January 17
Issued from the General Offices, Broad Street Station, Philadelphia 

This is a copy of the PRR's "Information" magazine for January, 17, 1927. Its titled, " In the Cab of the 'Congressional Limited'" and is by Ben McKelway, city editor, Washington D.C. "Star" It describes the ride that Ben took in the cab of loco #3479 traveling from Washington to New York City on the head of the Congressional Limited.

Page 1 -"In The Cab of the Congressional Limited"jpg (760x1151 - 135K)
Page 2 -Out on the Main Track - Brakes Carefully Testedjpg (760x1151 - 190K)
Page 3 -Full Speed Ahead - Signal Aspects Explainedjpg (760x1151 - 197K)
Page 4 -On Time to the Minute - photo--" The Congressional Limited enroute,...jpg (768x1151 - 179K)
Page 5 -...Washington to New York" - Taking Water Enroutejpg (768x1151 - 171K)
Page 6 -A Busy Piece of Railroad - The Engineman's Strict Vigiljpg (760x1151 - 188K)
Page 7 -Signals Show "Clear" Again - Speeding On Into the Nightjpg (760x1151 - 193K)
Page 8 -The Last Lap of the Journey - A New Steed at the Transferjpg (760x1151 - 181K)

Many thanks to Richard Makse for loaning me this issue to scan!

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