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This is a copy of the PRR's "Information" magazine for January, 1929. It's entitled "What the Rail-Air Business Means", by C.M. Keys the President of Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc. He talks about the development of air transportation and its relation to the railroads. The second article is entitled "America's Transportation of the Future", by Elisha Lee, Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Railroad. It's theme is that the requirements of national progress neccessitate close cooperation and coordination between rail, highway, and air.
Page 1 -What the Rail-Air Business Meansjpg (760x1151 - 119K)
Page 2 -Adapting Air to Rail Schedules - A Lesson from the Canoe Industryjpg (760x1151 - 153K)
Page 3 -Rail Traffic Helped, Not Hurtjpg (760x1150 - 184K)
Page 4 -Inception of Rail-Air Ideajpg (760x1150 - 174K)
Page 5 -Permanent Utility Expected - The Field of All-Air Transportjpg (760x1150 - 199K)
Page 6 -An All-Air Line from Coast-to-Coast - Budgeting and Planning New Linesjpg (760x1135 - 180K)
Page 7 -Budgeting and Planning New Lines (cont) - interior photo of "Columbus"jpg (760x1150 - 140K)
Page 8 -Complete Weather Service - Expert Staff of Meteorologistsjpg (760x1144 - 188K)
Page 9 -System of Communications - The Railroad Viewpointjpg (760x1150 - 193K)
Page 10 -Effect on Rail Travel and Tonnage - Broader Future Scopejpg (760x1150 - 196K)
Page 11 -Sources of Rail-Air Travel - National Importance of Rail-Air Servicejpg (760x1150 - 194K)
Page 12 -A Sure and Brilliant Future - Well Trained, Capable Pilotsjpg (760x1150 - 183K)
Page 13 -America's Transportation of the Futurejpg (760x1150 - 147K)
Page 14 -Future of Air Transport - Why Should We Fly?jpg (760x1150 - 183K)
Page 15 -Making a Right Start - Co-Ordinated Transportjpg (760x1150 - 180K)
Page 16 -Railroads Here to Stay and Grow (photo of plane flying over train)jpg (760x1150 - 143K)

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