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PRR Baggage Car diagrams

Class:Description:Tracing #:View:
BABaggage Car-side/end
BBBaggage CarN-248-Aside/end
BBBaggage CarN-249-Afloorplan
BBBaggage Car13155side/end
BCBaggage and Mail Car-side/end
BDBaggage CarN-250-Aside/end
BDBaggage CarN-251-Afloorplan
BD_of1892Baggage and Express Car-side/end
BD_of1898Baggage and Express Car (without platforms)-side/end
BD_of1898Baggage and Express Car (with platforms)-side/end
BEBaggage and Mail Car-side/end
BFBaggage and Mail Car-side/end
BIHorse express car (Cars #6015 & 6016 w/o watering arrangement)-side/end
BKHorse and Carriage Car-side/end
BLHorse Express CarN-252-Aside/end
BLHorse Express CarN-253-Afloorplan
BLHorse express car (with watering arrangement)-side/end
BLdHorse Express CarN-312-Bside/end
BLdHorse Express CarN-313-Bfloorplan
BLdHorse Express CarN-153-Bside/end
BLdHorse Express CarN-154-Bfloorplan
BLdHorse express car-side/end
BLdHorse express car57143floorplan
BMBaggage Car-side/end
BMcBaggage & Mail CarN-267-Aside/end
BMcBaggage & Mail CarN-269-Bfloorplan
BNBaggage Car (9'10-3/8~ Side Doors)N-315-Bfloorplan
BNBaggage Car (9'10-3/8~ Side Doors)N-314-Bside/end
BNBaggage Car57143side/end
BNaBaggage Car (Converted MH & MI cars)N-363-Aside/end
BNaBaggage Car (Converted MH & MI cars)N-364-Afloorplan
BNcBaggage & Mail CarN-254-Aside/end
BNcBaggage & Mail CarN-255-Bfloorplan
BSBaggage CarN-258-Aside/end
BSBaggage CarN-259-Afloorplan
BScBaggage & Mail CarN-270-Aside/end
BScBaggage & Mail CarN-271-Bfloorplan
Table of CapacityBaggage and Express Cars (Table of Capacity pg 1)N-274-A
Table of CapacityBaggage and Express Cars (Table of Capacity pg 2)N-275-A
B50Baggage Car (Car #10001)61081side/end
B50Baggage Car (Car #10001)E61081-floorplan
B60 (#5620)Baggage Car (Car # 5620)-side/end
B60 (#5620)Baggage Car (Car # 5620)26169side/end
B60Baggage Car-floorplan
B60, MS60Baggage Car-side/end
B60Baggage Car (MS60 changed to B60)-side/end
B60, MS60Baggage Car-floorplan
B60, MS60Baggage Car (MS60 crossed off)E29583-side/end
B60, MS60Baggage Car (MS60 crossed off)E29571-floorplan
B60Baggage CarE-441862-Aside/end
B60Baggage CarE-441862-Afloorplan
B60Baggage CarE-419103-Afloorplan
B60Baggage CarE-419103-Aside/end
B60aBaggage CarN-306-Cside/end
B60aBaggage CarN-309-Cfloorplan
B60aBaggage Car-side/end
B60aBaggage Car-floorplan
B60aBaggage CarE44826-side/end
B60aBaggage CarE44828-Afloorplan
B60bBaggage CarE87285-side/end
B60bBaggage Car (DUPLICATE?)E87285-floorplan
B60bBaggage CarE-87285-Bside/end
B60bBaggage CarE-87285floorplan
B60bBaggage Car (express messenger)E-450596-B,Aside/end
B70Baggage CarE95999-side/end
B70Baggage CarE95999-floorplan
B70Baggage Car (express messenger)E-450572-Aside/end
B70Baggage Car (express messenger)E-450572-Afloorplan
B70aBaggage Car, end door87286side/end
B70aBaggage Car, end door87286floorplan
B70bBaggage Car (conv from B70K)E-457881-Aside/end
B70bBaggage Car (conv from B70K)E-457881-Afloorplan
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70K,BM70KA)E-457879-Aside/end
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70K,BM70KA)E-457879-Afloorplan
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70KA)E-457873-Aside/end
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70KA)E-457873-Afloorplan
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70K)E-457875-Aside/end
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70K)E-457875-Afloorplan
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70L)E-457877-Aside/end
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70L)E-457877-Afloorplan
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70KA)E-457876-Aside/end
B70bBaggage Car (conv from BM70KA)E-457876-Afloorplan
B74aHorse express car-side/end
B74aHorse express car-floorplan
B74aHorse express carE34349-side/end
B74aHorse express carE34349-floorplan
B74aHorse express carE-442993-Aside/end
B74aHorse express carE-442993-Afloorplan
B74bHorse express carE-89800side/end
B74bHorse express carE-89800floorplan

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