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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Railroad bibliography! It was compiled from my book collection with additions from the Library of Congress web site and from submissions from Judd Barton, Jim Cassat, Jr., Patrick Pritchett, John Sieber and Jerry Shickler, and Bob Schmidt.

New! You can now add comments about or reviews of the books listed in the bibliography and view the comments and reviews from other users. Just click on the links under the titles. Please let me know if you have any probems with this!

Note: This is just a bibliography. I'm not selling these books! Some of the books listed are out of print and can be pretty hard to find. They can be obtained from libraries or from used/rare book sellers... See the bottom of this page for some sources for hard to find PRR books...

If I you know of any books that I've missed or if you have any problems with the bibliography, please mail me at Enjoy!

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Sources for PRR books...
Leyshon's Books Etc. 1-800-450-4284, LeyshonsBooksEtc@Worldnet.ATT.Net - e-mail for a list of PRR books. I finally found a copy of the Pullman Standard Library Vol 4 from these guys...
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