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This is a copy of the PRR's "Information" magazine for January, 1929. It's entitled "Linking Rail and Air Transport", by W.W. Atterbury the President of the Pennsylvania. He talks about the development of an air-rail transportation route across the US.
Page 1 -Front Cover - "Linking Rail and Air Transport"jpg (760x1150 - 134K)
Page 2 -Photo of "The Progress of Transportation" statuejpg (760x1151 - 118K)
Page 3 -Lesson of Air-Mail Lines - photo of General W.W. Atterburyjpg (760x1150 - 150K)
Page 4 -Speed, Safety, Comfort, Convenience - photo of Colonel Charles A. Lindberghjpg (760x1150 - 163K)
Page 5 -photo--"The Beginning of Co-Ordinated Rail-Air Servicejpg (760x1150 - 160K)
Page 6 -Colonel Lindbergh Retained - photos of C.M. Keys & D.M. Sheafferjpg (760x1150 - 136K)
Page 7 -photos of Julien L. Eysmans & Colonel Paul Hendersonjpg (760x1134 - 132K)
Page 8 -Route map of Transcontinental Rail and Air Route between...jpg (760x1128 - 132K)
Page 9 -...New York, Los Angeles and San Fransiscojpg (760x1128 - 159K)
Page 10 -Ten Ford Planes on Initial Order - photo of Lieutenant C.S. Jonesjpg (760x1128 - 150K)
Page 11 -photo--"Flying Over the 'Twin Cities'"jpg (760x1150 - 143K)
Page 12 -photo series--"Demonstration Flight of Ford Tri-Motored Planejpg (760x1150 - 132K)
Page 13 -European Experience Studiedjpg (760x1150 - 196K)
Page 14 -photo--"A Ford Tri-Motored Plane"jpg (760x1150 - 146K)
Page 15 -Service to be Extended - photo; "Close-Up of Three Engines Which Make for Maximum Safety"jpg (760x1150 - 158K)
Page 16 -listing--"Men Who Are Guiding the Policies of the Pioneer Transcontinental Rail-air Line"jpg (760x1150 - 143K)

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