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Page 2 -"Locomotives and cars of early days" photos of vintage (1800's) equipmentjpg (930x1221 - 162K)
Page 3 -"Modern cars and locomotives" (intro...)jpg (930x1221 - 203K)
Page 4 -introduction (cont.) also, Classification of Equipmentjpg (930x1221 - 215K)
Page 5 -Steam locomotives, classes D16-sb, E-6s, G-5sjpg (930x1221 - 153K)
Page 6 -Steam locomotives, classes K-4s, M-1, H-10sjpg (930x1221 - 153K)
Page 7 -Steam locomotives, classes L-1s, I-1s, B-6sbjpg (930x1221 - 147K)
Page 8 -Steam locomotive, class C-1, Electric locomotives, classes DD-1 and BB-2jpg (930x1221 - 149K)
Page 9 -Electric locomotives, classes L-5 and L-5a, Brill gas-electric rail carjpg (930x1221 - 150K)
Page 10 -Passenger cars, classes P-70, MP-54-E-1. PB-70jpg (930x1221 - 146K)
Page 11 -Passenger cars, classes D-78b, M-70, BM-70kjpg (930x1221 - 120K)
Page 12 -Passenger car, class B-60b, box car, class X-29jpg (930x1221 - 105K)
Page 13 -Freight cars, classes, X-28, R-7jpg (930x1221 - 119K)
Page 14 -Freight cars, classes, K-8, Fmjpg (930x1221 - 99K)
Page 15 -Freight cars, classes, Gra, Gsd, H-25jpg (930x1221 - 122K)
Page 16 -"Views of Altoona Works, The Principal shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad."jpg (930x1221 - 187K)

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