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This is a copy of the PRR's "Information" magazine for January, 1925. It's entitled, " Railroads and Steel"
and contains an address by Elisha Lee, VP in charge of operation, Pennsylvania Railroad System on the Part of Transportation in the Growth and Progress of Modern Industry.
Page 1 -Railroads and Steel - photo-- "Relic of 'Bog Iron' Making in South Jersey Woods"jpg (763x1151 - 115K)
Page 2 -photo--"A Glimpse from the North Side of Pittsburgh"
photo--"PRR Tracks and Sidings throught Industrial East Pittsburgh"
jpg (763x1151 - 116K)
Page 3 -"The Part of Transportation in the Growth and Progress of Modern Industry" - The Greatest Factor in Cheap Steeljpg (760x1154 - 171K)
Page 4 -photo--"Giant Ore-Handling Machinery of the Pennsylvania...jpg (760x1154 - 166K)
Page 5 -...Railroad at its Cleveland Docks" - Effect on Farming and Land Valuesjpg (760x1154 - 158K)
Page 6 -What Does Rail Transportation Cost? - Plain Arithmetic 25% of 6%=1-1/2%jpg (760x1154 - 223K)
Page 7 -photo--"Modern Steel Making Begins with Transportation" - The Cheapest Thing in the Worldjpg (760x1154 - 173K)
Page 8 -photo--"Most Modern Cars Make their First Trip by Train"jpg (760x1154 - 171K)
Page 9 -photo--"100-Car Coal Train on the Middle Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad -
photo--Industrial Tracks in West Philadelphia South of Market Street, Chestnut Street and Walnut Street Bridges"
jpg (760x1154 - 139K)
Page 10 -photo--"The Horseshoe Curve as seen from the Air"jpg (760x1154 - 141K)

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