PRR freight car model photos (some diesels too!)

For your viewing pleasure are some photos of PRR freight cars submitted by visitors. So far there are photos of Eugene Deimling's 1/4" scale equipment and some photos from Greg Martin. If you have some PRR equipment that you've built and would like to share with everyone, e-mail me a scan along with a short description and I'll add it to the page! (Photos of equipment other than freight cars are ok, I'll start a page for other types of equipment!)

X29 #5686191/4" scale, Des Plaines Hobbies kit. Photo and model by Eugene Deimling

G31 #3749131/4" scale, Atlas kit.Model and photo by Eugene Deimling
FM #473830
FM #473830 - closeup of end
1/4" scale, scratchbuilt Model and photos by Eugene Deimling
X45 Photo1
X45 Photo2
X45 Photo3
X45 Photo4
HO scale, Accurail kit. Models and photos by Greg Martin
X29B HO scale, Front Range kit Model, photo and text by Greg Martin
HO scale, Front Range kit Model, photos and text by Greg Martin
H34b HO scale, Atlas. Model, photo and text by Greg Martin

and now for something completely different...
Eventually the Diesel models will have their own page but for now, here they are!

FS-10 photo 1
FS-10 photo 2
FS-10 photo 3
FS-10 photo 4
FS-10 photo 5
HO scale, Walthers. Model, photo and text by Greg Martin

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