PRR Class X56 boxcars and subclasses

General information:

Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

ClassCarNumberAAR ClassPRR Oct 44PRR Oct 48PRR Apr 52PRR Oct 53PRR Oct 58PRR Oct 63PRR Apr 68
X568825188500XML XP-----250246
X56a8850188600XAP XP XML XL-----95125
X56b8862688725XML XL XP-----10099
X56c8872688749XML XL XP-----2424
Roster data compiled by Rich Orr

Modeling Information:

Front Range
X56HO-50' DD boxcarkitbash15' door opening, change roof, cushion underframe, 36" wheels

Photos online:

Report MarkClassDescriptionLocationDatePhotographer
PRR 882??X56-Holidaysburg, PA7/17/1992Mike Wingard

Photos in print:

ClassPublicationPageCar NoSchemeLocationDateComments
X56Keystone Vol 21, #238PRR 88260PK---
X56PC Color Guide51PC 271837PCColumbus, OH8/68nee PRR 88275
X56PRR Color Guide Vol 252PRR 88281PK-CC-4/63-
X56PRR Color Guide Vol 365PRR 88259PK-CC---
X56aPRR Color Guide Vol 253PRR 88563PK-CC-4/63-
X56aPRR Color Guide Vol 253PRR 88580PK-CC-9/81-

Equipment Diagrams online:

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