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PRR Gondola diagrams

Class:Description:Tracing #:View:
GBGondola CarN-40-Aside/end
GBGondola CarN-40-Bside/end
GAGondola Car-side/end
GBGondola Car-side/end
GCGondola CarN-41-Aside/end
GCGondola CarN-41-Bside/end
GCGondola Car-side/end
GDGondola Car-side/end
GEGondola Car (30~ Sides)N-42-Aside/end
GEGondola Car (30~ Sides)N-42-Bside/end
GE 3 boardGondola Car (sides 3 boards high)-side/end
GEGondola Car (44~ Sides)N-43-Bside/end
GE 4 boardGondola Car (sides 4 boards high)-side/end
GE 3 board cokeGondola Car (with coke rack, sides 3 boards high)-side/end
GE 4 board cokeGondola Car (with coke rack, sides 4 boards high)-side/end
GFGondola Car-side/end
GGGondola Car (Type 1895)N-44-Aside/end
GGGondola Car (Type 1895)N-44-Bside/end
GGGondola Car-side/end
GHGondola Car-side/end
GIGondola CarN-46-Cside/end
GIGondola CarN-46-Dside/end
GIGondola Car-side/end
GKGondola CarN-45-Aside/end
GKGondola CarN-45-Bside/end
GKGondola Car-side/end
GLGondola CarN-47-Bside/end
GLGondola Car-side/end
GL,GLcGondola CarE-76838side/end
GLaGondola CarN-202-Cside/end
GLaGondola Car-side/end
GLaGondola CarE-77486side/end
GLa,GLgGondola CarE-442739side/end
GLbGondola CarN-152-Dside/end
GLbGondola Car42480side/end
GLcaGondola CarE-426445side/end
GLcaGondola CarE-426445-Bside/end
GLdGondola CarE-93171side/end
GLeHopper Cement CarE-97206side/end
GLfHopper CarE-405854side/end
GLhHopper CarE-454798-Aside/end
GM Gondola Car-side/end
GNGondola Car-side/end
GOGondola Car-side/end
GPGondola CarN-195-Cside/end
GPGondola Car-side/end
GPGondola CarE-75593side/end
GPGondola CarE-75593-Bside/end
GPaGondola CarN-217-Bside/end
GPaGondola Car-side/end
GPaGondola Car--side/end
GPaGondola Car22371side/end
GPaGondola CarE-71579side/end
GPaGondola CarE-71579-Bside/end
GQGondola Car-side/end
GRGondola CarN-48-Cside/end
GRGondola Car-side/end
GRGondola CarE-98480-Bside/end
GRaGondola CarN-279-Bside/end
GRaGondola Car-side/end
GRaGondola CarE-77486side/end
GRaGondola CarE-442739-B,Aside/end
GRbGondola Car66490side/end
GRcGondola Car60814side/end
GSGondola CarN-49-Aside/end
GSGondola Car-side/end
GSaGondola CarN-159-Bside/end
GSaGondola Car-side/end
GSa cokeGondola Car (with coke racks)-side/end
GSa,GSd cokeGondola Car (with coke racks)-side/end
GSa,GSd cokeGondola car (with coke racks, crossed off, racks removed)26890side/end
GS,GSaGondola CarE-71579-Bside/end
GSbGondola CarN-158-Bside/end
GSbGondola Car (NOT BUILT)-side/end
GScGondola CarN-157-Bside/end
GScGondola Car-side/end
GScGondola CarE-71579side/end
GScGondola CarE-71579-Bside/end
GSdGondola Car (Coke Rack )N-241-Aside/end
GSdGondola Car-side/end
GSdGondola CarE-77486side/end
GSdGondola CarE-442739side/end
GSdGondola CarE-442739-B,Aside/end
GSgGondola Car (GS with wood floor)E-426736side/end
GShGondola Car (Fixed ends)E-454797-Aside/end
GSxGondola Car (Calc Car built by Std. Steel Co.)N-194-Bside/end
GSxGondola CarE-66490side/end
GUGondola Car-side/end
GVGondola Car-side/end
GVxGondola CarE-63954side/end
GWGondola Car (with Side Boards)N-236-Aside/end
GWGondola Car (with 27~ Side Boards)N-237-Aside/end
GWGondola Car (NOT BUILT)31599side/end
GWaBallast CarE-73579side/end
GYGondola CarN-51-Aside/end
GZGondola CarN-52-Bside/end
GZGondola CarN-52-Bside/end
GZGondola CarN-231-Aside/end
GZGondola Car (Coke Rack )N-238-Aside/end
GZGondola CarN-52-Cside/end
GZGondola CarN-231-Bside/end
GZGondola Car (Coke Rack )N-238-Bside/end
N&W GKAGondola Car (N&W)side/end
G21 (soon!)  Gondola Car (Proposed)Aside/end
G21Gondola CarE-442737-Aside/end
G22Gondola CarN-386-Aside/end
G22Gondola Car40532side/end
G22Gondola CarE-443452-C,Aside/end
G22aGondola Car35443side/end
G22aGondola Car35443-Cside/end
G22bGondola CarE-93171side/end
G22bGondola CarE-93171-Dside/end
G23Gondola Car60814side/end
G24-woodGondola Car (Composite Sides)61600side/end
G24-steelGondola Car (Steel Sides)E-94267side/end
G25Gondola Car61600side/end
G25,G25aGondola Car61600-B,Aside/end
G25b,G25aGondola Car61600-C,B,Aside/end
G26Gondola CarE-93171side/end
G26Gondola CarE-93171-Bside/end
G26aGondola CarE-416230-C,Bside/end
G26aGondola CarE-416230-Bside/end
G27Gondola CarE-408995side/end
G27Gondola CarE-408995-Dside/end
G27-coveredGondola Car (Covered-PRR 3 sec roof)E-461646-Aside/end
G28Gondola CarE-422572-Aside/end
G28Gondola CarE-422572-B,Aside/end
G28-coveredGondola Car (Covered-stanray 3 sec roof)E-461646-Aside/end
G28aGondola Car (wood floor, sides)E-426135-B,A (DUPLICATE)side/end
G28aGondola Car (wood floor, sides)E-426135-B,Aside/end
G29Gondola Car (fixed ends, wood floor)E-419125-Bside/end
G29Gondola Car (fixed ends, wood floor)E-419125-D,Bside/end
G29a,G29bGondola Car (wood sides)E-426445side/end
G29a,G29bGondola CarE-426445 (DUPLICATE)side/end
G29c,G29dGondola Car (Rebuilt w/ steel sides)E-428244side/end
G29eGondola Car (fixed ends, wood floor)E-457307-Aside/end
G30Gondola Car (Composite sides)E-428244-Aside/end
G30aGondola Car (Rebuilt w/ steel sides)E-428244side/end
G31Gondola Car (steel floor, drop ends)E-441430-Aside/end
G31aGondola Car (drop ends)E-429519-Bside/end
G31bGondola Car (drop ends)E-454799-Aside/end
G31cGondola Car (drop ends)E-429475-Bside/end
G31dGondola Car (fixed ends)E-454799-Aside/end
G31d-coveredGondola Car (Covered-stanray 3 sec roof)E-461648-Aside/end
G31d-coveredGondola Car (covered)E-461649-Aside/end
G31d,G31e-skid carsGondola Car (skid cars)E-461648-Aside/end
G31eGondola Car (fixed ends)E-454799-Aside/end
G32Gondola Car (steel floor, fixed ends)E-441430-Bside/end
G32aGondola Car (fixed ends)E-454801-Aside/end
G32b,G32cGondola Car (fixed corrugated ends)E-463516side/end
G33Gondola Car (steel floor, drop ends)E-441430-Cside/end
G33aGondola Car (fixed ends)E-454801-Aside/end
G33bGondola Car (steel floor, drop ends)E-442990-Cside/end
G34Gondola Car (fixed ends)E-454801-Aside/end
G34aGondola Car (fixed ends)E-463516side/end
G35Gondola Car (wood floor, drop ends)E-442990-Bside/end
G36Gondola Car (fixed ends)E-458818-Aside/end
G36a,G36fGondola Car (fixed ends)E-461324-Aside/end
G36cGondola Car (Covered-stanray 3 sec roof)E-461647-Aside/end
G36dGondola Car (skid cars)E-461647-Aside/end
G36eGondola Car (fixed ends, steel floor)E-461324-Aside/end
G37Gondola Car (fixed ends, steel floor)E-458818-Aside/end
G38Gondola Car (steel floor, fixed ends)E-460965side/end
G39Gondola Car (steel floor, fixed ends)E-460965-Bside/end
G40Coil Steel CarE-600074?side/end
G41Coil Steel Car (shown without hoods)E-600043side/end
G41Coil Steel Car (steel lift off hoods)E-600044side/end
G41Coil Steel Car (aluminum telescoping hoods)E-600043side/end
G41Coil Steel Car (fiberglass telescoping hoods)E-600044side/end
G41aCoil Steel Car (shown without hoods)E-600093side/end
G41aCoil Steel Car (steel lift off hoods)E-600093side/end
G42Gondola Car (Stanray 3 section removable roof)E-463517?side/end
G43Gondola Car (fixed ends, steel floor)E-463659-B,Aside/end
G44Gondola Car (fixed ends, steel floor)E-463659-B,Aside/end
GCL1Gondola Car (Cornwall & Lebanon)61692side/end
GCL2Gondola Car (Cornwall & Lebanon)61692side/end
GCL3Gondola Car (Cornwall & Lebanon)61626side/end
GCL4Gondola Car (Cornwall & Lebanon)61626side/end

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