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uploaded: Sep 17, 2009
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Date taken:Jun 07, 2008 at 4:29:12 PM
Comment:Attached are pictures of the Pennsy water tower in Orleans, NY. These photos were taken (by me) on 6/7/08. Orleans was on the Elmira Branch of the PRR between Stanley and Phelps on the way north to Sodus Point. The tower was built by the PRR in 1945 to replace a Northern Central (Possibly Sodus Bay and Southern) tower built in the late 1800's. At some point in history (possibly pre-PRR ownership), the railroad made a deal with the town. In exchange for letting the railroad run a pipeline down to the tower from springs on nearby hilltops, the community could use the water from the tower for livestock, household and fire protection, free of charge. In 1978, the town of Phelps purchased the water tower. I was no longer used for drinking water, but it was still used by the fire department and farmers for several more years. -- Dan Stirpe
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