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PRR Flat Car diagrams

Class:Description:Tracing #:View:
FAFlat CarN-55-Aside/end
FAFlat Car-side/end
FBFlat CarN-56-Bside/end
FBFlat Car-side/end
FCFlat Car-side/end
FDGun TruckN-57-Aside/end
FDFlat Car-side/end
FEFlat Car-side/end
FFFlat Car-side/end
FF-gunGun Car (On bridge on FF Cars, Nos 5114, 5115)12947side/end
FG1Gun Car (One bridge on trucks, Nos 5116a, 5116b, or 5117a, 5117b)12947side/end
FG2Flat Car (Three bridges on trucks, Nos 5116a, 5116b, 5117a, 5117b)12947side/end
FHFlat CarN-58-Aside/end
FHFlat Car-side/end
FIFlat Car-side/end
FKFlat CarN-59-Aside/end
FKFlat Car-side/end
FLFlat CarN-60-Aside/end
FLFlat CarN-60-Bside/end
FLFlat Car-side/end
FLFlat Car (with truss rods)12882side/end
FMFlat CarN-136-Bside/end
FMFlat Car (early)-side/end
FMFlat CarE-98480side/end
FMFlat CarE-98480-Bside/end
FM-containerFlat Car (Container Service -early)E-98480side/end
FM-containerFlat Car (Container Service -late)E-410300-Bside/end
FNSpecial Car with Well Hole-side/end/floor
FNSpecial Car with Well HoleE-72776side/end/floor
FNSpecial Car with Well HoleE-441361-side/end/floor
FNSpecial Car with Well HoleE-441361-Bside/end/floor
FNSpecial Car with Well Hole (with transom)12805side/end/floor
FNSpecial Car with Well Hole (with transom)E-76838side/end/floor
FNaSpecial Car with Floored Well HoleE-72776-side/end/floor
FNaSpecial Car with Floored Well HoleE-441361-side/end/floor
FNaSpecial Car with Floored Well HoleE-441361-Bside/end/floor
F21Flat Car with Drop Sides36682side/end
F21aFlat Car with Drop Sides-side/end
F21aFlat Car with apron36682side/end
F21bMW Car (drop ends)40610side/end
F21bMW Car (drop ends)E-425677-Aside/end
F21cMW Car (drop ends)40610side/end
F21cMW Car (drop ends)E-425677-Aside/end
F22Flat CarN-347-Aside/end
F22Flat Car-side/end
F22Flat CarE-442738-Aside/end
F22Flat CarE-442738-B,Aside/end
F23Flat CarN-346-Aside/end
F23Flat Car-side/end
F23Flat CarE-442738-Aside/end
F23Flat CarE-442738-B,Aside/end
F24Flat Car44354side/end
F25Well Car40610Bside/end
F25Well CarE-425877-B,A?side/end
F25aWell CarE-76838side/end
F25aWell CarE-76838-C,Bside/end
F25bPlate CarE-82780side/end
F25bPlate CarE-82780-D,Cside/end
F26Plate Car (NOT BUILT)63954side/end
F27Flat Car59956side/end
F28Depressed CarE-82780 side/end
F29Depressed CarE-82780side/end
F30Flat CarE89527-Aside/end
F30Flat CarE-89527-D,C,B,Aside/end
F30a,F30cFlat CarE99022-Eside/end
F30dFlat CarE-454452-Aside/end
F30eFlat CarE-450606-Bside/end
F31Flat CarE-895217-side/end
F31Flat CarE-89527-C-B-Aside/end
F31aFlat CarE-410300-Dside/end
F32Flat CarE-408995-Cside/end
F33Depressed CarE-416230-C,Aside/end
F34Flat CarE-416230-Aside/end
F35Depressed CarE-422572-Aside/end
F36Flat CarE-422572-Aside/end
F37Flat Car (w/ floored well hole)E-426738-Bside/end/floor
F37aFlat Car (w/ floored well hole)E-450606-Aside/end/floor
F37bFlat Car (well hole)E-450606-Aside/end/floor
F38Flat CarE-454452-Aside/end
F39,F39aFlat CarD-457352side/end
F39a,F39bFlat CarD-457352side/end
F39cFlat Car (#'s 470930-471129)D-457352side/end
F40Depressed CarD-448656-Cside/end
F41Flat CarE-456611-C,Aside/end
F41bFlat CarE-461176-Aside/end
F41dFlat CarE-462073-Aside/end
F41,F41eFlat CarE-456611-A-C-Dside/end
F42,F42aDepressed CarD-458984-C,Aside/end
F43Depressed CarD-458984-B,Aside/end
F44Depressed CarD-458984-Aside/end
F47Flat CarE-463834-Aside/end
F48Flat CarD-463849-Aside/end
F49Depressed Well CarE-463834-Aside/end
F-plate3Plate Glass Car (no class given on diagram)N-61-Aside/end
F-flywheel1Flywheel Car (no class given on diagram)N-62-Aside/end
F-plate1Plate Glass Car (no class given on diagram)-side/end
F-plate1Plate Glass Car (no class given on diagram)14535side/end
F-plate2Plate Glass Car (no class given on diagram)-side/end
F-plate2Plate Glass Car (no class given on diagram)12945side/end
F-PPGWell Car (Owned by Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company)26890side/end
F-WH1Depressed Car (Owned by Westinghouse Company)42798side/end
F-WH2Well Car (Owned by Westinghouse Company)-side/end
FW1Well CarD-461624-Aside/end
FW2Well CarE-463861-Aside/end
FD1Depressed CarD-448656-A?side/end
FD2Depressed CarD-448656-A?side/end
FGRFlat Car (Converted GR Car)E-426736side/end
FGRFlat Car (Converted GR Car)E-426736-Cside/end
FGRaFlat Car (Converted GRA Car)E-454798side/end
FGRaFlat Car (Converted GRA Car)E-454798-Aside/end
FG27Flat Car (Converted from G27)D-461437-Aside/end

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