Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Car Information

D. Garrett Spear
copyright September, 2001
Special thanks to Bob Watson, Ralph Barger, Jerry Britten, Phil Ritter, Tom Madden, Andy Hart, Elbert Simon, and the NHRS Philadelphia Library Staff for their assistance with this project.

Between 1945 and 1948 the Pennsylvania Railroad purchased 125 Pullman heavyweight Parlor Cars and 590 Pullman heavyweight Sleeping Cars. From the late 1930s to the 1950s about 375 Streamlined (Lightweight) was were produced and purchased for thePennsylvania Railroad. These lists are based on my research for building models of these cars.
It should be noted that the PRR referred Pullman Heavyweights cars as Standard Weight cars.  Today most people refer to these cars as heavyweights and I will use this terminology in the list.
These lists of PRR passenger cars has been developed by using an Equipment Register for car names, using 'A Century of Pullman Cars - Vol. I - Alphabetical List' for plan and lot information, and other various references for additional information.


A Century of Pullman Cars - Volume I - Alphabetical List - by Barger
Equipment Registers - 1953 and 1957
Passenger Car Catalog - by Kratville
Pullman Company List of Cars 1938 - Pullman Co.
Pullman Company List of Cars 1943 - Pullman Co.
Pullman Company List of Cars 1950 - Wayner Publications
The Complete Roster of Heavyweight Pullman Cars - Wayner Publications

Table of Contents
Pullman Heavyweight Sleeper and Parlor Cars
Streamline Sleeper and Parlor Cars
List of Horse Named Baggage Cars
List of Scenery Named Baggage Cars
List of PRR Business Cars
Pictures of PRR Passenger Models
Descriptions & Images of Pullman Trucks

A PDF copy of the "The Complete Roster of Pennsylvania Railroad owned Pullman Heavyweight Parlor and Sleeping Cars" is available for downloading and printing.
Download the Roster

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