PRR Class F41 flat cars

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Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

ClassCarNumberAAR ClassPRR Oct 44PRR Oct 48PRR Apr 52PRR Oct 53PRR Oct 58PRR Oct 63PRR Apr 68
F41469300469999FM FMS LP----700697631
F41b480000480299FM FMS-----300263
Roster data compiled by Rich Orr

Modeling Information:

Gloor Craft
F41HO?53' GSC Flat Car 2/boxwood/metalw/ bulkheads
F41HO100153' GSC Flat Car-PRRplasticminor differences
F41HO375153' GSC Flat Car-PRRplasticminor differences
F41N820453' GSC flat car PRRplastic kit w/ molded grabs-

Photos online:

Report MarkClassDescriptionLocationDatePhotographer
CR 715892F41-Gallitzin, Pa.?Rob Schoenberg
PRR 469481F41with bulkheadsHolidaysburg, PA7/17/1992Mike Wingard
PRR 469521F41on displayWhippany, NJ?Rob Schoenberg
PRR 469762F41top down shot of F41 deck (blt 2-56)Altoona, PA yard5/2/1993Dennis K. Sautters
PRR 469762F41flat car Altoona, PA yard5/2/1993Dennis K. Sautters
PRR 469762F41at AntisAltoona, Pa.?Rob Schoenberg
PRR 469538F41-Jefferson City, MO11/1987John Caples
PRR 469580F41-Jefferson City, MO11/1987John Caples

Photos in print:

ClassPublicationPageCar NoSchemeLocationDateComments
F41CFC vol 636PRR 469384--12/75C truck load
F41PC Color Guide86PC 716889PC-4/71nee PRR 469???
F41PC Color Guide89PC 754324PCMarion, OH8/71nee PRR 469???
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 138PRR 469511----
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 138PRR 469980----
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 291PRR 465446----
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 291PRR 469304----
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 292PRR 469665----
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 292PRR 469677----
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 293PRR 469838----
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 390PRR 469507---with transformer load
F41PRR Color Guide Vol 391PRR 469364---with wreck damaged G36c #386373
F41aPC Color Guide87PC 750109PCSharon, PA-nee PRR 469???
F41aPC Color Guide87PC 750360PC--nee PRR 469???
F41aPRR Color Guide Vol 139PRR 469808----
F41aPRR Color Guide Vol 139PRR 469973----
F41bPRR Color Guide Vol 138PRR 480072----
F41bPRR Color Guide Vol 293PRR 480078----
F41bPRR Color Guide Vol 391PRR 480071---with wreck damaged X58b #114310
F41e?Cars of the Pennsy52PRR 469636PK---
F41E?Cars of the Pennsy57PRR 469316PK-8/64-

Equipment Diagrams online:

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Plans and diagrams in print:

Applicable ClassesTypePublicationPageDescriptionTracing Number
F41dClass DiagramPRR Pass. & Frt. Car Diagrams95

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