The Pennsy-Nov 30, 1964... - Table of Contents

The Pennsy-Nov 30, 1964

Page Cov -Cover - She Won The Crown(760x1102 - 216K)
Page 1 -"We're going to visit you more often"
"$2,000,000 Load"
(760x1062 - 139K)
Page 2 -""Tish Carries the Torch"
"A brief but power-packed lesson in PRR's Lettle Red Schoolhouse"
(760x1051 - 150K)
Page 3 -"Mr. Saunders testifies at Washington-Employes are Protected in Merger"(760x1062 - 166K)
Page 4 -"The '64 Campaign-Via PRR, A Special Car for Lady Bird"
"A Special Train For Barry"
(760x1040 - 141K)
Page 5 -"Sure Shot Family"
"Best Foot Forward"
(760x1052 - 189K)
Page 6 -"Portrait of a Man Relaxing From This" - Loss and Damage
"Great! Even duffers can star in this bowling tournament"
(760x1060 - 158K)
Page 7 -"OPEN LINE" - Reports from all over- Roomette car for steel coils (G40), World's fair boost to passenger business, Improvements at Chicago, PRR honored for safety, & more...(760x1060 - 187K)
Page 8 -"Novel Christmas Gift- Prints of 4 Famous PRR Paintings"(760x1094 - 123K)

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