August, 1950
Better Meals and Service For You on P.R.R. Dining Cars

Page 1 -Coverjpg (677x889 - 79K)
Page 2 -photo of family eatingjpg (674x889 - 115K)
Page 3 -"Our Aim...To Please You"jpg (676x891 - 104K)
Page 4 -"Few 'Refueling' Stations En Route"jpg (671x887 - 95K)
Page 5 -photo of storage room, "Housekeeping on a Huge Scale"jpg (679x893 - 90K)
Page 6 -"Housekeeping on a Huge Scale" (cont.)jpg (669x885 - 101K)
Page 7 -photo of commissary refrigeratorjpg (679x891 - 100K)
Page 8 -photo of worker slicing sirloin steaksjpg (669x889 - 88K)
Page 9 -"Fish...In and Out of Season"jpg (673x887 - 93K)
Page 10 -"Fish...In and Out of Season" (cont.)jpg (669x885 - 105K)
Page 11 -photo of automatic potato peelerjpg (673x885 - 83K)
Page 12 -photo of commissary taste testjpg (667x891 - 90K)
Page 13 -"Coming...'Short Order' Type Service"jpg (673x887 - 98K)
Page 14 -"Millions for New Dining Cars"jpg (671x893 - 101K)
Page 15 -photo of dining car chefjpg (669x885 - 88K)
Page 16 -"The 'Why of Dining Car Losses"jpg (673x885 - 93K)
Page 17 -Chart: "In Every Year There has been a Loss..."jpg (669x885 - 87K)
Page 18 -Chart: "Food Costs are Up for all of us..."jpg (677x885 - 76K)
Page 19 -"Dormitories on Wheels"jpg (671x887 - 96K)
Page 20 -Chart: "Wage Increases of PRR Dining Car Waiters"jpg (675x885 - 58K)
Page 21 -Chart: "What's In a Name"jpg (677x887 - 100K)
Page 22 -photo of interior of twin unit dinerjpg (687x891 - 121K)
Page 23 -"New dining cars..."jpg (669x885 - 72K)
Page 24 -Rear Coverjpg (671x893 - 10K)

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