September, 1948
$216 Millions to Give You Better Passenger and Freight Service

Page 1 -"We're pretty busy", photo of self opening doorjpg (679x905 - 66K)
Page 2 -"More Than Spent on Alaska Highways",
"Deliveries Now Increasing"
jpg (679x905 - 81K)
Page 3 -photo of interior of overnight coachjpg (679x905 - 74K)
Page 4 -"Greater Roominess and Comfort","New Lighting, Air-Conditioning"jpg (679x905 - 77K)
Page 5 -"Clear-View Windows Double-Pained", photo of lavatoryjpg (679x905 - 68K)
Page 6 -"Smart Styling, Attractive Color Harmonics", photo of twin unit dinerjpg (679x905 - 70K)
Page 7 -"Doors That Open at a Touch"jpg (679x905 - 80K)
Page 8 -"New Sleepers are All-Room Cars", photo of playroom and rec roomjpg (679x905 - 78K)
Page 9 -photo of rec roomjpg (679x905 - 86K)
Page 10 -"Many Trains to be Entirely New"
"More Twin-Unit Dining Cars"
jpg (697x905 - 79K)
Page 11 -photo of twin bed bedroom, "Private Rooms for Daytime Travel"jpg (679x905 - 69K)
Page 12 -"Very Latest in Design and Attractions"jpg (679x905 - 86K)
Page 13 -photo of modern diesel-electric loco, "Improvements to Freight Facilities"jpg (679x905 - 62K)
Page 14 -photo of merchandise service boxcar, "A Brighter, Better Railroad!"jpg (679x905 - 68K)
Page 15 -"A Brighter, Better Railroad!" (cont.)jpg (679x905 - 78K)
Page 16 -chart: "PRR's Equipment Program"jpg (697x905 - 58K)

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