PRR Class GA gondolas

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Some stats:

Commentswith or without drop doors
Qty Built~7000
Capcy box558
Capcy heap174
Underframetruss rod
I.L.30' 9-1/2"
I.W.7' 6-1/2"
I.H2' 4-1/2"
Truck center22' 6"
length over strikers33' 1"
coupled length35' 4-1/2"
height6' 5-1/4"
width extreme8' 9"
Trucksarch bar
source keystone, V19#1

Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

ClassCarNumberAAR ClassPRR Oct 44PRR Oct 48PRR Apr 52PRR Oct 53PRR Oct 58PRR Oct 63PRR Apr 68
Roster data compiled by Rich Orr

Modeling Information:

Branchline Trains
GAEXHO1020General American-Evans, leased to PRRplasticneeds Chrysler FR-5 trucks

Photos online:

Report MarkClassDescriptionLocationDatePhotographer
PC 264654GAEXex PRR 50' Green General American car (faded photo)Youngstown, OH??/7?Robert Dulovic, (Ektachrome) Collection of Ed Martin

Photos in print:

ClassPublicationPageCar NoSchemeLocationDateComments
GACXPRR Color Guide Vol 271GACX 50025SK-GACX---
GAEXCFC vol 848PC 264680GAEX-PC--1950 production
GAEXKeystone Vol 14, #252PRR unkGAEX-PRR-1960's1950 production
GAEXKeystone Vol 14, #250GAEX 100022GAEX--1950 production
GAEXKeystone Vol 14, #251PC 264695GAEX-PRR--1950 production
GAEXKeystone Vol 21, #248PRR 47210GAEX-PRR-1969-
GAEXPC Color Guide48PC 264746GAEX-PCBelt Line Jct, PA6/20/761955 production, similar to car leased by PRR
GAEXPRR Color Guide Vol 194PRR 47136GAEX-PRR-1/61-
GAEXPRR Color Guide Vol 194PRR 47210GAEX-PRR-8/69-
GAEXPRR Color Guide Vol 247PRR 47133GAEX-PRR-5/62-
GAEXPRR Color Guide Vol 247PRR 47135GAEX-PRR-11/61-
GAEXPRR Color Guide Vol 247PRR 47158GAEX-PRR-11/69-
GAEXPRR Color Guide Vol 350PRR 47132GAEXEnola, PA3/1961-
GAEXRMJ, 3/9044GAEX 100022GAEX--1950 production, Leased to PRR
GAEXRMJ, 3/9046GAEX 100134GAEX--1955 production, Leased to PRR
GAEXRMJ, 4/9020PC 264671GAEX-PC--1950 production
GAEXRMJ, 4/9021PRR 47170GAEX-PRR--1950 production
GAEXRMJ, 4/9155GAEX 100091GAEX--1950 production, Leased to PRR
GAEXRMJ, 4/9156PRR 47126GAEX-PRR--1950 production
GAEXRMJ, 4/9156PRR 47222GAEX-PRR--1955 production
GAEXRMJ, 4/9164----photo of Chrysler FR5-D truck used on GAEX boxcars. (photo 14 at top left of page)

Equipment Diagrams online:

Class(es)tracing #View

Plans and diagrams in print:

Applicable ClassesTypePublicationPageDescriptionTracing Number
GAClass DiagramKeystone Vol 19, No. 120
GAPlanModel Railroader-4/55No.28502
GA,GC,GE,GKEnd elevationsKeystone Vol 19, No. 127end elevation showing truss rod development
GAEXClass DiagramKeystone Vol. 14, No. 251


  • KEY 1/86 - Wooden Gondola Cars of the Pennsylvania System (Fischer, Ian)
      GA... history, photos, arrangements, plans, roster

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