A pictorial review of progress on the Pennsylvania

Here's a booklet that the Pennsylvania Railroad put out in March 1953 showcasing the latest advances of the railroad.
Page 1 -Interior of EMD cab unit & engineerjpg (780x595 - 117K)
Page 2 -Introduction and photo of Philla Suburban Stationjpg (780x592 - 94K)
Page 3 -"New and repaired freight cars rolling into service"jpg (780x592 - 111K)
Page 4 -The St. Louisian crossing the Little Juniata River w/ E7 on point
A trio of FM Erie-Builts pulling freight
jpg (780x595 - 135K)
Page 5 -Broadway Limited pulled by GG1 #4902
Freight train pulled by E3b experimental electric loco.
jpg (780x595 - 118K)
Page 6 -Line ups of both diesel and electric locomotives. E7 #5857 in the shopjpg (780x595 - 119K)
Page 7 -Drawing of the Sam Rea car shopsjpg (780x587 - 82K)
Page 8 -Conway Yard, photo of retarders and map of yardjpg (780x591 - 121K)
Page 9 -Conway Yard map (cont) and view of an icing facility jpg (780x593 - 117K)
Page 10 -Pennsylvania Station Pittsburgh, view of new train shed and artists rendering of ticket office jpg (780x593 - 103K)
Page 11 -View of daylighted tunnel in Ohio, and a view of automatic car washerjpg (780x595 - 115K)
Page 12 -Frankford Junction - view of new ore unloading pier and freight facility
View of new Delaware River bridge at Roxburg, PA and interior of coffee shop tavern car
jpg (780x588 - 124K)
Page 13 -Photos of Morrisville Yard, Philladelphia Ticket office and new New York Harbor car floatjpg (780x592 - 132K)
Page 14 -Photos of Broad Steet station and the new 30th Stret Station, Philladephiajpg (780x586 - 110K)
Page 15 -Site of Demolished Broad Street Stationjpg (780x594 - 117K)
Page 16 -View of new track arrangement and servicing facilities at 30th street station & new control center.jpg (780x591 - 130K)
Page 17 -30th Street Station, views of facade, platforms, and WW2 memorialjpg (780x592 - 88K)
Page 18 -Modern track equiptment - pneumatic spike hammer, ballast tamper and adzer jpg (780x592 - 114K)
Page 19 -Mechanical freight handling equipment and railroad dormitory in Columbus, OHjpg (780x591 - 102K)
Page 20 -Trainphone, locomotive, cabin car, control towerjpg (780x593 - 99K)
Page 21 -Locomotive speed control equipment, dining car commissary storage room, FD2 flat car w/ turbogeneratorjpg (780x591 - 120K)
Page 22 -Supervisory employees attending Penn State, Representatives of the Trainman's Brotherhood jpg (780x591 - 119K)
Page 23 -Class for passenger conductors and trainman and public relations class for station attendantsjpg (780x594 - 105K)
Page 24 -GG1 #4868 at the point of the Afternoon Conressionaljpg (780x595 - 112K)

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