882112Sec 1Dr Idaville I3410A4969 52410APRR
882212Sec 1Dr Isaac Hull I3410A4894 52410APRR
882312Sec 1Dr James Fenimore Cooper I3410B 6220 52411PRR
882412Sec 1Dr James Lawrence I3410A4868 52410APRR
882512Sec 1Dr James Logan I3410A4868 52410APRR
882612Sec 1Dr James Monroe I3410A4943 52410APRR
882712Sec 1Dr James Otis I3410A4868 52410APRR
882812Sec 1Dr James Russel Lowell I3410B 6220 52411PRR
882912Sec 1Dr James Whitcomb Riley I3410B 6220 52411PRR
883012Sec 1Dr Jeffersonville I3410A4969 52410APRR
883112Sec 1Dr Jennings I34104845 52410APRR
883212Sec 1Dr Jerseytown I3410A4969 52410APRR
883312Sec 1Dr John C. Calhoun:
from John Calhoun 11/25
I3410A4868 52410APRR
883412Sec 1Dr John Dickinson I3410A4894 52410APRR
883512Sec 1Dr John Eager Howard I3410B 6220 52411PRR
883612Sec 1Dr JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER I3410B6220 52411PRR
883712Sec 1DrJohn Jay I3410A489452410APRR
883812Sec 1DrJohn Morton I3410A4943 52410APRR
883912Sec 1Dr John Paulding I3410B 6220 52411PRR
884012Sec 1Dr Jonathan Trumbull I3410B 6220 52411PRR
884112Sec 1Dr Joseph D. Oliver:
from James Buchanan 1/35:
from George Washington 9/30
I3410A4894 5242APRR
884212Sec 1Dr Joseph Reed I3410A4943 52410APRR
884312Sec 1Dr Joshua Barney I3410A4943 52410APRR
884412Sec 1Dr Kimbolton I2410H 4699 5242PRR
884512Sec 1Dr Kohler I34104762 5242PRR
884612Sec 1Dr Lakeville I3410A4969 52410APRR
884712Sec 1Dr Landenburg I24103794 52410APRR
884812Sec 1Dr Larimer I24103794 51910APRR
884912Sec 1Dr Larue I34104845 5242APRR
885012Sec 1Dr Latcha I3410A4969 52410APRR
885112Sec 1Dr Laughlin I3410A4969 52410APRR
885212Sec 1Dr LAUNFAL MB2410B
4297 51910APull
885312Sec 1Dr Lawmaker I3410A4943 52410APRR
885412Sec 1Dr Layland I3410A4969 52410APRR
885512Sec 1Dr Lewes I24103794 52410APRR
885612Sec 1Dr Limaville I3410A4969 52410APRR
885712Sec 1Dr Limedale I34104762 5242PRR
885812Sec 1Dr Linden I3410A4969 52410APRR
885912Sec 1Dr Lloydville I3410A4969 52410APRR
886012Sec 1Dr Logansport I2410H 4699 5242PRR
886112Sec 1Dr Macksville I34104845 5242APRR
886212Sec 1Dr Madison I24103814 51910APRR
886312Sec 1Dr Madley I34104845 5242APRR
886412Sec 1Dr Manayunk I2410E 4367 51910APRR
886512Sec 1Dr Mantoloking I3410A4969 52410APRR
886612Sec 1Dr Marcus Loew:
from Smithsonian 10/39
I3410A4943 52410APRR
886712Sec 1Dr Mark Twain I3410B 6220 52410APRR
886812Sec 1Dr Parksburg (Parkesburg):
from Martha Washington 6/51
I3410A4894 5242APRR
886912Sec 1Dr Marwood I24103864 51910APRR
887012Sec 1Dr Maugansville I3410A4969 52410APRR
887112Sec 1Dr McClellanville I34104763 5242APull
887212Sec 1Dr McEwen MB 34104764 5242Pull
887312Sec 1Dr McKeen I34104762 5242PRR
887412Sec 1Dr McRaven MB 34104764 5242Pull
887512Sec 1Dr Mechanicsburg I3410A4969 52410APRR
887612Sec 1Dr Meeker I34104845 5242APRR
887712Sec 1Dr Merchantville I2410H 4699 5242PRR
887812Sec 1Dr Mettler I3410A4969 52410APRR
887912Sec 1Dr Middlesex I34104762 5242PRR
888012Sec 1Dr Midway I24103864 51910APRR
888112Sec 1Dr MORGANZAI2410H 46995242PRR
888212Sec 1Dr MOSHANNON I2410E
888312Sec 1Dr NASSAUI34104762 5242PRR
888412Sec 1Dr Nathaniel Bacon I3410A4943 52410APRR
888512Sec 1Dr Nathanael Greene I3410A4868 52410APRR
888612Sec 1Dr SPRINGBORO
from Nathan Hale 7/51
I3410A4868 5242APRR
888712Sec 1Dr Nealmont I34104845 5242APRR
888812Sec 1Dr Nescopeck I2410H 4699 5242PRR
888912Sec 1Dr NUTWOOD; 8/50 WFLI2410A4240 51910APRR
889012Sec 1Dr Oakville I34104762 5242PRR
889112Sec 1Dr Oliver Hazard Perry I3410A4943 52410APRR
889212Sec 1Dr Ostend I34104845 5242APRR
889312Sec 1Dr Otto Charmichael:
from Marshallville 8/42
I3410A4969 52410APRR
889412Sec 1Dr Outcalt I2410F 4515 52410APRR
889512Sec 1Dr Pan-American I3410A4943 52410APRR
889612Sec 1Dr Parkville I3410A4969 52410APRR
889712Sec 1Dr Patapsco I24103864 51910APRR
889812Sec 1Dr Paul Jones I3410A4894 52410APRR
889912Sec 1Dr Trenton
7/51 from Paul Revere
I3410A4894 52410APRR
890012Sec 1Dr Pellston I34104845 52410APRR
890112Sec 1Dr Penton I34104845 5242APRR
890212Sec 1Dr Peter Cooper I3410A4894 52410APRR
890312Sec 1Dr Peyton Randolph I3410A4894 52410APRR
890412Sec 1Dr Piqua I24103860 52410APRR
890512Sec 1Dr Plainville I24103814 51910APRR
890612Sec 1Dr Pleasantville I2410H 4699 5242PRR
890712Sec 1Dr Pocahontas I3410A4894 52410APRR
890812Sec 1Dr Portageville I34104762 5242APRR
890912Sec 1Dr President I3410A4943 52410APRR
891012Sec 1Dr Principio I34104762 5242PRR
891112Sec 1Dr Queensville; WFL 8/50 I3410A4969 52410APRR
891212Sec 1Dr Radley I34104845 52410APRR
891312Sec 1Dr Ralph Waldo Emerson I3410B 6220 52411PRR
891412Sec 1Dr Ravenna MB 3410
4762 5242PRR
891512Sec 1Dr Reese I34104845 5242APRR
891612Sec 1Dr Retort I34104845 5242APRR
891712Sec 1Dr Richard Dale I3410A4943 52410APRR
891812Sec 1Dr Richard Montgomery I3410A4943 52410APRR
891912Sec 1Dr Riderwood I2410F 4515 52410APRR
892012Sec 1Dr Duncannon
8/51 from Robert Morris
I3410A4868 52410APRR
892112Sec 1Dr Irwin
7/51 from Roger Williams
I3410A4868 52410APRR
892212Sec 1Dr Roswell I3410A4969 52410APRR
892312Sec 1Dr Rowland I2410
3860 51910APRR
892412Sec 1Dr Roxton I34104762 5242PRR
892512Sec 1Dr Ruffsdale I34104762 5242PRR
892612Sec 1Dr Rumley I34104762 5242PRR
892712Sec 1Dr Sabula I34104762 5242PRR
892812Sec 1Dr Salix I34104762 5242PRR
892912Sec 1Dr Saltsburg I34104845 5242APRR
893012Sec 1Dr Samuel Adams I3410A4943 52410APRR
893112Sec 1Dr Senate I3410A4943 52410APRR
893212Sec 1Dr Seth Warner I3410A4894 52410APRR
893312Sec 1Dr Shawnee I2410H 4699 5242PRR
893412Sec 1Dr Smithboro I24103772 51910APRR
893512Sec 1Dr Speeceville; WFL 11/49 I3410A4969 52410APRR
893612Sec 1Dr SPRINGBORO; 8/50 WFL I2410A4240 5242PRR
893712Sec 1Dr Sproul I34104845 5242APRR
893812Sec 1Dr Starkey I34104845 5242APRR
893912Sec 1Dr Steiners I34104762 5242PRR
894012Sec 1Dr Stephen Decatur I3410A4894 52410APRR
894112Sec 1Dr Stephen Girard I3410A4868 52410APRR
894212Sec 1Dr STEPHIA E2410B
894312Sec 1Dr Stockdale I34104762 5242PRR
894412Sec 1Dr Stockley I34104762 5242PRR
894512Sec 1Dr Stover I34104762 5242PRR
894612Sec 1Dr Stronach I34104762 5242PRR
894712Sec 1Dr Sunbrook MB 3410
4845 5242APRR
894812Sec 1Dr Suplee I34104845 52410APRR
894912Sec 1Dr Sutton I34104845 5242APRR
895012Sec 1Dr Syberton I34104762 5242PRR
895112Sec 1Dr Tabor I34104762 5242PRR
895212Sec 1Dr Thaddeus Stevens I3410A4868 52410APRR
895312Sec 1Dr The Mall I3410A4943 52410APRR
895412Sec 1Dr Thomas MacDonough I3410B 6220 52411PRR
895512Sec 1Dr Thomas Cook:
from Stephen Hopkins 6/39
I3410A4943 52410APRR
895612Sec 1Dr Thomas Paine I3410A4894 52410APRR
895712Sec 1Dr Thornhope I3410A4969 52410APRR
895812Sec 1Dr Timothy Pickering I3410A4894 52410APRR
895912Sec 1Dr Torrance I3410A4969 52410APRR
896012Sec 1Dr TRENTONI2410H4699 5242PRR
896112Sec 1Dr UPPVIEW:
from EAST CHATHAM 7/32
I3410A4868 5242APRR
896212Sec 1Dr UPPWORTH:
from EAST PALMYRA 7/32
I3410A4868 5242APRR
896312Sec 1Dr Upsal I24103860 52410APRR
896412Sec 1Dr Upton I34104762 5242PRR
896512Sec 1Dr Urbana I34104845 5242APRR
896612Sec 1Dr Utahville I3410A4969 52410APRR
896712Sec 1Dr Vankirk (Van Kirk) I34104762 5242PRR
896812Sec 1Dr J. Finley Wilson:
from Waltersburg 12/52
4762 5242PRR
896912Sec 1Dr Weirton I34104845 5242APRR
897012Sec 1Dr Wenonah I24103814 51910APRR
897112Sec 1Dr Westerville I3410A4969 52410APRR
897212Sec 1Dr Whigville I34104845 5242APRR
897312Sec 1Dr Whitaker I34104845 52410APRR
897412Sec 1Dr William Bainbridge I3410A489452410APRR
897512Sec 1Dr William Ellery I3410A4943 52410APRR
897612Sec 1Dr William Penn I3410A4894 52410APRR
897712Sec 1Dr Woodstock I3410A4969 52410APRR
897812Sec 1Dr WoosterI2410H4699 5242PRR
897912Sec 1Dr YoungwoodI2410H4699 5242PRR
898012Sec 1DrZachary Taylor I3410A4943 52410APRR
898114Sec Andrew CarnegieI3958A 637622411PRR
898214Sec Andrew SquireI3958A 635722411PRR
898314Sec Bartholomew PenroseI3958A 637622411PRR
898414Sec Cyrus H. McCormickI3958A 635722411PRR
898514Sec David SintonI3958A 635722411PRR
898614Sec Elbert H. GaryI3958A 637622411PRR
898714Sec George Rogers ClarkI3958A 635722411PRR
898814Sec Henry WattersonI3958A 635722411PRR
898914Sec Marcus A. HannaI3958A 637622411PRR
899014Sec New NicolletI3958A 628522411Pull
899114Sec Potter PalmerI3958A 635722411PRR
899214Sec Salmon P. ChaseI3958A 635722411PRR
899314Sec Samuel MorseI3958 601222410APull
899414Sec Thomas A. HendricksI3958A 635722411PRR
* * * End of List * * *


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