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PRR Cabin Car diagrams

Class:Description:Tracing #:View:
NACabin Car-side/end
NACabin Car12948side/end
NBCabin Car-side/end
NBCabin Car12948side/end
NCCabin CarN-63-Aside/end
NCCabin Car (High Cupola)N-64-Aside/end
NCCabin Car12948side/end
NDCabin CarN-208-Aside/end
NDCabin Car-side/end
NDCabin Car19211side/end
NDCabin CarE-445840-Bside/end
NDaCabin Car-side/end
NDaCabin Car47249side/end
NDaCabin CarE-44345-B,Aside/end
NECabin Car (High Cupola)N-206-Aside/end
NECabin Car (High Cupola)N-206-Bside/end
NECabin CarE-73623side/end
NEaCabin CarN-207-Bside/end
NEaCabin CarN-207-Cside/end
NEaCabin CarE-73623side/end
N4Cabin Car-side/end
N4Cabin Car27231side/end
N4Cabin CarE-442994-Aside/end
N4Cabin CarE-442994-B,Aside/end
N5Cabin Car-side/end
N5Cabin Car47249side/end
N5Cabin CarE-443454-B,Aside/end
N5Cabin Car47249floorplan
N5Cabin CarE-443454floorplan
N5aCabin CarE-419126-Aside/end
N5aCabin CarE-419126-D,Aside/end
N5aCabin CarE-419126-D,Afloorplan
N5bCabin CarE-424336side/end
N5bCabin CarE-424336-C,Afloorplan
N5cCabin CarE-429475side/end
N5cCabin CarE-429475-Bfloorplan
N6aCabin CarE-73624side/end
N6bCabin CarE-73624side/end
N6a,N6bCabin CarE-73624floorplan
N8Cabin CarE-445840-B,Aside/end
N8Cabin CarE-445840-Afloorplan
NX23Cabin CarE-429519side/end
NX23Cabin CarE-429519-Bfloorplan

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