PRR Electrification Plans

Here is a small (but hopefully growing) collection of plans related to the PRR's electrification.

Thanks to George L. Pitz for starting this out by copying some plans from his collection.

If you have any PRR electrification plans that you're willing to share, please let me know!

Note that these files require Adobe's Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher). It's free, just go to to download it.

Plan # Rev Title Rev. DateC of
20C-39802 Wilmington-Washington Elecrification, Northern Central Railway, Catenary Profiles #2A,#2C, #3A and #4 3/23/1935 GLP
20C-7282 2 Wilmington-Washington Electrification, Benning Step-Up Station, 132 KV Steen-Plans & Sections 3-26-1935 GLP
21C-3255 4 Thru Freight Electrification, Shellpot Branch, Edge Moor Yard Wiring Plan #3 3-28-1956 GLP
29C-14481 3 Harrisburg Electrification, Conowingo Substation, 11-KV Electrical Assembly 6-14-60 GLP
29C-14685 3 Harrisburg Electrification, Plug Board for Power Director's Office in Penna. Station, Harrisburg Enola Substation 2-28-66 GLP
ET-1 - Electric Power System Overview 6-10-1935 SS
ET-1100-C-4 4 Three wire system - Catenary Standards and Hanger Assemblies 3-26-1971 RS
ET-1101-C 5 Two-Wire System Catanary Standards and Hanger Assemblies 3-26-1971 RS
ET-1102-C 4 Double Messenger Air Break Details 3-26-1971 RS
ET-1103-C 4 Single Messenger Air Break Details 3-26-1971 RS
ET-1104-C 6 Messenger & Contact Wire Sectionalizing & Dead End assemblies 3-26-1971 RS
ET-1105-C 8 Feeder Dead End, Sectionalizing & Tap Assemblies 4-7-1971 RS
ET-1106-C 3 Strand, Insulators & Steady Assembly 3-20-1971 RS
ET-1107-C 5 Horizontal Strand Pull-off Assemblies 5-5-1971 RS
ET-1108-C 3 Individual track steady & pull off 5-5-1971 RS
ET-1109-C 4 Deflector Details 5-5-1971 RS
ET-1110-C 3Overhead bridge insulator assembly pull-off using L&T Insulators 5-5-1971 RS
C of = Collection of. GLP= George L. Pitz, SS= Steve Smith, RS = Rob Schoenberg (me!)

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