February, 1950
New P.R.R. Sleeping Cars Provide More Rooms Than Biggest Hotel

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Page 4 -"Six Types of Private Rooms", photo of Roomettejpg (665x890 - 104K)
Page 5 -"The New Roomette", "The New Duplex Room"jpg (681x890 - 102K)
Page 6 -"Rooms with Twin Beds", "Other Types of Double Bedrooms"jpg (677x894 - 98K)
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Page 8 -"The New Compartment", "The New Drawing Room"jpg (677x892 - 103K)
Page 9 -photo of drawing rooms, "The New Master Room"jpg (677x893 - 105K)
Page 10 -"New Lounge and Observation Cars", photo of twin unit dining car interiorjpg (677x897 - 118K)
Page 11 -photo of mid-train lounge interiorjpg (676x891 - 113K)
Page 12 -"Observation Solarium Reshaped" "The New Dining Cars"jpg (683x887 - 100K)
Page 13 -photo of Duplex room interiorjpg (674x891 - 104K)
Page 14 -"Harmony of Furnishings", "A Better Equipped Railroad"jpg (679x893 - 80K)
Page 15 -photo of Master Bedroom interior, "Other Facilities Improved"jpg (679x885 - 78K)
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