Page 1 -Cover - photo of streamlined K4jpg (980x641 - 106K)
Page 2 -"Locomotives and cars of early days" photos of vintage (1800's) equipmentjpg (980x642 - 109K)
Page 3 -"...and now to the present" more photos of vintage equipmentjpg (980x642 - 87K)
Page 4 -"A Pioneer in Progress"jpg (980x642 - 65K)
Page 5 -"Thousands of Trains"jpg (980x642 - 73K)
Page 6 -"Thousands of Trains" cont.jpg (980x642 - 65K)
Page 7 -"How Locomotives and cars are Classified"jpg (980x642 - 81K)
Page 8 -"Steam Passenger Locomotive for lighter passenger service" (Class E-6s #68)
"Steam Passenger Locomotive for local passenger service" (Class G-5s #1961)
jpg (980x642 - 101K)
Page 9 -"Steam Passenger Locomotive for high speed through passenger service" (Class K-4s #5495)
"Steam Passenger Locomotive for high speed through passenger service" (Class K-4s #3768 streamlined)
jpg (980x642 - 103K)
Page 10 -"Steam Passenger or Freight Locomotive for heavy through passenger service or fast freight service" (Class M-1a #6707)
"Steam Freight Locomotive for the heaviest freight service" (Class I-1s #4530)
jpg (980x642 - 101K)
Page 11 -"Steam Passenger Locomotive for high speed passenger service" (Class S-1 #6100)jpg (980x642 - 119K)
Page 12 -"Steam Freight Locomotive largely used in local freight and branch line service" (Class H-10s #9915)
"Steam Freight Locomotive for heavy freight service" (Class L-1s #952)
jpg (980x642 - 106K)
Page 13 -"Steam Switching Locomotive for general switching service" (Class B-6sb #4179)
"Steam Switching Locomotive for heavy switching and hump service" (Class C-1 #6556)
jpg (980x642 - 105K)
Page 14 -"Electric Switching Locomotive for general switching service" (Class B-1 #3910)
"Electric Passenger or Freight Locomotive for general service" (Class P-5a #4780)
jpg (980x642 - 98K)
Page 15 -"Electric Passenger Locomotive For high-speed through passenger service. Also used in fast freight service" (Class GG-1 #4869)jpg (980x642 - 121K)
Page 16 -"Diesel Electric Switching Locomotive for switching service" (Class AA-5 #3908)
"Gas-Electric Motor Car for branch line passenger service" (Class GEG-415 #4666)
jpg (980x642 - 98K)
Page 17 -"Coach (Electric) for mutiple-unit operation in suburban and local trains" (Class MP-54E3 #483)
"Coach, Double Deck (Electric) for multiple-unit operation in suburban service" (Class MP-70 LIRR#1347)
jpg (980x642 - 102K)
Page 18 -"Coach for through service" (Class P-82R #4001)
"Combined Passenger and Baggage Car for general service" (Class PB-70DR #8349)
jpg (980x642 - 84K)
Page 19 -"Dining Car for general service" (Class D-82R #4501)
"Mail Car for general service" (Class M-70B #6550)
jpg (980x642 - 87K)
Page 20 -"Baggage and Mail Car for general service" (Class BM-70K #5285)
"Express Car for general service" (Class B-60B #7903)
jpg (980x642 - 90K)
Page 21 -"Horse Express Car for race and other valuable horses" (Class B-74B #5863)
"Refrigerator Express Car for milk, fruit and other perishable products" (Class R-50B #2899)
jpg (980x642 - 100K)
Page 22 -"Box Car for general merchandise and grain" (Class X31-A #70311)
"Automobile Box Car for motor vehicles and bulky merchandise" (Class X32-A #58800)
jpg (980x642 - 83K)
Page 23 -"Stock Car for cattle and other livestock" (Class K-7a #135499)
"Flat Car for merchandise container service" (Class F-31 #470318)
jpg (980x642 - 100K)
Page 24 -"Gondola Car for bulk commodity container service" (Class G-22B #353064)
"Depressed Center Car for large heavy shipments" (Class F-29 #435493)
jpg (980x642 - 93K)
Page 25 -"Stock Car for general service" (Class F-30A #474265)
"Flat Car for shipments of unusual size and weight" (Class F-33 #470090)
jpg (980x642 - 78K)
Page 26 -"Heavy Duty Flat Car for shipments of the heaviest character" (Class F-34 #470200)
"Mill Type Gondola Car for shipments of unusual length" (Class G-26 #439048)
jpg (980x642 - 81K)
Page 27 -"Mill Type Gondola Car for pipe, structural shapes, etc." (Class G-27 #344500)
"Hopper Car for coal, ore, and other heavy bulk commodities" (Class H-25 #677216)
jpg (980x642 - 96K)
Page 28 -"Covered Hopper Car for bulk commodoties to be kept dry" (Class H-30 #254351)
"Cabin Car" (Class N-5a #477267)
jpg (980x642 - 101K)
Page 29 -"Pennsylvania Railroad Shops where Locomotives and cars are Built and Repaired"jpg (980x642 - 131K)
Page 30 -"Group of new GG-1 Streamlined Electric Locomotives under Construction"jpg (980x642 - 126K)
Page 31 -Map of the Pennsylvania Railroad Systemjpg (980x642 - 152K)
Page 32 -Rear Cover - photo of GG-1 # 4863jpg (980x642 - 117K)

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