PRR Freight Car Painting

Eventually there will be an intro to this stuff here... Hopefully soon! A real quick summary is that these painting instructions are how cars were supposed to be painted, not necessarily how all of them were!

Here is a collection of Freight Equipment Painting Instructions. The original documents are in the collection of the PA State Archives. Thanks to Jack Consoli for finding them there and Elden Gatwood for supplying them for inclusion here!

Instructions for Painting Freight Equipment, Issued January 13, 1953.
Instructions for Painting Freight Eqiupment, Issued December 1, 1955.
Instructions for Painting Freight Eqipment at all shops other than Samuel Rea, Issued September 15, 1960.
Revision to the Sept 15, 1960 instructions.
Instructions for Painting Freight Eqipment at Samuel Rea Shops, June 20, 1961.
Here's a document that doesn't really belong here as it deals with locomotives. Eventually it will find a better home!
PRR Merger Locomotive Renumbering Instructions

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