King's Booklets:
The Pennsylvania Railroad
Tunnels and Terminals
In New York City

Page 1 -Cover, "Triumph of Railroad Engineering, Architecture and Construction"jpg (760x1120 - 91K)
Page 2 -"The Pennsylvania Railroad Tunnels, by William Wirt Millsjpg (760x1151 - 128K)
Page 3 -Photos of PRR principals involved with the tunnelsjpg (760x1127 - 64K)
Page 4 -Hudson River tunnel plan and profile drawingsjpg (760x1119 - 73K)
Page 5 -Photo of the Jersey Portal under constructionjpg (760x1125 - 74K)
Page 6 -Photo of the Weehawken shaft during constructionjpg (760x1118 - 61K)
Page 7 -Hudson River tunnel cross section drawingjpg (760x1122 - 63K)
Page 8 -Photos of tube constructionjpg (760x1117 - 72K)
Page 9 -Photos of tube construction, joining the last ringjpg (760x1128 - 61K)
Page 10 -Photos of tube construction, lining, waterproofing and laying ductsjpg (760x1126 - 62K)
Page 11 -Photos of excavation for Penn Stationjpg (760x1145 - 73K)
Page 12 -Map of Plan of Tunnel Systemjpg (760x1122 - 87K)
Page 13 -Map of Plan of Tunnel System (cont)jpg (759x1121 - 115K)
Page 14 -Photo of Penn Stationjpg (760x1123 - 73K)
Page 15 -Photos of station excavation, tunnel under 5th Ave, and loading scowsjpg (760x1129 - 74K)
Page 16 -Photo of Power House in Long Island City drawing of Portal of East River Tunnel.jpg (760x1112 - 68K)
Page 17 -drawings of Hell Gate Bridgejpg (760x1130 - 82K)
Page 18 -"Hudson Tunnel System"jpg (760x1120 - 123K)
Page 19 -Photos of Hudson & Manhatten RR tunnel principalsjpg (760x1115 - 65K)
Page 20 -Photos of hospital air-lock and break through of tunneljpg (760x1120 - 63K)
Page 21 -Drawing of tube cross section and NY street cross section.jpg (760x1126 - 76K)
Page 22 -Drawing of Church Street Terminal undergroundjpg (760x1108 - 76K)
Page 23 -Photo of Church Street Terminaljpg (760x1119 - 69K)
Page 24 -rear cover, "Construction of Hudson River Tunnels"jpg (760x1119 - 95K)

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