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PRR Freight Reefer diagrams

Class:Description:Tracing #:View:
RARefrigerator Car-side/end
RBRefrigerator Car-side/end
RDReefer CarN-31-Aside/end
RDDairy Car-side/end
REReefer CarN-32-Aside/end
RERefrigerator Car-side/end
RERefrigerator Car-side/end
RFReefer CarN-210-Bside/end
RFRefrigerator Car-side/end
RFRefrigerator Car17490?side/end
R7Refrigerator Car41980side/end
R8,R8aRefrigerator Car (Not Built)53073side/end
R9Refrigerator Car (Not Built)66490side/end
RRReefer CarN-33-Aside/end
RXReefer CarN-34-Aside/end
RXVegetable Box Car (Out of Existance)E-75393side/end
R???Reefer CarN-358-Aside/end
R50,R50aRefrigerator Car (passenger & freight)E-55601-side/end
R50,R50aRefrigerator Car (passenger & freight)E-55601-floorplan

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