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The Pennsy-Jan 1, 1966

Page Cov -Cover - Steam Power on the PRR! (760x1087 - 156K)
Page 1 -"The winning name: RAIL WHALE" - Contest winner announced
"Travel agents learn railroads' good points"
(760x1064 - 219K)
Page 2 -"On the New Look Pennsy: New device helps prevent hotboxes
"On The Way Up"
(760x1062 - 230K)
Page 3 -"Zip Trip: New trains, faster trains begin Philadelphia-Harrisburg service"
"Santa brings a real present for railfans: Steam on the PRR"
(760x1057 - 232K)
Page 4 -"New ads and service items win new friends for the BROADWAY LIMITED"
"Boy on the tracks!"
"Best foot forward"
(760x1059 - 226K)
Page 5 -"The cross America on ice skates and railroad tracks"(760x1054 - 211K)
Page 6 -"They're getting the Big Picture"
"YMCA message goes on the air"
(760x1060 - 227K)
Page 7 -"OPEN LINE" - Reports from all over- new freight cars, new at Conway Yard, and South Amboy, dividends, vandalism...(760x1060 - 254K)
Page 8 -"Hapy New Year from the Pennsy!"(760x1082 - 92K)

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