PRR Class H34 hoppers

General information:

Information above was compiled from postings on the freight cars list by Rick Tipton,Rich Orr, Greg Martin and Eric Neubauer.

Some stats:

Capacity box2,0032,0032,0032,003
# Panels9999
Side Typegirdergirdergirdergirder
# bays2222
Inside Length29' 3"29' 3"29' 3"29' 3"
Length Over Sills35' 3"35' 3"35' 3"35' 3"
Truck Centers25' 3"25' 3"25' 3"25' 3"
Inside Width9' 5-1/2"9' 5-1/2"9' 5-1/2"9' 5-1/2"
Extreme Width10' 2-1/8"10' 2-1/8"10' 2-1/8"10' 2-1/8"
Height13' 1-7/16" 13' 1-7/16" 13' 1-7/16" 13' 1-7/16"

Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

ClassCarNumberAAR ClassPRR Oct 44PRR Oct 48PRR Apr 52PRR Oct 53PRR Oct 58PRR Oct 63PRR Apr 68
Roster data compiled by Rich Orr

Modeling Information:

H34aHO11102 bay PS-2 covered hopperplastic rtr w/ cast on detailneeds backdating, see article in 7/1998 Mainline Modeler
H34bHO11102 bay PS-2 covered hopperplastic rtr w/ cast on detailneeds backdating, see article in 7/1998 Mainline Modeler
H34cHO11102 bay PS-2 covered hopperplastic rtr w/ cast on detail-
H34dHO11102 bay PS-2 covered hopperplastic rtr w/ cast on detail-

Model Photos online:

(Photos of models submitted by visitors. Accompanied by descriptions)

Report MarkClassDescriptionManufacturerScaleModeler
PRR 257154H34bH34b hopperAtlasHOGreg Martin

Photos online:

Report MarkClassDescriptionLocationDatePhotographer
PC 74202H34sand serviceLewistown, Pa.?Rob Schoenberg
PRR 258075H34cdirty carunknown-Greg Dickinson (from George Elwood's site)

Photos in print:

ClassPublicationPageCar NoSchemeLocationDateComments
H34Keystone Vol 35, #228PRR 256177SK1a---
H34PC Color Guide120PC 74204PC-SWalbridge, OH4/18/82company stores service, nee PRR 256266
H34?Keystone Vol 34, #416PRR ?SKIndiana Transportation Museum5/2/2001awaiting restoration
H34aCars of the Pennsy53PRR 257154SK1b-6/55-
H34aCFC vol 442PRR 257056SK1b-4/75-
H34aKeystone Vol 35, #236PRR 257113SK1b--whitelined
H34aKeystone Vol 35, #237PRR 257169SK1bMount Vernon, Ohio--
H34aPRR Color Guide Vol 267PRR 257128SK1b-1/62-
H34bKeystone Vol 35, #238PRR 257361SK1b---
H34bKeystone Vol 35, #238PRR 257455SK1bDallas, TX1968-
H34bKeystone Vol 35, #238PRR 257697SK1bCamden, NJ--
H34bKeystone Vol 35, #245PRR 257568SK1b---
H34bPC Color Guide97PC 877242PCReading, PA1/26/80nee PRR 257???
H34cKeystone Vol 35, #236PRR 257785SK1b---
H34cKeystone Vol 35, #239PRR 257701SK1b---
H34cKeystone Vol 35, #242PRR 257922SK2a---
H34cKeystone Vol 35, #242PRR 258058SK2a---
H34cKeystone Vol 35, #244PRR 257908SK2a---
H34cKeystone Vol 35, #244PRR 257925SK2a---
H34cKeystone Vol 35, #261PRR 258032PKReading, PA8/1987-
H34cPRR Color Guide Vol 160PRR 257735SK1b-3/76-
H34cPRR Color Guide Vol 267PRR 257912SK2a-5/77-
H34dKeystone Vol 35, #244PRR 258179SK2aMount Vernon, Ohio1970's-
H34dPRR Color Guide Vol 1113PRR 258213SK2a-7/72-

Equipment Diagrams online:

Class(es)tracing #View

Plans and diagrams in print:

Applicable ClassesTypePublicationPageDescriptionTracing Number
H33, H34, H34a, H34b, H34c, H34dArrangement of LetteringKeystone Vol. 35, No. 254PKD461915-D
H33,H34,H34a,H34b,H34c,H34dArrangement of LetteringPRR Compendium Vol 174Plain key - H33 shown
H34,H34a,H34bArrangement of LetteringPRR Compendium Vol 170Shadow Key - H34a shown
H34a, H34, H34bArrangement of LetteringKeystone Vol. 35, No. 234SK1bD455567-C
H34dClass DiagramPRR Pass. & Frt. Car Diagrams86

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