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PRR Derrick diagrams

Class:Description:Tracing #:View:
4 wheel wood4 Wheeled Derrick Car (Built of Wood)-side/end
4 wheel iron4 Wheeled Derrick Car (Iron Crane and Wooden Frame)-side/end
5 ton wooden frame5 ton derrick car (wooden frame)-side/end
WA5 ton derrick car12950side/end
WB15 ton derrick car12950side/end
WCDouble Derrick Car12950side/end
WD30 Ton Steam Derrick-side/end
WFSteam Wrecking Crane-side/end
W3030 Ton Steam DerrickE-67365side/end
W5050 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67365side/end
W50a16 Wheel Tunnel CraneE-67363side/end
W6060 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67362side/end
W7575 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67362side/end
W100100 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67365side/end
W100A100 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67362side/end
W100B100 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67363side/end
W120,W120A120 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67364side/end
W150150 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67364side/end
W150a150 Ton Wrecking CraneE-67364side/end
W150b150 Ton Wrecking CraneE-441361side/end
W250250 Ton Wrecking CraneE-455101side/end

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